10 Unpopular Opinions About Bernadette (According To Reddit)


For a woman of small stature, Bernadette is a loud character with a bold personality. She likes to be heard, and she often gets her own way in her relationships. And while most fans of The Big Bang Theory think her personality and small demeanor endearing, Bernadette has become the subject of a ton of unpopular opinions, especially on Reddit.

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Between sometimes being too mean, domesticating Howard, and nagging Penny way too often, some Redditors aren’t overly enthusiastic about Bernadette.

Updated on May 10, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz started The Big Bang Theory as a smitten, intelligent love interest for Howard. As the series progressed and viewers got to know her more, her character rounded out. While characters like Sheldon and Howard got better as time went on, many fans on Reddit feel that the opposite happened for Bernadette. But despite what fans think, Bernadette is still part of what made TBBT great. 


Bernadette Is Too Mean

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If there’s one thing about Bernadette, it’s that she can hold her own against people three times her size. Despite her being short, there are fully grown men who live in fear of her, and Bernadette has some of the shadiest burns out of any of the major characters.

However, a select few think she is too mean. MarieCTU told Reddit, “Bernadette is mean. She started as so cute and slowly became very hurtful for no reason.” When someone compared Bernadette to Howard’s mother, one Redditor noted that the show “toned it down towards the end.”

Some Were Upset Bernadette Had Children After Admitting She Didn’t Want To Be A Mom

The Big Bang Theory Pregnant Bernadette Sitting With Howard

Ilmedicator believes that the show shouldn’t have made Bernadette or Penny become moms. They wrote, “Neither Bernadette nor Penny should have had children. They said multiple times that they didn’t want children. I really believe they only had them because they felt they had no other choice.” Out of all the unpopular opinions about Bernadette, this one arguably holds the most weight, as it’s a sitcom trope where couples have children once they’ve gotten married.

And Bernadette and Howard’s relationship timeline shows just how linear they are. But it seems as if sitcom writers don’t know that people can be happy without having children.

Did Bernadette “Ruin” TBBT?

Howard and Bernadette sitting on a bed, smiling at each other lovingly

As the show continued to add new female characters, the characters seemed to fit into the dynamic of the group well. They often brought the egotistical and competitive scientists back down to Earth. However, not everyone sees it that way, as Lissongreen thinks that Bernadette ruined the show.

Their rather unpopular opinion stated, “Howard wasn’t creepy, he was funny. Raj wasn’t creepy, he was a romantic. Howard and Raj had the best relationship. Amy and Bernadette ruined the show.” It’s unfair to say one character ruined the show. While Bernadette does have a few annoying traits, like getting overly competitive, she’s also seen as the sweetest member of the group. And given how many downvotes the comment has, it is a hot take.

Bernadette Is One Of The Funniest Characters

Howard puts a star pendant necklace around Bernadette's neck as she holds her hair up

Of the huge cast of hilarious characters on the show, a select few agree that Bernadette is one of the funniest. However, while she does have her moments, especially when she mimics Howard’s mother, and everybody is entitled to their favorite characters, most people will disagree.

Classified12345 wrote, “Howard was the funniest character, followed by Bernadette.” And though Bernadette is far from the most hated of characters, it’s often said that Sheldon, and even Howard in his prime, are the funniest on the series.

Bernadette’s Squeaky Voice Is The Worst

Howard and Bernadette drinking tea on the couch

Out of all of the characters in the series, Bernadette has the most distinctive voice, but arguably not in a good way, as some argue that it’s too squeaky. One Redditor wrote, “I hate baby voice. I’ve known girls in real life that talk like that and guys that love them or put up with them because they’re hot or whatever. But I can’t watch when [Bernadette] speaks.”

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Though it isn’t the most unpopular opinion, as some people agree, it’s also one of the things that makes Bernadette so funny in the first place. And despite her baby voice, Bernadette can be seen as one of TBBT’s main characters because of all that she can do with this voice.

Bernadette Started Funny But Turned Arrogant

Bernadette arguing with an airline worker on TBBT

Along with some finding Bernadette too mean, this Redditor argues that she also became arrogant as soon as she got married to Howard. They continue by saying it didn’t just ruin the character, but it ruined the whole show, as it was impossible to overlook how arrogant Bernadette was in each episode.

They wrote, “[Bernadette] use to be this loving and caring person! But after she got married she became this mean arrogant b***h! It made me hate the show The Big Bang Theory! I just hate this character!” But it’s again something that adds to how funny the character becomes, as she not only adopted Howard’s mother’s throaty vernacular, but also her erratic behavior, which is what makes this opinion unpopular.

Bernadette Ruined Howard’s Schtick

Howard and Bernadette in the kitchen talking on TBBT

All of the main cast of male characters had their own quirky traits going on, whether it was Sheldon’s stubbornness or Raj’s inability to speak to women. But the funniest of all of them was just how surprisingly confident Howard was around women. Howard’s inappropriate pick-up lines were part of his unique character.

Fighter_Ragnar thinks that Bernadette ruined that. “Howard became less creepy and flirtatious after season 3 (coincidentally after meeting Bernadette), which kind of ruined the charm,” they wrote. However, it isn’t that she ruined Howard, but helped him grow, as there are so many times when she has supported him.

Bernadette Is The Most Toxic Character In The Show

Bernadette comes off as a charismatic character, but some users like RekkSuave believe see through her charming exterior and think that she’s the most toxic in The Big Bang Theory. They claim that she turned after the sixth season and became ruder.

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“I found her to not be very enjoyable sometime after season 6. She was so rude and mean to nearly everyone, and not in a cute way anymore, but what really made me angry was when she tried telling Penny that she has to have a kid and to suck it up,” they wrote. What makes her toxic is that she tries to make other characters feel bad for their opinions and actions. She bullies people at work, which TBBT fans can’t let go of, and often humiliates Amy, so there is a good argument to be made for the hot take.

Bernadette Was In A Rut For The Last Three Seasons

Bernadette smirking

It’s hard to end a long-running sitcom in a perfect way that satisfies every fan, and though most believe that audiences can’t fault The Big Bang Theory’s brilliant ending, APS131997 is not pleased with the way Bernadette was handled.

They argue, “I do think that Sheldon and Amy have been handled well the past couple of seasons, but I feel that the rest of the characters (especially Raj, Penny, and Bernadette) were in a rut for most of the last three seasons.” However, as stereotypical as it was for Bernadette to change her mind about having kids, she still had some fresh storylines.

The Show Jumped The Shark When Bernadette Was Introduced

Howard and Bernadette meet her ex boyfriend

The Big Bang Theory has 12 full seasons, and though it mostly remained consistent, some fans have their own opinions on where the show jumped the shark. Tamases believes that the show did so as early as season 3 when Bernadette was introduced.

“I believe that when they introduced Bernadette, nothing against Melissa [Rauch] or her character, the show “Jumped the Shark,” they wrote. They continued saying, “It was and remains totally unrealistic that ANY woman would fall for the immature, selfish, misogynistic a** hat that is Howard.” Even though the Redditor has some points about Howard’s negative traits, he still had redeemable qualities that made him lovable.

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