10 Christopher Nolan Characters Who Deserve Stand-Alone Movies, According to Reddit


Christopher Nolan has long been regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of his time. Anytime his name is attached to a project, it soars in the box office. He has taken on a number of different stories and themes throughout his career that have changed the way audiences have enjoyed cinema and each movie has brought with it an interesting cast of characters with a variety of backgrounds.

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Some of his critics, however, argue that his characters don’t have any emotional depth and most people have trouble relating to them. The truth is, whether his movies are about the story or the character, Nolan knows how to make it compelling. Additionally, some characters in his movies don’t get the attention they deserve and could really benefit from their own films.


Robin From The Dark Knight Rises

Joseph Gordon Levitt as Robin in The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the biggest movies series ever. The final installment was nothing short of a hit, bringing in over $1 billion in the global box office. By the end of The Dark Knight RisesBatman is presumed dead and Gotham City is left to its own devices once again. Reddit user JamesandJack1982 said they would want to see a “Nightwing movie following on from the end of [The Dark Knight Rises].”

A new “Robin” franchise would be very interesting to see from Nolan’s perspective. Now a retired cop, Robin has inherited the Batcave and all Batman’s tech. Already having a great working relationship with Jim Gordon and an understanding of Gotham City’s politics, Robin would make a great replacement as Gotham’s protector in the Nolanverse and definitely warrants his own movie. Plus, Bruce and Selina’s existence leaves the door open for possible cameos.

Nikola Tesla From The Prestige


David Bowie as Nikola Tesla in The Prestige
(Pictured) David Bowie

Reddit user goochieflipflop said they would want a Nikola Tesla movie, but only if “David Bowie were still around” which reflects a lot of people’s opinions of the character in The Prestige. A Tesla movie already exists, but Bowie played the part so well and a movie with his own title would certainly have been a hit, especially if Nolan signed on in any capacity.

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The genius inventor is known as being one of the smartest people to ever exist. He is credited with a number of devices and technology that are still used today. Tesla was also known for a feud with his former boss and fellow inventor, Thomas Edison. While Edison is credited with inventing the light bulb, Tesla is the one who invented the alternating-current (AC) system of electric power transmission that is used in all electronics today, which Edison famously detested. This conflict and Tesla’s futuristic endeavors combined with Nolan’s brilliant storytelling (and good casting) would make this one biopic for the ages.

Walter Finch From Insomnia

One of Nolan’s lesser-known movies is Insomnia starring Robin Williams and Al Pacino. Robin Williams plays Walter Finch, who is a well-known novelist but also secretly a serial killer living in a remote town in Alaska. Reddit user charles222A said, “He’s so good at the banality of evil in this; just unsettling as hell.”

Finch spent years in the area and was quite popular among younger women to who he seemed to take a liking. His charming, yet devilish persona made him one of the best Christopher Nolan characters to date and certainly would’ve made for a great standalone film. The biggest challenge, if it ever were to happen, would be to find an actor of Williams’ caliber to replace him.

Dr. Brand From Interstellar

Anne Hathaway in Interstellar

Interstellar is highly regarded as a science-fiction epic that used real science to further the story. Many fans have called for a sequel, but as many know, Nolan is not interested in sequels.

If a sequel ever were possible, it would undoubtedly pick up where the original left off following along Dr. Brand’s quest to find a survivable new home for the human race. If that’s not exciting enough, a Dr. Brand-helmed film could also tell her story leading up to the events of Interstellar including her introductions to NASA, the discovery of the wormhole, and preparing for the launch of the Lazarus missions that sent the initial 12 astronauts to another galaxy. A Reddit user, who has since deleted their account, said “I love Anne Hathaways teary eyes and big red lips talk about “love conquers all.” Its kinda dumb, its wholesome, I love it…” As one of the emotional anchors of the movie, there’s no doubt audiences would feel for this concept.

Thomas Schiff From The Dark Knight

David Dastmalchian as Joker Henchman Thomas Schiff in The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is widely considered one of the best movies ever made, with Heath Ledger giving one of the best performances ever seen. However, he’s not the only one who was convincing. There was also the Joker pawn, Thomas Schiff (David Dastmalchian). In agreement, Reddit user kikimariniki said “I think a movie about David Dastmalchian’s character from the Dark Knight would be phenom.”

The schizophrenic Arkham alumni was used by Joker to help steer Harvey Dent astray and cause further chaos. Though his part was short and his lines zero, his character remains an intriguing part of the Nolanverse. His fate is not known after Harvey Dent ties him up and interrogates him for information, but a Schiff-led film would likely explore his origins and would probably resemble something close to a Joker movie leading up to when he is recruited by the Gotham crime lord.

Neil from Tenet

Robert Pattinson as Neil, standining in the open field in full gear in Tenet

Nolan’s latest film, Tenetreceived a lot of mixed reviews from fans. While some loved the time-bending thriller, others were confused by the plot. One of the main characters is Neil (Robert Pattinson). Not much is known about his character throughout the film until the end when it is revealed that he is actually from the future. Reddit user Solidneighborhood626 said, “his backstory is already so complex and I want to know more.”

Something Nolan gets a lot of criticism for is not creating deep or relatable characters. This would be a golden opportunity to address them. Neil’s character isn’t revealed much in the movie, but that is because his life is literally in another time. If Nolan wanted to revisit this world, he would have plenty to explore from Neil’s origins to his hinted-at friendship with John David Washington’s character which audiences never actually get the name of.

Dr. Mann from Interstellar

Matt Damon in Interstellar

Another character from Interstellar that fans have been curious about is Dr. Mann (Matt Damon). The brilliant scientist who convinced 11 others to carry on the “loneliest journey in human history.”

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There was a lot of lore surrounding Dr. Mann before he was introduced in the movie that suggested he was brave, wise, and selfless volunteering to go where no person had gone before with no promise of returning home all to save humanity. However, not long after meeting him does he attempt to maroon his saviors on the planet he called home for years in an attempt to abandon all his work. This suggests that he was actually not brave or selfless and he even admits that he “never really considered the possibility that my planet wasn’t the one.” Reddit user _AnCap_ echoed this when saying “He’s a tragic villain who falls victim to circumstance and he’s very well written and a great character.”

Eames And Arthur From Inception

(L-r) TOM HARDY as Eames and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT as Arthur in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi action film “INCEPTION,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

Inception is one of Christopher Nolan’s most talked-about films. With the complicated storyline and manipulation of time element, there is a lot to discuss. One thing that does not get talked about a lot, however, is the characters. But two of them stood out above the rest; Eames and Arthur.

Reddit User BeginningAppeal8599 stated they wanted to see a movie about Eames or Arthur and Reddit user DrManhattanBJJ agreed saying “Arthur and Eames buddy romp for sure.” Throughout the movie, the pair are seemingly at each other’s necks in a sibling rivalry kind of way. Arthur disses Eames to Cobb when recruiting him for the mission and Eames constantly taunts Arthur during the mission. The audience never finds out what their history together is, but using a movie to explore it would excite a lot of people.

Andrei Sator From Tenet

Another Tenet character who would thrive with their own movie is Andrei Sator (Kenneth Brannagh). A billionaire Russian oligarch who is used by future generations to recreate a weapon that he ultimately plans to use to accelerate climate change and end the world. He also has “the most intense stare I’ve have ever felt in a movie.” according to Reddit user Dr_Al_.

The brooding and menacing villain stood out among the level-headed protagonists. The character brought a quality that is unique to these types of movies. While the movie felt like a Bond film that plays with time, Sator was anything but a Bond villain. Reddit user Dr_Al_ said “I think Sator’s character was deeply menacing and Kenneth’s acting was phenomenal.” Sator was a very spiteful and manipulative man. Those types of people don’t make the best friends, but they do make for compelling characters, and it would be fascinating to see how he got to the position he did as well as get into contact with the future generations.

Alfred Pennyworth From The Dark Knight

A butler is not usually the first person one would think about when coming up with an idea for a movie unless it’s Alfred J. Pennyworth. Through the countless retellings of this character, few are as compelling as the one told in The Dark Knight. Reddit user Al_Attacabrighe12 created a thread titled “They need to make a movie about Alfred’s SAS days before he became a butler…”

Michael Caine’s character mentions his past a couple of times. Most notably mentioning his days in the British SAS. Not much else is known about Alfred other than the fact he spent 10 years in service, but those days leading up to when he first meets Thomas Wayne would make a compelling series.

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