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Purple Hearts, released on Netflix on July 29th, tells the story of two people who enter a fraudulent military marriage to gain benefits and earn money they each need for their own causes. As time goes on, they realize their love may be more real than they thought.

The cast of Purple Hearts is made up of several actors with varying degrees of experience, but viewers will likely recognize all of them from somewhere. Though not everyone had major credits to their name before joining Purple Hearts, every cast member gave a fantastic performance, making for a great viewing experience filled with emotion.


9 Sofia Carson (Cassie)

Disney Originals, Feel The Beat, And If The Shoe Fits

Cassie in Purple Hearts (2022)

Sophia Carson plays Cassie in Purple Hearts. Her character is a singer and bartender with Diabetes and not enough money to finance the treatment she needs. She enters into an illegal marriage to get military benefits so she can pay for her insulin and make her rent payments.

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Sofia Carson is a brilliant actress, likely most known for her work on Disney Channel Original Movies such as the Descendants films. She plays Evie, the evil queen’s daughter who is obsessed with boys and has a passion for fashion. Sofia also starred in the Netflix Original Feel The Beat and an adaptation of Cinderella subtitled If The Shoe Fits. Carson only started acting professionally in 2014, but she’s proven her immense talent time and time again.

8 Nicholas Galitzine (Luke)

The Beat Beneath My Feet, Handsome Devil, And Cinderella

Purple Hearts Luke

Nicholas Galitzine plays Luke, a young man who joins the Marines and enters into marriage with Cassie to help him pay back a debt he owes. Luke is injured in combat and is forced to return home, live with his new wife, and confront his past.

Galitzine is from London, and that’s where he got his start in acting. His career began when he played Tom alongside Luke Perry in The Beat Beneath My Feet. Two years later, he starred in Handsome Devil, in which his character transfers schools due to the constant bullying he endured over his sexuality. Most recently, Nicholas played Prince Robert opposite Camila Cabello’s Ella in the unique adaptation of Cinderella released by Prime Video. It was also announced this year that he will be starring in the film adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s Red, White & Royal Blue, a novel with an existing fan base that’s anxiously waiting for more updates.

7 Kat Cunning (Nora)

Trinkets, The Deuce, And Marry Me

Kat Cunning is acting flirty in Trinkets

Nora is Cassie’s best friend and bandmate in Purple Hearts. She also works at the bar with Cassie that they frequently play at.

Kat Cunning hasn’t been in many movies or shows yet, but that might change. She seems to prefer short films, but fans are more likely to recognize her for her brief roles as Sabine in Trinkets and Christina Fuego in The Deuce. She was also recently featured in Marry Me, a Jennifer Lopez movie about a superstar’s compulsive decision to marry a stranger at her concert. She does this immediately after learning that her fiancé cheated on her with Kat Cunning’s character.

6 Chosen Jacobs (Frankie)

Sneakerella And IT

Chosen Jacobs plays Frankie in Purple Hearts

Frankie is Luke’s roommate and one of Cassie’s old friends. He’s a stand-up guy who loses his life in the line of duty. He planned to propose to his girlfriend when he got back, making his death that much more tragic.

Rounding out the trifecta of actors who starred in adaptations of Cinderella, Chosen Jacobs starred in Sneakerella, which was released earlier this year on Disney +. Jacob may be most well-known, however, for portraying Mike Hanlon in the 2017 reboot of one of the scariest horror films of all time. His character in IT is a loyal, brave, and resourceful member of the Losers Club who has several close encounters with Pennywise. Going from It to Sneakerella to Purple Hearts is a pattern of genre leaps, and it shows Chosen’s wide range of talent that is sure to continue earning him big roles.

5 Scott Deckert (Jacob Morrow Jr.)

American Paradise, The Long Way, And The Eighth House

Luke, Cassie, and Jacob talking about their new dog in Purple Hearts (2022)

Scott Deckert plays Luke’s brother in Purple Hearts. Jacob loves Luke but is cautious of his behaviors and actions after he make a few detrimental mistakes years before.

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Deckert has 48 acting credits, most of which are guest appearances, short films, and background work. He’s guest-starred on popular shows like Yellowstone and The Walking Dead. His biggest roles include Weber in American Paradise, Howie in The Long Way, and Burt in The Eighth House, a movie about a veteran whose horoscopes keep coming true. Hopefully, Deckert can continue to grow in his career and grace screens again soon.

4 Linden Ashby (Jacob Morrow Sr.)

Teen Wolf, Wyatt Earp, And Mortal Kombat

Morrow reacts to news that his son has been injured in combat in Purple Hearts

Linden Ashby plays Jacob Morrow Sn, Luke’s father. He stopped talking to his son when Luke became addicted to drugs. When he learns of Luke’s injuries, he begins the process of reconnecting with the boy.

Ashby has been acting since 1986 and has 95 acting credits to his name. Fans may recognize him for his recurring role as Sheriff Noah Stilinski on Teen Wolf and his role as Rod Mitchell in Mean Girls 2, possibly the worst and most infamous TV movie sequel of all time. Before these projects, he earned his way to fame with parts in Wyatt Earp and the 1995 Mortal Kombat adaptation. Ashby has done so much already, it will be exciting to see what projects he takes on next.

3 Sarah Rich (Hailey)

Orange Is The New Black, The Blacklist, And #Like

Jacob Morrow Jr And Hailey In Purple Hearts

Hailey is Luke’s sister-in-law. She wants her husband to have a good relationship with his brother, and she sees the sparks in Luke and Cassie’s marriage, believing them to be made for each other.

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Sarah Rich has guest-starred on several big shows, including The Blacklist and Orange Is The New Black, which provided Rich with her very first acting gig. In 2019, Sarah earned her biggest part in a movie when she played the main role in #Like, a film that follows Rosie as she vengefully tracks down the man who convinced her sister to end her life. The independent film won 7 Film Festival Awards and proved that Sarah has the chops to play bigger and more complex roles.

2 John Harlan Kim (Toby)

The Librarians, Nancy Drew, And I Am Mortal

John Harlan Kim Plays Ezekiel In The Librarians

Toby appears to hold a managerial role for Cassie’s band, The Loyal. He always cheers them on and gets them gigs.

John Harlan Kim only has 14 acting credits on IMDb, but most are TV shows that he’s worked on for years. For example, he was a series regular when he played Ezekiel Jones in The Librarians, and he has an important recurring role on season 3 of Nancy Drew, one of the best CW shows still producing new episodes. John may also be recognized for playing Armarus in I Am Mortal, a science fiction movie about a group of people rebelling against the concept of immortality.

1 Anthony Ippolito (Johnno)

Grand Army And The Offer

Johnno from Purple Hearts

Johnno has beef with Luke. He almost runs the Marine over with his truck, and he repeatedly threatens his life and the lives of his family over a debt that Luke owes him. His presence creates conflict for Cassie’s mother and temporarily breaks Luke and Cassie’s relationship apart.

Like several of his co-stars, Anthony Ippolito doesn’t have many acting credits, and most of them are background roles in relatively unknown movies or TV shows. His most prominent projects are likely his two mini-series, Grand Army and The Offer, a recent Paramount+ release that explores what went into creating the 1972 Godfather film. Anthony plays Al Pacino alongside other big stars such as Miles Teller and Burn Gorman. Before The Offer, Ippolito spent 9 years working with John Quiñones on What Would You Do? where he was able to practice his acting skills in a hidden camera setting.

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