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With the recent release of the trailer to Peaky Blinders’ sixth and final season, fans are eager to learn of the last installment to the Shelbys’ criminal dealings. The gang, who took their infamous name from their signature weapon of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their caps, are loosely based on a real-life Birmingham gang.

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However, the series dramatizes the post World War One family, to bring an exceedingly popular show to television screens since 2013. From costume to sound, Peaky Blinders is engulfed in slickness and is by no means without its fair share of exquisitely written, dramatic quotes.



“If I Don’t Walk Out That Door At The Stroke Of 7, He’s Going To Trigger The Grenade And Your Very Combustible Rum Will Blow Us All To Hell And I don’t Care, Because I’m Already Dead.”

Tommy Shelby sitting down

In the scene this quote is taken from, Tommy (one of Peaky Blinder‘s best characters,) is playing it fast and loose with how much he values his life. When ‘tying his laces,’ before meeting with Solomons, Tommy pretends to lay a grenade, which he says can be triggered from someone he has waiting outside. His bluff is used to encourage negotiations in a deal with Solomons. The risk is that walking out alive depends on how convinced Solomons is that Tommy really has laid an explosive.  The end of the quote adds another layer of drama to an already dramatic moment, because he is willing to gamble with his life. Tommy is no stranger to high-risk betting and this is just another example of the stakes he plays with.

Billy Kimber

“Nobody Works With Me, People Work For Me.”

The Shelby family makes enemies quickly and regularly. Billy Kimber was the head of the Birmingham Boys and was also in charge of horse races. In series 1, episode 2, he enters The Garrison along with part of his entourage to confront Tommy and his brothers after discovering he rigged a horse race. Tommy made it seem like one horse was set to win a race, causing gamblers to bet on it, only for them to lose their money, but allowing Tommy’s betting shop to reap the benefits. After Tommy says it would be an honor to work with him, Billy flexes his muscles by stating that people only work for him, making his power and confidence known. The situation didn’t require his dramatic quote which perfectly sums up Billy’s personality, but his ego did.


“By Order Of The Peaky Blinders.”

paul anderson as arthur shelby wearing bowtie peaky blinders

Catchphrases are usually associated with comedy shows or sketches. But from time to time an intense drama like Peaky Blinders is able to pull off a threatening phrase that adds to the tension of a scene, each time it’s uttered. Arthur, the eldest of the brothers, is usually the one to be heard shouting the phrase, during a violent scene.

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It informs those around him of who they’re dealing with, giving drama to wherever they may be. By being one of the most renowned gangster families, the 6 words were enough to send shivers down even the bravest of men’s spines.

Alfie Solomons

“Life Is So Much Easier To Deal With When You Are Dead.”

Alfie Solomons, played by Tom Hardy, is every bit as unnerving as the Shelby clan. To add to his fearful presence, he frequently uses dark humor and sarcasm, in almost every conversation he has. After Tommy had shot Solomons, he was presumed dead. Tommy visited him and Solomons quickly stated that he found life to be easier now that people think he’s dead, increasing the dramatic event in his life. He had to endure a serious (and seemingly fatal) wound for his life to be easier and also condemns the living in one sentence.


“If You Apologise Once You Do It Again And Again And Again, Like Taking Bricks Out Of The Wall Of Your F****** House.”

Tommy tells Polly, John, and Arthur that they will attack the Changretta's in Peaky Blinders

In conflict with the local Italian gangsters, John retaliated by attacking one of them. At this point in the series, Arthur has (for a short time), found religion. Therefore, along with Polly, he believes the best answer to resolving the situation is to apologize to the Italian gang.

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Tommy’s response to apologies is the comparison of tearing down their own house. In other words, leaving them weak and exposed. Of course, violence is not always the answer, but Tommy has dramatized the situation with his overzealous need to always appear strong.


“Already Broken.”

Tommy Shelby tells Grace that his heart is already broken before she sings him a sad song in Peaky Blinders

After Grace warned Tommy that she would break his heart, he claimed it’s “already broken.” His dramatic words are there to give the impression that he is dead inside and she can’t hurt him. They go on to get married but Grace is eventually killed, breaking Tommy’s heart. This quote is not only dramatic in the moment, but upon the death of Grace at a later time, it proved to be even more so because he patently wasn’t already broken.


“He’s As Ugly On The Outside As You Are On The Inside.”

Linda Shelby shoots her husband Arthur in Peaky Blinders

The whole scene surrounding this quote is full of drama, putting viewers on the very edge of their seats. At Tommy’s house, a ballet performance of Swan Lake is put on. The dance runs alongside the scene that unfolds, where Linda meets Arthur outside of the house. She is furious at the unnecessary beating Arthur has given her friend Frederick – a friendship that Arthur misinterpreted. To express her rage at what Arthur’s done, she compared the beaten face of her friend with Arthur’s inner being.


“You Crossed The Line Alfie.”

Tommy and Major Campbell discuss assassinating assassinating Field Marshal Henry Russell in Peaky Blinders

As one of Tommy’s biggest enemies, Alfie often finds himself at loggerheads with the lead Shelby brother, although they also deal in business together. Unbeknownst to Alfie, Tommy was testing him to see if he would give a list of names of people who would buy Faberge eggs. Alfie left a name off the list, which indicated to Tommy that he was protecting someone. After Tommy confronts Alfie about this situation, Alfie tries to be his usual dark-humored, but Tommy brings the drama by stopping him dead in his tracks, as he went too far.


“This Is Who I Am.”

Tommy Shelby tells his family they are all going to jail in the season 3 finale of Peaky Blinders

Although Tommy eventually got what he wanted, dealings with the Russians did get slightly out of hand. This in turn caused Tommy to request his family to commit crimes, including Arthur and John, who had to blow up a train with innocent people on board. After the deeds were done, Tommy gathered his family to pay them. Polly tries to intervene but Tommy exclaims that this is who he is. His dramatic quote is an excuse for being someone who now kills innocent people by getting his family to do so, implying that there’s nothing he can do about it.


“Take His Eyes.”

Cillian Murphy as Tommy Shelby smoking in Peaky Blinders

Tommy is backing one of the fighters in a boxing match, with Alfie Solomons backing the opposition. The men in the opposition’s corner begin to look suspicious and walk out, which triggers curiosity in Arthur, leading him to follow. However, one of the men strangles Arthur making it seem like he is dead. Whilst he avenges his brother’s supposed murder by beating up a man who was part of it, Tommy instructs Finn on what to do. The man being beaten is already in a helpless state, but Tommy wants to dramatically increase his pain, instigated with a memorably violent quote from the show.

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