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A GTA 6 report shows map, story, and character details that may come as a surprise for fans. The details suggest a shift in Rockstar’s goals.

Following a recent report, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to take a different direction from the previous titles in the Grand Theft Auto series. British game developers David Jones and Mike Daily created the action-adventure series in 1997. Since then, each GTA adds to the series’ timeline of controversies. Typically, each game will involve drug trafficking, murder, robberies, and many other crimes.

In 2013, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V to critical acclaim. GTA 5 reached $1 billion in retail sales faster than any other entertainment release in history. The game’s open world and fictional city, Los Santos, is estimated to be 29 square miles. Additionally, GTA 5‘s story focuses on three unique criminal protagonists as they commit heists across the city. Yet, while this was enough to make GTA 5 a successful game, its longterm profits have come from its online component. GTA Online allows players to join their friends and commit all kinds of mischief across Los Santos. While Rockstar has been updating its content and gameplay since 2013, including GTA Online‘s new Criminal Enterprises update, it has been nine years since they published a mainline GTA title.


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A recent Bloomberg report illuminates some of the changes Rockstar has gone through during the development of GTA 6. It revealed that changes within the company and the wider world helped lead to decision-making. Although in the past few years, employees have made efforts to make GTA a more inclusive series, the killing of George Floyd motivated them to be more cautious about portraying marginalized groups. For this reason, as a series first, GTA is rumored to include a female protagonist of Latin American descent. Furthermore, Bloomberg states that the game may even take a different tone from previous titles. While previous GTA games have been a satirical portrayal of America, employees have disclosed that they can no longer satirize America if it already borders on satire itself. GTA 6 is expected to be notably different due to Rockstar’s internal changes.

GTA 6 Report Has Revealed Details On Its Open World Map

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According to Bloomberg, GTA 6 – or as Rockstar calls it: Project Americas – will be larger than any other GTA game. This may mean that the map will be over 30 miles and have many more interior locations than GTA 5. The early development of GTA 6 explored the inclusion of vast territories inspired by North and South America. If this plan had continued, Rockstar would have created several cityscapes to explore. However, the game company had to cut these early designs and focus only on the main map. This map will supposedly be a fictitious city with surrounding areas similar to Miami (like GTA 3‘s Vice City).

While this may seem disappointing, the developers plan to update the game with new missions and cities. Updating the GTA 6‘s scope will help Rockstar reduce the kind of crunch that plagued Red Dead Redemption’s development. And even though there will not be more than one city in GTA 6’s original base game, the game’s world will still be the largest in the series.

GTA 6 Will Likely Follow The Story Of A Criminal Couple

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GTA 6 will apparently have a pair of leading characters that are inspired by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. Although little is known about the story of GTA 6, Rockstar’s decision on the main characters may give some clues. Whether these historic details will influence the ending and potential villain of GTA 6 is still yet to be confirmed.

Bonnie and Clyde were a famous criminal couple known for robberies between 1931 and 1934. This makes them ideal influences and protagonists for the upcoming Rockstar Game if the GTA 6 rumor is true. They were a sensation in the American press at the time, and later became glamorized and romanticized in Hollywood. Although the two are known as a pair, they were also members of the Barrow Gang, of which Clyde was the leader. In 1934 the couple was ambushed by police and shot dead after being tracked by former Texas Ranger Captain Hamer.

GTA 6’s Reported Bonnie & Clyde Inspiration May Reveal Character Details

As per the Bloomberg article, the game will only have two leading characters. If the characters are inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, players can expect a female and male protagonist involved in an intense romantic relationship. This marks a change from leaks that suggested GTA 6’s protagonists are twinsBloomberg was not able to clarify whether the male protagonist would also be of Latin American descent.

Bonnie Parker experienced hardship when her father died when she was four. At fifteen, she married a boy in her high school, but after his escapades with the law lead to him abandoning her, the marriage ended. Bonnie dreamed of a career in acting, singing, or writing, but once the Great Depression hit, she was unable to find work. She then met Clyde Barrow, and her life of crime began. Clyde was born to an even poorer family than Bonnie, and experienced neglect. He did not do well in school and enjoyed watching movies of famous cowboy outlaws. The people around him found Clyde had preoccupations with guns and tormenting animals. After Clyde quit school at 16, he copied his jailed brother by committing petty crimes. The two make wonderful inspiration for GTA‘s first female protagonist and her partner.

GTA 6 Will Take a Different Direction From Previous Titles

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Throughout the Bloomberg report, it’s made clear that Rockstar is moving in a new direction after the departures of many of the studio’s leading figures, who potentially encouraged an unsustainable crunch culture. Consequently, the upcoming title is not predicted to release anytime soon due to structural and ethical changes within Rockstar. Many are suggesting Rockstar may publish the game in 2024, but this is largely speculation. With not even an announcement trailer for GTA 6, rumors cannot be confirmed. Furthermore, even if some are true, Rockstar’s decisions may change during the development process. For now, players can look forward to a vast open world, the series’ first female protagonist, and an engaging story inspired by Bonnie and Clyde in Grand Theft Auto 6.

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