10 Movie Stars You Didn’t Know Were In A Band


Growing up, it may have felt like a pipe dream to wish for a successful career in acting or singing, but for some celebrities, both of those dreams have come true simultaneously. While it’s not unlikely for actors to be creative in other art forms, it is quite rare that some actors can seemingly do it all and succeed in multiple interests that are similar in worlds, yet wildly different.

There have been quite a few actors and actresses that have mastered the arts of both singing and acting at once, but bands are a whole other story, as it’s another form of creative collaboration. While some actors dabble in music in the form of solo careers, very few are also rockstars that have successful bands, and some might even shock fans.


Jared Leto — Thirty Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto in Thirty Seconds To Mars

Among the more well-known double threats, Jared Leto is not only an Oscar-winning actor but he’s been touring with his brother, Shannon, for decades now as a musician. Though they began as a more edgy rock trio, they have evolved over the years into more pop-rock as they have become more mainstream.

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From older hits like “The Kill” to newer ones like “Walk On Water,” it’s undeniable that Thirty Seconds To Mars has made its mark across several different genres. Despite people’s opinions on Jared’s more recent roles, it’s hard to deny that excels in both the acting and music world.

Zooey Deschanel — She & Him

Zooey Deschanel In She & Him

A musical group that formed in the mid-2000s, Zooey formed a music duo with friend M. Ward. Deschanel brings the singing and ukelele skills while Ward takes care of the production and guitar.

Though Zooey is known as a comedic actress in movies and TV shows such as Elf and New Girl, she has sung on several occasions and fans knew she was talented. However, it wasn’t until more recent years that fans discovered her talents as a musician.

Dylan Minnette — Wallows

Mainly known for his starring role in 13 Reasons Why Dylan also seems to be a singing threat. Wallows is a quite popular band in the indie space, though most fans had no idea for a long time that Dylan was the band’s lead singer.

With major hits like “Are You Bored Yet?” the band has taken over TikTok and the indie-pop genre in general. Between Dylan’s very successful acting career and his band’s newfound success, it’s clear that Dylan has been having quite a few good years recently.

Penn Badgley — Mothxr

Penn Badgley In Mothxr

Known for his roles in Gossip Girl and YOU, Penn Badgley has been in the spotlight since the early 2000s. However, with his band entering the equation, his career shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

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The indie-pop band from Brooklyn has a dreamy and captivating sound, thanks to Penn’s smooth vocals. Between the melodic and bedroom, pop-inspired beats and Penn’s higher-pitched, soulful voice, any fans would enjoy their work, especially fans of Badgley himself.

Jada Pinkett-Smith – Wicked Wisdom

Jada Pinkett Smith In Wicked Wisdom

Knowing that Will Smith has dabbled in hip-hop and his daughter, Willow, is a current star within the alternative rock genre, it’s no wonder that Jada also has some music genes herself. Surprisingly enough, Jada was a part of a “nu-metal” band called Wicked Wisdom.

The group would tour in the early 2000s and even earn a spot in the Ozzfest lineup in 2005. Though people weren’t sure how to feel about this group back in the day, Jada undoubtedly paved the way for female artists to be taken seriously in the metal genre.

Ryan Gosling — Dead Man’s Bones

Ryan Gosling In Dead Man's Bones

One of the most successful actors of the 2010s, Ryan Gosling’s work spans several film genres, from romantic comedies to even musical films like La La Land. However, not many fans know that he’s also a musician in a band of his own.

The duo is considered an indie rock band, with Ryan’s partner Zach Shields mainly taking over drums and vocals Ryan partaking in vocals, guitar, piano, and so much more. Their band name also derives from Gosling’s long-time love and obsession for ghosts and all things spooky.

Keanu Reeves — Dogstar

Keanu Reeves In Dogstar

Almost unrecognizable without his long hair and legendary beard, Keanu was a certified rockstar in his ’90s band Dogstar. Categorized as an alternative rock band, Keanu was the bass player, while the band also had a guitar player, a lead vocalist, and drums.

Keanu is more commonly known for his acting these days, mainly for his popular roles in The Matrix and the John Wick saga. It’s clear to fans that Reeves can do it all, including comedy movies, action movies, and even music.

Zoë Kravitz — Lolawolf

Zoë Kravitz In Lolawolf

Zoë’s musical talent and cool factor come as no surprise, especially knowing her father is rock ‘n roll legend Lenny Kravitz. Though she has impeccable genes, it’s clear that she would have potential no matter what as everyone’s fashion, music, and acting inspirational overall.

The Batman star is the lead vocalist for Lolawolf and the R&B electropop duo where Jimmy Giannopoulos, who is also in Penn Badgley’s band Mothxr, is the drummer and producer. The band’s unique sound grouped with Zoë’s raspy, yet smooth voice makes for a unique experience for listeners.

Johnny Depp — Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp In Hollywood Vampires

Not only is Johnny Depp a clear acting legend of the recent generations, but he is also a natural-born rockstar. It’s no secret that Johnny has always dressed the part of a bonified “bad boy,” but now he has an excuse as a master guitar shredder and rock vocal threat.

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The Hollywood Vampires consist of not only Johnny, and rock legends Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, as well. The rock group covers old classic songs from bands ranging from Led Zeppelin to David Bowie, and so much more.

Michael Cera — Mister Heavenly

Michael Cera in Mister Heavenly

Michael Cera is mostly known for his popular roles in comedy films like Superbad, Juno, and Scott Pilgrim, but what many fans didn’t know is that he is actually in a band. Many fans find this shocking and hard to believe, largely due to his nerdy typecast, but he’s a very talented and underrated bassist.

The indie-rock group has quite the members involved, with one being Joe Plummer of The Shins and Modest Mouse. Though Cera isn’t a founder of the group, he occasionally plays with them on tours.

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