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It’s swell to have a good friend, but to have a best friend? That gives the people what they want. And by people in this case, I’m talking about me when I found the AEW Unrivaled Trent? and Chuck Taylor aka The Best Friends at my local Target.  

I’ve enjoyed this tag team even if they’re constantly underrated compared to some of AEW’s flashier squads. I remain impressed how quickly Jazwares is fleshing out the AEW universe and these guys were two that I’ve been waiting for a while. Let’s see how if Jazwares deserves a big goofy hug or a lackadaisical thumbs down.  

Packaging:  While I appreciate the consistency, there’s nothing fun about the Unrivaled or Unmatched packaging.

All the usual flaws are here — small side portrait image, no identification on the left side and a complete absence of a bio. At least the black with gold foil makes for a striking combination.  

Likeness: Chuck is the more expressive of the tag team so I’m not mad about the fiery expression used for his figure. It’s a rare instance where a yelling sculpt works for a figure.

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - chuck taylor wide

I still wouldn’t mind having a neutral expression like the reference photo. The sculpt captured his likeness right down to the hair very well. 

Chuck has a unique physique as he’s solidly put together with little definition. Of the available parts, this was the best combination for him. I remain impressed that Jazwares opts for outfit authenticity with the kneepads and boots combination. They even added the flared-out section for the boots.  

best friends reference pic
Credit: AEW

Trent? is leaner than his tag partner. That’s not accurately reflected with the figure as he’s got too thick a chest piece. It looks like he’s wearing a girdle.

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - side by side

Thanks to Jazwares’ engineering of these figures it should be relatively simple to swap out a more muscular/slimmer chest piece, but it shouldn’t be necessary. Now, I’m actually wonder if just swapping the top piece from Chuck would fix the problem…

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - trent wide

I love Trent’s headsculpt — it’s one of the better ones Jazwares has done so far as it really captures his intensity. The headband makes for a natural point to flow the hair back without resting on his shoulders.  

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review -scale with young bucks and pride and powerful

Scale:  Trent is 6′ — hanging with the 5’8” Rocky Romero will make most guys look taller — and he’s looking up at his 6’2” partner.

Scaling is something Jazwares hasn’t fully mastered yet, but they try and make some effort. I’d like to see Trent a bit shorter than Chuck. At least they’re both taller than the 5’10” Orange Cassidy figure as well. 

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - facing young bucks and pride and powerful

I appreciate Jazwares is improving on their scale even if it’s still slower than I’d like.


Paint: After that initial skin tone disaster of Series 1, the Unmatched figures have improved on their paint apps even if they still haven’t completely nailed it.

Chuck’s goatee could be a bit better defined and his eyebrow paint isn’t matched up properly with the sculpt.

Most of the paint is solid from the stripes on the side of his tights to the teeth, tongue and open mouth areas.  

Trent’s tights are pretty colorful with some interesting designs. I didn’t note the dude on his right kneepad is Bill Murray. To avoid licensing issues, Murray’s likeness is swapped for a more generic face, but the intent is clear.

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - trent tights detail

Just to have the designs stand out more, Jazwares probably should have gone for Trent’s grey tights. It’s interesting as that’s what’s on the packaging and that seems like the first time the figure and reference photos don’t match up. 

His facial hair is much sharper and the eyebrows are properly painted as well. Jazwares designers said they’ll be incorporating chest hair onto figures soon, which might be the only missing element to Trent with his figure.  

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - chuck falcon arrow to matt jackson

Articulation:  The Best Friends wrestle a fairly similar style with Trent being the more likely to bust out the aerial moves. 


aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - trent spears matt jackson

The Unmatched body allows for smooth execution of moves. Of course, these guys would be even better with butterfly shoulder joints especially with their submission moves.  

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - chuck uranage to ortiz

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - sole food

Trent? and Chuck Taylor have: 

  • neck 
  • bicep 
  • ball-jointed shoulders 
  • elbows (double-jointed) 
  • wrists 
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hips
  • thighs
  • knees (double-jointed)
  • ankles 

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - trent northern lights suplex

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - trent hitting meteroa on scorpio sky

I was able to pull off most of their moves with a little effort although Strong Zero definitely would have been easier with butterfly shoulders.

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - strong zero

Accessories:  Both Trent? and Chuck just come with their ring gear.  

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - figures in inner tray

Chuck has his vest. It’s not overly detailed — his first name is written on the vest — but it’s fine. Ideally, Chuck would have gotten an alternate head sculpt.

I’m still trying to figure out how Jazwares decides who does or doesn’t get two portraits.  

Trent has the more annoying full plastic jacket. Of all the things Jazwares has done to improve on Mattel’s WWE Elite line carrying over the plastic jackets isn’t a great choice.

Trent doesn’t need an alternate portrait as much since he has a neutral expression that’s more his default look anyway.  

Worth it?  Here’s the best part of grabbing these guys. Target had a 50% off sale on AEW figures so I was able to get both Trent and Chuck for the normal price of $20. Hard to beat that for any AEW figures, but especially for new releases.  


Rating: 8 out of 10 

Trent’s torso is an eyesore and Chuck really should have come with another portrait. And I wouldn’t have minded a brighter color choice for these two. I like Jazwares’ first crack at The Best Friends, but really wish I loved them. I’m not sure if the people got what they wanted here.

aew unrivaled chuck taylor and trent review - giving the people what they want

Where to get it?  Target and GameStop seem to be the main retail outlets for the line. They’re still not at the wide saturation point that they’re readily available on Amazon.  You can get Trent and Chuck Taylor for not too much more over retail now on Amazon. 


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