All 8 Legendary Talismans, Ranked Worst To Best


In Elden Ring, to become the Elden Lord, a few legendary items are required to ascend from the position of a lowly tarnished. Weapons, spells, and armor are needed, but also, talismans. There are many talismans located through the Lands Between, but among those are a special type called legendary talismans.

These powerful items have some of the best beneficial effects in the game with varied effects. Whether a tarnished is a better fit as a spellcaster or a classical hack and slash player, there are multiple legendary talismans suited for them, and each one will help aid players in finally reaching the conclusion of their journey.


8 Moon of Nokstella – “Increases memory slots.”

Moon of Nokstella is for players who want to have easy access to as many spells as possible. However, there are a vast amount of memory slots that are able to be picked up in Elden Ring. This talisman is useful for those who primarily want to have the strongest spells always equipped, which do cost more memory slots than some weaker spells.

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However, the cost of an entire talisman slot for one memory slot, when there are already plenty, almost seems pointless. It ultimately depends on the player’s playstyle and whether or not they can afford to sacrifice a talisman.

7 Marika’s Soreseal – “Greatly raises Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, but also increases damage taken.”

Marika’s Soreseal, named after one of the most mysterious characters in Elden Ring, is a great talisman for long-distance spellcasters. They get the effects desired and the overall increase in damage doesn’t really affect them. This talisman is really only good for those who want to play in that playstyle because if they are close range, they will die rather quickly.

Magic builds are already known for their low defense, so adding that on top of it makes the fight all the more difficult. Thankfully, another legendary talisman called Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman can fix this problem.

6 Radagon’s Soreseal – “Greatly raises Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity, but also increases damage taken.”

Radagon’s Soreseal is really a talisman to equip when a player is in a tight bind against the hardest bosses in Elden Ring. This is intended for strength builds and hard-hitters. This Soreseal, much like Marika’s, is truly a double-edged sword and can make it a high-risk item to use.

It’s a bit more dependable than Marika’s, as most players using this talisman will already have a good defense, but it can make a player much more vulnerable. Still though, when mixed with other talismans that boost defense it can make a tarnished a force to be reckoned with.

5 Old Lord’s Talisman – “Extends spell effect duration.”

The next three talismans are all perfect to use together for any spellcaster. Old Lord’s Talisman works well with players who enjoy using buffs or debuffs. Even healing incantations, such as Bestial Vitality, are largely aided by this talisman.

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Tarnished who already rely upon regeneration spells such as this will find adding the Old Lord’s Talisman on top of it more than helpful. If a player wants an ultimate defense and already has talismans equipped to support as much against a certain foe, this talisman can help extend any spell that will aid them.

4 Radagon Icon – “Shortens spell casting time.”

The Radagon Icon is perfect for spellcasters who want to sling a spell more quickly at a charging opponent. The weaker the spell, typically the faster it is cast. Flame Sling, for example, is cast rather quickly.

However, Giantsflame Take Thee (a stronger version of Flame Sling) takes a bit more charge before it can be cast. The Radagon Icon fixes this, letting players keep a faster casting time while also maintaining a much more powerful spell, allowing players who enjoy long-distance to curb Elden Ring‘s famously high difficulty.

3 Godfrey Icon – “Enhances charged spells and skills.”

The Godfrey Icon is the third perfect legendary talisman for spellcasters. For spells and skills that include charging, this talisman increases its attack. Alongside Radagon’s Icon and the Old Lord’s Talisman these three can take down strong opponents much easier.

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Spells like Cannon of Heima, which only costs one memory slot, will deal a massive amount of damage to any enemies within range. The spell must be charged however, otherwise there will be no change to its effect.

2 Erdtree’s Favor +2 – “Raises maximum HP, Stamina, and Equip Load.”

Erdtree’s Favor is ideal because it raises multiple stats and has no negative effects. It’s a talisman every player should possess at some point. Erdtree’s Favor is a bit more beneficial to heavier builds, but it can be used just the same for lighter builds too.

It’s especially useful for those who don’t want to reallocate their stats but want to see what it’s like wielding a heavier weapon than usual. This talisman can also be used with other talismans that increase Equip Loads, such as Great-Jar’s Arsenal, allowing players to maximize further how much they wear.

1 Dragoncrest Greatsheild Talisman – “Enormously boosts physical damage negation.”

Anything that helps someone resist more damage is more than welcome. The Dragoncrest Greatshield isn’t just a small parameter being raised but is a 20% increase in physical damage resistance.

The talisman is perfect for any Elden Ring build or class and can save a player from a hit that might’ve killed them without it. In some ways, it almost acts as an additional armor piece with only damage negation added. It’s a talisman everyone should get their hands on and equip.

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