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Dinosaurs have been a part of human fascination ever since their bones were unearthed. Both kids and adults love them, making them a great topic for film. Some of the films are animated and the dinosaurs talk, while others are thrillers where the dinosaurs are hunting man. They span through different genres from comedies to monster flicks and dramas.

For viewers that are into dinosaur movies, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that there are a lot of films with dinosaurs in them. The bad news is that not all of them are highly reviewed, especially from the era before technology allowed them to be convincingly portrayed on the big screen.

Updated on June 20th, 2022, by Hannah Saab: The recent release of Jurrasic World: Dominion has sparked interest not just in the long-running franchise, but also in similar dinosaur movies. The best dinosaur movies based on their IMDb ratings continue to be gems from the past that still hold up incredibly well when compared to their modern counterparts.


13 Jurassic World: Dominion (2022) – 6.0

chris pratt with an atrociraptor in jurassic world dominion

Jurassic World: Dominion is the latest entry in the massively popular franchise and the conclusion to the storyline from the original Jurassic Park trilogy. It depicts a world where humans and dinosaurs live alongside each other, with the fragile balance inevitably threatened by some people’s greed and lack of understanding.

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The box office hit, much like the films in the franchise that came before it, is incredibly fun to watch. It introduces several new dinosaurs, with some being unbelievably terrifying. That said, it is among the lowest-rated Jurassic films on IMDb for a reason, as it’s clear that the franchise has already run its course and each new entry feels more repetitive than the last.

12 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) – 6.1

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Owen Grady bonding with a baby Blue in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Set three years after the destruction of Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom is centered on a new threat in the fictional Isla Nubar, with a volcanic eruption endangering the lives of the dinosaurs. It’s up to Claire Dearing, the former park manager, and Owen Grady, a talented recruit, to save the dinosaurs and stop a conspiracy in the process.

While Fallen Kingdom usually ranks low among the Jurassic films, it still has great entertainment value. This is in large part due to the amazing visuals and darker tone that the movie has compared to its prequel.

11 The Valley Of Gwangi (1969) – 6.3

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human meets trex

The Valley Of Gwangi is a western fantasy that has created somewhat of a legacy in terms of the gaining interest of monster flicks at the time. There is a debate that some of its scenes were actually copied by Jurassic Park. That is flattery for this film, as it got far worse reviews than Jurassic Park.

The story follows a cowboy that seeks to capture an Allosaurus to sell to a Mexican circus. It lives in a place called the Forbidden Valley, and isn’t too keen on being a public showpiece. For the late ’60s, the special effects in this film were masterful. While IMDb doesn’t have the highest rating for it, it is known to be a cult classic.

10 Dinosaur (2000) – 6.4

Available to stream on Disney+.

Disney's Dinosaur (2000)

Many dinosaur films are animated and aimed more toward children, and Dinosaur is one of those films. It follows an orphaned dinosaur that is raised by lemurs. They join a herd of dinosaurs after a meteorite destroys their home.

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For Disney, this film is pretty unique. It isn’t sugar-sweet and is more gritty in visuals, story, and characters. Viewers who saw the film as young kids may appreciate its hard-hitting themes more now through a well-deserved rewatch. There are no musical numbers in the serious film, just dinosaurs trying to survive in a harsh world.

9 The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) – 6.5

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Jurassic Park Lost World Stegosaurus

Set four years after the original film, The Lost World portrays Ian Malcolm’s return to Isla Sorna with his team. Little do they know that another group with nefarious goals roams the island, too, with things coming to a head once they begin disturbing the peaceful dinosaurs.

The second entry in the franchise is known for the eccentric chaos theorist, Malcolm, whose initial hesitation to go to the island is replaced by a crucial mission to stop InGen from exploiting the genetically-engineered creatures. His relationship with the courageous Dr. Sarah Harding is also a highlight of the movie. However, these aren’t enough to impress IMDb users, who still consider it among the worst films in the franchise.

8 The Good Dinosaur (2015) – 6.7

Available to stream on Disney+.

the good dinosaur looking worried

The animated film The Good Dinosaur is known to be a failure, at least by the standards of what audiences expect from Pixar. However, it’s worth noting that is just a really high bar. The film has stunning visuals and has won a number of awards for it. It also explores the interesting idea of what dinosaur life could be like if they never went extinct.

It is definitely no Finding Nemo or Toy Story, but it is still a fun film for people of any age. The charming animated dinosaur movie introduces some good-hearted characters who go on a fun adventure in an attempt to unite dinosaurs and humans.

7 Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (2009) – 6.9

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ice age baby dinosaurs

Since its first film, the Ice Age franchise has gotten worse but keeps dealing out sequels anyway.  The third film of the Ice Age series, Dawn of the Dinosaurs, does not have a terrible score. The animated adventure-comedy film tells the story of Sid the Sloth’s stressful kidnapping by a  Tyrannosaurus, who learns that Sid has stolen her eggs.

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The wild misadventures the rest of the characters go on to save Sid take place in a tropical paradise full of dinosaurs beneath the ice. It gives a totally new setting for the beloved gang, who will do anything for their annoying friend.

6 Jurassic World (2015) – 6.9

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man shooting indominus rex

Jurassic Park is such a well-loved series that it got revived with Jurassic World, which is now often cited alongside the best dinosaur films. Fans mostly enjoyed Jurassic World, especially since it updated ideas of what dinosaur park tourism would look like. Audiences even get to see some new kinds of dinosaurs.

What the film suffers from is that the creators felt the story should have a bigger and more dangerous dinosaur than previous films. With that in mind, they started making up new completely new ones. Dinosaurs are already scary, so a lot of fans found that aspect of the film to be a little too ridiculous.

5 King Kong (2005) – 7.2

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Naomi Watts in King Kong (2005)

The 2005 version of King Kong was record-breaking in terms of how much it cost to make, so the prehistoric creatures in this Peter Jackson adventure look pretty great. Of course, the star of the show isn’t a dinosaur, it’s the giant gorilla.

However, dinosaur fans still have a lot to love in this film. Skull Island is full of dinosaurs and they look pretty unique, as the designers for these creatures decided to add some extra details with the idea that these animals have evolved in an isolated location.

4 Heart And Yummie (2010) – 7.3

Heart and Yummie.

Heart And Yummie is a hidden gem. It follows a Tyrannosaurus named Heart who was raised by herbivores. Once he learns that he is actually a meat-eater, he runs away and tries to live on his own. He then adopts an Ankylosaurus.

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The whole movie follows Heart as he struggles to decide where he really belongs. The adorable Yummie makes it difficult for him to embrace his more fierce side, but external pressures also make it impossible to ignore. The animation is super cute and all the characters are likable.

3 The Land Before Time (1988) – 7.4

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land before time main cast

The Land Before Time may have just a 7.4 on IMDb, but it has a 10 in the hearts of many who watched the film as a kid. It got a ton of sequels to the point where Ice Age looks like it has self-control— there are thirteen Land Before Time sequels so far. However, the many sequels don’t take away from the beauty of the original film.

The film not only showcases many dinosaurs, but it also delves into emotional moments that can get even grown-ups to shed a tear. Despite being released almost thirty-five years ago, it’s still one of the greatest dinosaur movies worth watching again today.

2 King Kong (1933) – 7.9

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king kong versus trex

Besides the 2005 version, there is the original King Kong. Its rating is higher on IMDb, despite the limited technology available at the time. This film is a good case study for why bigger and better special effects does not always a better film make.

The dinosaurs seen in the original King Kong are some of the first to ever appear on the big screen, so needless to say, audiences were wowed and a love affair with the creatures on film arguably began right here.

1 Jurassic Park (1993) – 8.2

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jurassic park flare scene

It’s not surprising that Jurassic Park remains the gold standard by which all other dinosaur films are judged. It is one of the highest-grossing films of all time. It won three technical awards at the 1994 Oscars including, not surprisingly, Best Visual Effects. In 2018, this film was preserved in the Library of Congress due to its cultural significance.

The classic dinosaur movie takes place on the fictional island of Isla Nublar where a group of tourists and some scientists struggle to survive after the park’s systems go awry. Its groundbreaking special effects and nerve-wracking scenes still hold up well today.

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