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Despite its popularity and vocal fanbase after its premiere, Zootopia has seemed to have vanished off the map for some reason. Maybe it was to keep Frozen from losing hype, maybe it was simply a focus on other Disney projects, but fans can all heave a collective sigh of relief in knowing that a spinoff series is well on the way for 2022.

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So far, all Disney+ has released is just a promo image showing a few tableaus of what viewers can expect from the upcoming Zootopia+, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t hope and dream while forming their own predictions. Anything is possible at this point, but there’s still room for a little speculation as to what could be in store for the residents of the urban jungle.


A Deeper Dive In Nick And Judy’s Relationship

Nick and Judy in a romantic setting in Zootopia

The fox and rabbit couple are more than deserving of their own love story arc, especially since they will have spent much more time together by this point in their existence. Given their chemistry and mutual character foils, it’s hard not to imagine them ending up together by some extent.

Nick is the foxy cynic whereas Judy is the wide-eyed optimist, Nick is the wit whereas Judy is the heart, and so on and so on. They are such a balanced pairing that they’d easily join the ranks of the most realistic animated couples in recent years. In short, there’s no reason they shouldn’t become a permanent fixture.

Exploring The Other Habitats

The city of Zootopia

The city of Zootopia is composed of five different districts including Downtown, but so far fans have only seen three up close and personal. A train ride the length of a Gazelle track really isn’t enough to get to know the environment these animals call home, so a longer stay is pretty much mandatory.

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Given the fact the cast is made up of various other species like cheetahs, arctic shrews, and water buffalo, it’s nearly impossible to think they all live in the same ecosystem. With such a menagerie of different characters, different adventures in their individual habitats is practically called for.

Return To The Naturalist Club

Nick, Judy and Yax in Zootopia

One of the funniest scenes in the original film was encountering the naturalists at the Mystic Springs Oasis, and, of course, Tommy Chong as the hippie yak giving commentary certainly helps things along. Even so, there’s still a wealth of possibilities for an absolutely side-splitting episode.

It doesn’t matter who ends up going, so long as there is plenty of material to be had at the secondhand embarrassment of whoever has to mingle with club members in the buff. Granted, if anyone other than Disney did this running gag, it might come off as a little creepy.

Another Duke Weasleton Scheme

On the promo art for the upcoming series, Duke Weasleton can be seen in full magician’s garb running away with a hat full of money. Judging by this display of what is undoubtedly some of his slick trickery, fans can definitely hope and expect another scheme of the century from the duke of bootlegs.

As of now, it’s hard telling what might be in store for Zootopia’s resident weasel, but given the fact that money is the offer he can’t refuse, it’s probably something comically nefarious. As demonstrated by his run through Little Rodentia, it’s probably loaded with slapstick and a chance for Alan Tudyk to show off his voice-acting skills again.

A Bonnie And Stu Adventure

Bonnie and Stu Hopps from Zootopia smiling

As strange as it might sound, it would be very interesting to see some further character development from Bonnie and Stu back at the Hopps Family farm. Since Judy helped inspire them to branch out and partner up with Gideon Grey and his bakery, it’s within the realm of possibilities that they might be guided to do more than just be average-joe carrot farmers.

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It’s unclear what sort of adventure Bonnie is dragging her reluctant husband on in the promo art, but it could probably be something well out of Stu’s comfort zone. Fans will just have to wait and see.

Clawhauser Meeting Gazelle

Clawhauser eating a donut

There is probably no fan more vocal than the plus-sized Clawhauser, and it looks like he might be getting his wish to see his “Angel with Horns” if the promo art is to be believed. Hopefully, viewers will be treated to the same kind of neon-lit party scene they were at the end of the original movie.

While it’s unclear what the disgruntled Bogo will be doing in this scenario, viewers can only predict the comical possibilities of these two opposing Gazelle fans getting together. Either way, fun will certainly be had in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Another Shakira Hit

Split image of Shakira and Gazelle in Zootopia

Michael Giacchino knocked the soundtrack for Zootopia out of the park, but Shakira’s “Try Everything” was the feel-good Disney jam of the year. And if Gazelle is going to be involved in the series, she definitely needs to make a return to reprise her role with another hit single.

“Try Everything” was without a doubt the Disney film’s major theme song, and it would be an absolute delight for Disney fans to have Shakira perform another classic for the new series. Fans can only hope.

Mr. Big’s Origin Story

One of the stand-out features seen on the reveal artwork for the upcoming series is what looks to be a young Mr. Big on the boat to a Zootopia version of Ellis Island, complete with an animal Statue of Liberty. Not only does this look like it will provide insight on Tundra Town’s biggest mob boss, but the world the characters live in as well.

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This could very well show not only the development of Mr. Big and his rise to power but the world outside the habitats of Zootopia itself. Anything to build on this already impressive world would definitely be a more than welcomed addition to the lore.

Flash And Priscilla On Their Date

Flash and Priscilla dancing in Zootopia

While it’s undoubtedly going to be milking one single joke, sloths are the slowest moving creatures in the city, their episode is going to be an absolute hoot. If the expression on that poor otter waiter’s face is any indication, both they and the viewers are in for an interesting dinner.

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Based on their slow dance during the Gazelle concert, it’s no surprise that Flash and Priscilla see each other outside of work, and the fact that their slowness bleeds into their dating life is equally hilarious. Still, it’s hard not to feel bad for that otter taking their order.

Nick And Judy Connecting The Series

Of course, the show wouldn’t be nearly as bingeable if it didn’t have something from Nick and Judy tying the whole thing together. Just as Grogu’s incredible destiny arc became the backbone of The Mandalorianso should a structure featuring Zootopia’s power couple hold Zootopia+ together.

It would be a great way to keep fans invested with each new episode, as well as satisfy the need for more of this world without going full sequel just yet. They don’t have to be the main focus unless the plot calls for it, but it would still be nice to get a healthy dose of the pair with each new installment.

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