10 Most Powerful Characters Namor Has Defeated In Marvel Comics


With the recent San Diego Comic-Con announcement that Namor the Sub-Mariner will appear in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, fans are eager to learn more about one of Marvel’s oldest superheroes. Having first appeared in comics all the way back in the 1930s, Namor has interacted with many other characters in comics for almost a century.

This hotheaded antihero has clashed with many characters over the decades thanks to his notoriously brash personality. Having engaged in many battles, the King of Atlantis has taken down some of the most powerful characters in Marvel Comics (and won).


The Original Human Torch

Like Namor, the first Human Torch has been around in Marvel Comics since the 1930s. The pair featured alongside Captain America as part of the Invaders, a World War II-era superhero team. The Human Torch is an Android that has the ability to fly and turn its entire body into flames.

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The pair clashed during the World War Namor storyline, where the Sub-Mariner attempted to take over the world. The Human Torch confronted his old friend about his troubled plan, resulting in the two fighting. Namor ultimately wins the battle, decapitating the android and leaving its body to be found by the other heroes.

The Hulk

The Hulk and Namor have been fighting alongside each other since the 1960s. Like Namor, the Hulk had been regularly seen by the human race as more of an antihero, often flitting between saving the world and causing chaos in it during his transformations.

When Bruce Banner visited Atlantis, he unwillingly transformed into the Hulk when put under the extreme stress of the situation. When he began to fight Namor, the Prince eventually got the upper hand in the battle. After punching the Hulk so hard that he flew out of the water to the surface, Hulk transformed back into Bruce Banner.


During his attempts to conquer the world and create a society ruled by mutants, Magneto initially approached Namor for help taking over the planet. After being promised the oceans would be protected, Namor accepts his offer and actually joins Magneto’s side for a while.

However, this alliance did not last very long, and Namor left Magneto’s side after a fight with the X-Men. When Magneto attacked him for his betrayal, Namor easily brushed the mutant aside, resulting in his plans to take over the world falling apart.

The Super Skrull

The Super Skrull is mainly a villain of the Fantastic Four, who have regularly teamed up with Namor in the past. This powered being has all of the powers of the Fantastic Four, resulting in him being vastly stronger than the average Skrull.

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When the Super Skrull was found out to be posing as the hero Iron Fist, Namor attacks him for capturing his cousin, Namorita. The pair engage in a lengthy battle, resulting in Namor’s victory. After foiling Super Skrull’s evil plans, he chased the alien back into space.

The Silver Surfer

Another long-term ally of the Fantastic Four and Namor, the Silver Surfer fought alongside the Atlantian Prince as part of the Defenders. Since then, the pair have continued to fight together on multiple other teams across the Marvel universe over the past few decades.

After discovering a machine that can control the weather, Namor enlists the help of the Silver Surfer in destroying it — by dragging him into the ocean against his will. Understandably, this angers the Silver Surfer, and the pair fight. Namor manages to get the best of his teammate, allowing him to convince the Silver Surfer to help him.

The Red Hulk

The alter ego of General “Thunderbolt” Ross and the enemy of the Hulk, Red Hulk possesses huge amounts of strength but has previously bested some of the strongest heroes in Marvel Comics, including Thor and She-Hulk.

After learning of a plot to dissolve the planet’s oceans, Red Hulk meets with Namor to inform him and enlist his help in stopping this from happening. After a brief misunderstanding, Namor attacks and defeats the Red Hulk, dragging him back to the surface with ease.

Iron Man

Like Namor, Tony Stark has an ego almost as strong as the iron suits he wears. Because of this, Namor and Iron Man clash frequently due to their stark differences. Despite being on the same side most of the time, most interactions between the pair result in punches thrown.

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After one particular argument, the pair exchange blows, resulting in Namor dragging Iron Man into the sea. After ripping off his mask and attempting to drown him, Stark is luckily saved by Doctor Strange. Using the ocean to his advantage, Namor won this fight.


Attuma is one of Namor’s most iconic enemies, constantly battling him for the throne of Atlantis. With him believing he has a claim to the throne, Attuma has attempted to overtake the underwater kingdom on many occasions.

One example of this occurred when Attuma took his tribe, the Skarka, to attack Atlantis and conquer the city. Despite making it past the gated walls, Namor confronted Attuma and the pair began to fight. However, due to Namor’s superior strength, he was able to easily defeat his enemy.

Luke Cage

When helping the X-Men find the host of the Phoenix Force, whilst the Avengers sought to destroy it, Namor was confronted by She-Hulk, Luke Cage, and the Thing. Massively outmatched, Namor had no choice but to fight his fellow heroes in order to get past them.

In order to defeat Luke Cage, Namor dragged him underwater and drowned him. In order to defeat the She-Hulk, Namor then used Luke Cage’s body as a weapon, throwing him at her! Before he was able to attack the Thing, he was teleported away from the battle. Still, two out of three isn’t bad.

The Avengers

Namor has always had a complicated relationship with the surface world due to his mixed lineage. Being both Atlantian and human has resulted in him being both an enemy and friend to the Avengers. Despite having a strong respect for Captain America, he still has fought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

After declaring Atlantis under Martial Law, the Avengers confront the Sub-Mariner. Namor was able to fend off multiple heroes, including Thor, Captain Marvel and Ghost Rider before Captain America calmly talked him out of his anger. Namor has done many questionable things, but enslaving his own people is one of the worst.

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