10 Movies That Are Embarrassing To Admit You Like, According To Reddit


Many movie fans have a guilty pleasure movie that they can’t help but love, despite it either getting bad reviews or having cringe-worthy moments. Reddit is chockful of discussions regarding some of its user’s embarrassing favorites they’re too afraid to admit they like to their loved ones.

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While some Redditors made the point that no one should be embarrassed by things that bring them joy, many happily talked about some of their favorite flicks that were considered an embarrassment by others, as well as to the film industry.


Herbie: Fully Loaded (2005) Stream On Disney+

Lindsay Lohan leaning against a Volkswagon Beetle named Herbie

In 2005, the final installment of Herbie, The Love Bug was brought to the big screen and received many mixed reviews from movie critics. In Herbie: Fully Loaded, Michael Keaton plays a widowed father who takes his daughter, Maggie (Lindsay Lohan), to the junkyard to pick out a car for her graduation present, and she gets stuck with a Volkswagon with a mind of its own.

SmashingTeaCups was quick to admit that they were ashamed for enjoying the cheesy flick, saying, “You guys might not be ashamed about liking stuff, but I am. I watched it 3 times in a row once on a boring Saturday, and I loved it more afterward.”

Sucker Punch (2011) Stream On Netflix

A girl leading other females to fight the monsters holding them captive in an alternate reality with a variety of weapons

People tend to either love or hate Zack Snyder films, and Sucker Punch is a film that many feel is one of the weaker movies he’s directed. Featuring a female-lead cast, with Emily Browning as Babydoll, the movie follows her into an escapist reality as she finds herself thrown into a psychiatric facility by her step-father.

Redditor harvey2323 said  “Sucker Punch is my insomnia or anxiety or comfort movie. I watch it and it calms me down, even though it generally seems to be despised by almost everybody I know.” Many Redditors agreed with them, saying the film was misunderstood by the people who judged the film on appearance and not the story it was trying to convey.

High School Musical (2006) Stream On Disney+

Troy and Gabriella standing back by a brick wall with looks of confusion on their faces

Anyone who grew up with Disney Channel in the mid-2000s is bound to remember the craze that was High School Musicaleven getting a reboot as a series as recently as 2019. While the movie was a hit with tweens who gushed over the romance between Troy and Gabriella and the memorable musical numbers, it’s not a flick that adults tend to reveal as one of their favorites.

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MovieMike007 was one to not stick to the status quo, admitting that the series had a soft spot in their heart, saying, “Don’t judge me!” and garnered quite a bit of support from others on the platform.

Twilight (2008) Stream On Hulu

Edward Cullen sitting in a classroom covering his nose and mouth in Twilight

It’s no secret that despite its fanbase, Twilight also has its critics, largely centered around the acting of some of the main characters and awkward dialogue. However, there has been an uptick in viewers who’ve revisited the vampire film and have found humor in some of the unintentionally bizarre quotes in the Twilight saga. 

There are a few who enjoyed the film unironically though, such as DaydreamerRSM, who stated, “I went into it [Twilight] after making fun of it for months then ended up thoroughly enjoying it. Can’t say the same for any of its sequels though.” Clearly, one can’t knock a movie until they’ve seen it for themselves.

The Mummy (1999) Stream On HBO Max

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz in The Mummy

The comedic moments and overall entertainment brought from this action/adventure film make The Mummy a beloved cult classic for many fans. Brendan Fraser’s great performance of Rick O’Connell spawned many sequels and proved that, with the right person, humor could be received by viewers as not being overly cheesy.

WrinkledBiscuit mentioned their love for The Mummy, saying “It’s stupid, campy, some bad writing, predictable plot, and just about everything under the sun. But I recently watched it again and I couldn’t help but smile in almost every scene.” The film has also found newfound appreciation through memes.

Employee Of The Month (2006) Stream On HBO Max

Dax Shepard, Jessica Simpson, and Dane Cook walking down an aisle in a retail store they work at

Slacker box-boy Zack Bradley (Dane Cook) and overachiever Vince Downey (Dax Shepard) go head-to-head to impress Amy (Jessica Simpson), a new employee known to date men who have been named employee of the month.

LozinMust admitted their fondness for the film, saying, “I do not like Dane Cook, nor do I like Jessica Simpson, but that movie weirdly encapsulates 2005-06 for me. Dax Shepard and the rest of the supporting cast really make up for it.” The plotline is goofy and can get ridiculous at times, but when watched without expectations Employee Of The Month is an entertaining comedy.

Big Fat Liar (2002) Currently Unavailable For Streaming

Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes Smiling at the camera with a blue Paul Giamatti tied to a chair

Fourteen-year-old Jason Shepherd has a reputation for lying, so it’s no surprise when no one believes him after he leaves his essay in the backseat of a limo of screenwriter and producer Marty Wolf. While many critics didn’t take too well to the film, Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes playing mischievous teens and exposing the villain Marty (portrayed by Paul Giamatti) do make for a fun watch, especially for kids.

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LowBalanceAlert gained a lot of support on Reddit after commenting on their love of the film Big Fat Liar, saying it was “a cinematic classic.” The silly comedy is full of early-2000s nostalgia and will definitely bring anyone watching back to their childhood.

The Benchwarmers (2006) Stream On HBO Max

David Spade, Jon Heder, and Rob Schneider in The Benchwarmers

Grown men live out their childhood fantasies in The Benchwarmers and form their own little league baseball team. The concept was to give the underdogs a chance to shine, and overall it succeeded at doing so. However, the movie has some poorly-aged jokes strewn throughout and can be cringe-worthy when going back to revisit the film.

Reddit user mashington14 named “The Benchwarmers” as their embarrassing movie, looking past the grimaces and focusing instead on the humorous interactions between main characters played by Rob Schnieder, Jon Herder, and David Spade. Like many movies from Happy Madison Productions, this comedy is a hit or miss for movie fans.

Master Of Disguise (2002) Stream On HBO Max

Pistachio dressed as a turtle with his accomplice Jennifer

Dana Carvey brings his comedic acting to an entirely different level in Master Of Disguise. In the movie, he plays Pistachio, a man who learns of his family’s legacy of being master smugglers and spies and is trained by his grandfather to follow in their footsteps after Pistachio’s dad is kidnapped.

Reddit user timbacca claimed, “I love every moment of that movie,” and another user backed them up by saying that the movie was “so bad yet so quotable.” The movie relies on heavy slapstick comedy and fell short for critics, having only a 1% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Cat In The Hat (2003) Stream On Hulu

2 kids watching the Cat In The Hat holding a garden hoe from over their white picket fence

The beloved character created by Dr. Seuss was brought to life by Mike Myers in the 2003 film Cat In The Hat. His portrayal is far from the children’s books and has gained traction thanks to memes over the years. Redditor YouThereOgre says that Cat In The Hat “is one movie that I love rewatching, but I don’t like to tell anyone.”

Alongside Myers are a young Dakota Fanning and Spencer Breslin as Sally and Conrad, the kids who encounter the Cat in the Hat. The movie generated many raised eyebrows, but others found it to be a hilarious parody of the classic tale.

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