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Amy & Tammy’s sister, Amanda Halterman, stars in 1000-lb Sisters season 3. Amanda underwent bariatric surgery seven years before joining the series.

As if Amy and Tammy Slaton’s weight loss journeys weren’t captivating enough for 1000-lb Sisters fans, the introduction of their sister, Amanda Halterman, brought with it yet another fascinating fitness ambition. Unlike Tammy and the Slaton sisters’ brother, Chris Combs, Amanda has actually qualified for and undergone bariatric surgery. From Amy and Chris hoping she’ll serve as a source of inspiration to fans’ reservations about her health maintenance, here’s everything there is to know about the weight loss journey Amanda embarked on before 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

Tammy’s ongoing struggle to achieve her health ambitions has turned into an entire Slaton family effort. In season 1, Tammy relied on the support of Amy as they attempted to make their weight loss dreams come true simultaneously. Unfortunately, only Amy followed through on her fitness goals and got a gastric bypass operation. Luckily, Tammy wasn’t abandoned in 1000-lb Sisters season 2. In an effort to keep Tammy inspired after falling short of her goals, Chris joined his sister in her weight loss venture. Regrettably, neither Chris nor Tammy underwent bariatric surgery in season 2. Now, Tammy’s further from her goals than ever before. The latest family member tapped in to keep Tammy motivated in season 3 is Amanda.


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Chris and Amy hope that Amanda’s experience as someone who underwent weight loss surgery several years ago will encourage Tammy. Although this plan might be complicated by Amanda and Tammy’s combative personalities, Amanda could have some useful wisdom to pass down to her struggling sister. Amanda shared that she too battled with the Slaton family’s food addiction issue, but successfully got weight loss surgery seven years ago. Viewers think that Amanda could be the push Tammy needs after Chris and Amy have become more accepting of their sister’s self-sabotaging behavior. Amanda’s threats to fight Tammy speak to Amanda’s no-nonsense attitude. While plenty of viewers are excited about Amanda’s success, others aren’t sold on the Slaton sister’s progress. Specifically, some fans are concerned that Amanda has regressed in her weight loss goals in the years since getting her operation.

Amanda Slaton in 1000-lb Sisters

Instead of commending Amanda for the progress she’s made since achieving her bariatric surgery goals, some 1000-lb Sisters fans think that Amanda’s weight loss story is actually a discouraging one. A Reddit user wrote, “I like Amanda but it’s crazy to see how she got weight loss surgery almost 7 years ago but is pretty much the same size as she was before it. She is still severely overweight.” Fans think Amanda’s struggle to maintain her diet speaks to the fatal flaw of the Slaton siblings. Viewers fear that Amy, Tammy, Chris, and Amanda see bariatric surgery as a resolution to all of their weight loss problems rather than just the beginning of their new lifestyles. On the other hand, another commenter thinks Amanda’s a champion just for continuing to try at all, arguing, “The fact that [Amanda’s] active and living her life… [makes] her a success.”

Amanda has plenty to offer Tammy as she attempts to make headway in her weight loss quest, but the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase is torn on the Slaton sister’s accomplishments. From successfully undergoing bariatric surgery seven years ago to failing to follow through with her diet after the operations, Amanda’s weight loss story is a complicated one. Hopefully, Amanda’s time in 1000-lb Sisters will inspire both her and her family members to stick to healthier lifestyles.

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