10 Most Awkward Relationships, According To Reddit


Themes of love, kindness, and friendship dominated the screens (and pages) of Harry Potterwhich meant that the relationships between each character were extremely important. Whether good, evil, or in between, everyone shared platonic and romantic bonds, but not all of them were ideal.

In fact, many of the relationships that Harry and his friends shared with each other could get weird, toxic, and sometimes even nonsensical. There were times when grown women like Molly got mad at 14-year-olds like Hermione, or some like Cho and Harry just lacked the chemistry they were supposed to have. Reddit scoped out the most awkward relationships in Harry Potter.


10 Cormac McLaggen And Hermione Granger

Redditor IronJuno thought that “Short lived, but Hermione and McLaggen,” had a problematic and awkward relationship. It was clear from the start that Hermione never really liked McLaggen, and her sole aim for dating him was to make Ron jealous.

Unfortunately, the Quidditch player turned out to be quite gropey and misbehaved during a slug Club party, which soured Hermione’s views and their ephemeral relationship a lot more. Hermione’s villainous side just granted her a weird relationship.

9 Hermione Granger And Molly Weasley


Considering how much older Molly was than Hermione, and that she was her son’s best friend, their relationship was by no means a positive one. Molly seemed to be just fine with Harry but decided not to support Hermione, who was alone in the wizarding world for all intents and purposes, when there were lies published about her.

A deleted Reddit user said “Molly’s relationship with Hermione was tense because Molly was shown as an ignorant housewife who listened to rags, and would treat a 14 year old girl like crap because of it.” What’s weirder is that Hermione ended up marrying Ron.

8 Cho Chang And Harry Potter

Harry Potter kissing Cho Chang.

Harry’s first foray into love was unfortunate, and he and Cho made for an annoying couple in Harry Potter. Reddit’s mxschievnusone opined that “They were doomed from the started with their unaddressed trauma.” The two Hogwarts students did have a messy start during the aftermath of Cedric’s death, and their relationship was devoid of any spark.

There was too much unaddressed trauma that weighed them down, and Cho just cried most of the time with Harry. It even ended in a messy manner with Cho’s friend Marietta ratting out the DA, which Cho defended, thus ending it for the two of them.

7 Remus Lupin And Nymphadora Tonks

Lupin and Tonks from one of the Harry Potter movies.

Darkmint_gacha and sand_claws4 agreed that the sudden getting together of Lupin and Tonks was extremely out of character and made no sense considering that Lupin had just lost his best friend and Tonks her cousin. They were wonderful characters by themselves, but the love plot was never built up, nor did it add to their arcs.

Redditors felt that “those characters… became really boring to me,” and “It just seemed so forced to me.” They too irrational decisions, also bringing a baby into the world. Their relationship was never fully explained properly.

6 Fleur And Molly, Hermione, Ginny

This was a relationship that pitted Fleur on one side and Molly, Hermione, and Ginny on the other. The three women treated Fleur very unfairly; as Annual_Blacksmith22 said , “you have Molly, Ginny and Hermione mistreating and bullying Fleur because she’s pretty.”

Fleur had to prove the goodness of her heart to the three women by showing her love to a mangled and injured Bill Weasley, and until then, she was given rude nicknames and ostracized for looking different and better than them. It was a weird dynamic for a young woman to encounter while marrying into a family.

5 Ron Weasley And Hermione Granger

Hermione and Ron on a lakeshore in Deathyl Hallows Part I

Many fans never got on board with Ron and Hermione’s relationship because they were quite a nuisance just as friends. The trope that a boy and girl who argue incessantly secretly love each other is a tired one, and it just seemed that Ron and Hermione were squished together without any real roots.

Amata69 opined, “It feels like artificial tension which makes me hate them both because all interactions are negative but I’m supposed to ship the couple.” It’s unimaginable what their adult lives would have been like with all the bickering.

4 Lily Evans And Severus Snape

A young Snape and Lily lying together.

Even though Snape’s story of unrequited love is an epic one in the Potterverse, the relationship that Harry’s mother shared with Snape was not the best one. She only seemed to befriend him at first because he was the only one with powers, and then blamed him for Petunia’s outbursts.

She never got on board with Snape’s friends who practiced dark magic, and she also seemed to be rather okay with the treatment he got at James’ hands, always citing James’ better qualities to justify things. Bethingoodspirit said, “Neither of them were truly there for each other but yet Snape kept on pining for Lily while Lily moved on. I think Lily was able to move on so easily because she had other friendships and she never considered Snape a “true” friend… That friendship was from the beginning unstable at best and hopeless at worst.”

3 Harry Potter And Ginny Weasley

Harry zipping up the back of Ginny's dress from Harry Potter

This endgame couple irks more than a fair share of fans who hate the execution of this relationship. Ginny appeared in Chamber of Secrets, then disappeared for several books before entering Half-Blood Prince as Harry’s sudden love interest. They must have had moments of love in the books, but they were hardly touched upon.

For Ok_Fennel6151, “It never seemed like she was his confidant throughout the books, they never developed this “deep connection”. Ginny was a background character who Harry just fell in love with.”

2 Dobby And Harry Potter

Dobby comes to warn Harry Potter

Dobby is considered a hero or a jerk, but his relationship with Harry was quite strange. He was one of the few house elves who had gotten out from under the thumb of oppressive wizarding norms and decided that slavery was not for him, but Harry still made Dobby do tasks for him.

RemedialAssChugger put it succinctly: “It seems like Harry, not quite used to how life long wizards see house elves, doesn’t think they should be total slaves, but doesn’t mind taking advantage of it being that way.”

1 Dudley Dursley And Harry Potter

A relationship that began with hatred and bullying calmed down into one of awkward acceptance once Dudley and Harry grew up. Dudley had been a product of his upbringing but he evolved past it and kept a “Christmas Card” relationship with his cousin.

Erickaamericka said that “he and his family would go visit Dudley. The kids would play together and Dudley and Harry would sit together and not say anything, lol,” which about summed up their bond. While it’s not quite a fuzzy loving relationship, it’s better than its origins implied.

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