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Fans were thrilled when, over the course of a few days in December 2021, Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vicent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin were officially introduced into the main MCU continuity in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye, respectively. Of course, they were technically part of the MCU before, but in the forgotten sector of Marvel Television that was largely abandoned when Disney+ arrived. Daredevil and the other Netflix series were not alone in this group. There were also the network tv shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Cloak and Dagger, and shows on Hulu – Runaways and Hellstrom. Several of these have transitioned over to Disney+, so some fans are theorizing on Reddit as to how popular characters could find their way into the upcoming films and TV shows.


9 Clean Slate

The Runaways on their comic book cover.

Unlike the interconnected stories of the Netflix series, the Hulu series were largely independent, each doing their own thing. That worked for Runaways, as their premise wasn’t contingent on the global stakes of the films at the time. It focuses on six teenagers who discover their parents are part of a secret, evil organization called “The Pride.” Along the way they become heroes as they gain powers, technology, wisdom, and a genetically engineered dinosaur.

It doesn’t seem very likely that the Runaways from the tv show overall could figure into Phase Four or beyond given the importance that they are teenagers. Therefore, u/pepperyteriyakijerky posits “it’d be best if Runaways got the treatment Spider-Man has in the MCU with getting younger actors to grow into the roles.” While the casting for Runaways was done quite well, it might be at the point if they are to join the larger MCU that they’d need to start at a clean slate with a new group.

8 Runaways Reunited Again

However, age doesn’t need to be an issue and the Runaways could be steadily reintroduced. This could achieve similarly to how members of the young avengers have been introduced in many of the recent Disney+ tv shows. While the end of season three found the team together, u/regachoisiah suggests “they broke up at some point during the Snap years and ended up in different parts of the MCU. For example, Nico Minoru became Wong’s apprentice after being scouted by the sorcerers of Kamar-Taj.”

This could see the different members popping up in many of the upcoming films or tv shows – for example, Chase Stein in Armor Wars or Karolina Dean in The Marvels – and eventually culminating in a fourth season on Disney+ like Daredevil. This would also allow for the characters to be explored as adults and individuals.

7 Nico Minoru, Witch In Training

Nico Minoru and Wong

Nico Minoru has the best possibility of returning of all the Runaways. She’s been featured elsewhere as an original member of A-Force, the all-female Avengers team. Nico is also linked to powerful magical artifacts like the Staff of One and even the Darkhold – though not anymore, following Scarlet Witch’s destruction of all Darkholds in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

u/YogurtclosetBroad254 thinks “her being able to draw power from the Dark Dimension means she needs to seek help from Wong & Strange or guidance from them to master full control of that Staff.” Fans are loving that Wong keeps popping up in different shows or films, like he will in She-Hulk­­­. They especially want a Disney+ Strange Academy series but with Wong leading the school and Nico should definitely return as a student there.

6 Agatha: House of Hulu?

Agatha Harkness and Morgan Le Fay

Alternatively, Nico isn’t the only witch from Runaways who could be brought into other MCU projects. As the series’ final antagonist, Elizabeth Hurley played Morgan le Fay, the legendary enchantress and enemy to King Arthur. By the end of the series, she found herself right back where she started: The Dark Dimension. She too was in possession of a Darkhold, so like Nico, there are plenty of opportunities to bring her back.

u/Pedgrid puts in plainly, “Fingers cross Nico Minoru or Morgan Le Fay show up in the Agatha Harkness show.” Likely, the destruction of the Darkholds and death of Scarlet Witch lifted her from her prison in Westview. Agatha: House of Harkness will definitely explore more of the witchcraft side to Marvel magic, so it’s a perfect fit for Morgan and/or Nico. Otherwise, with Doctor Strange and Clea back in the Dark Dimension, Doctor Strange 3 is another option.

5 Ironheart?

Anthony Ramos as Victor Mancha

Though Runaways ran for three seasons, only one new member was ever introduced: Xavin. However, one important Runaways teammate was mentioned as a potential future enemy. That would be Victor Mancha, the cyborg son of Ultron. He was initially created to follow in his father’s footsteps in destroying the avengers, but he finds a home as part of the Runaways.

With his connection to an important character in the larger MCU, Victor could be the way to bring the Runaways back together. Some believe he could actually be coming to the MCU soon in Ironheart with u/cbekel3618 saying “there’s one other character who I think could fit Anthony Ramos and be a relevant player in future projects: Victor Mancha.” Anthony Ramos’ part is still undisclosed, but Victor could work well.

4 Peter Parker Could Use Some New Friends

Cloak And Dagger Team Up With Spider-Man

Cloak and Dagger ran on Freeform for two seasons before getting canceled as part of Marvel Television being absorbed by Marvel Studios. The series was positively received in giving a different take on teenage heroes. Thankfully, Cloak and Dagger found a sort of revival in a brief reappearance in the final season of Runaways on Hulu too. Compared to the Runaways, Cloak and Dagger are far easier to incorporate throughout the MCU.

u/UnfavorableSpider-Fan says, “I could see Cloak & Dagger either appearing in a Spider-Man flick or getting their own Disney+ series. Maybe they survived the Blip and are a few years older, have done some real good in the world, and have fully embraced their roles as heroes.” Many would like to see Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as Cloak and Dagger and since they’ve teamed up with Spider-Man in the past, they can do so here too – possibly against Mister Negative, a villain who also uses LightForce and DarkForce.

3 Midnight Sons

The Midnight Sons assemble in Marvel Comics.

With Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness recently and the Werewolf by Night Halloween Special and Blade coming down the pipeline, the MCU has some great avenues to explore the supernatural and spooky. This could all culminate in the formation of the Midnight Sons, which is the perfect way to bring in several characters from Hulu series, including Nico Minoru – who joins the team in the upcoming video game – Cloak and Dagger, Helstrom, and Ghost Rider.

Specifically regarding Cloak and Dagger, u/Uncanny_Doom says, “I would go towards the Midnight Sons characters with them and go for Blade/Strange/Ghost Rider/Moon Knight interactions but if there’s another Spider-Man movie it’s always fun seeing these characters team up.” This is one team many fans want to see more of and it seems likely to occur sometime down the line.

2 Halloween Horror

Helstrom Twins and Werewolf by Night

Helstrom is by far the least Marvel show of any Marvel show. There are scant references and acknowledgments to the larger world, rather giving a narrow focus on Daimon and Satana Helstrom as demon hunters. Unfortunately, the series was poorly received, especially as a comic book show, so perhaps like the Runaways, they should just get a complete reboot should they arrive back in the MCU.

When asked when and where certain characters could be introduced, u/DirtyFrooZe writes, “Helstrom most likely Ghost Rider or Werewolf.” At this point a Ghost Rider project is not in the works – after the proposed Hulu series was abandoned – yet given the character’s prominence in the comics and popularity, it does seem likely in the future. Otherwise, the Halloween Special could be a good place to introduce more comic-accurate versions of the Helstoms, whether played by the same actors or not.

1 Ghost Rider Riding His Way Back

Helstrom was not initially intended to be a solo project. It was announced as part of an “Adventure Into Fear” with other tv shows like a Ghost Rider show. It was supposed to follow Diego Luna as he reprises his role from season four of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider. Nevertheless, fans are eager to see the character again in the larger MCU – some even thought Nicholas Cages’ Ghost Rider could’ve shown up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness like other legacy characters.

Some fans think that Ghost Rider, whether Johnny Blaze, Danny Ketch, or Robbie Reyes, could be the first of these characters to return, leading the way for others. u/KostisPat257 theorizes, “Their integration in the MCU seems much easier and more organic now, especially with Ghost Rider bridging that gap…Ghost Rider could have some knowledge of Cthon and may have been working for him to some extent.”

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