All The God Of War Games, Ranked According To IMDb


The God of War series will be back in full flow with the release of God of War Ragnarök sometime in 2022. The next entry is being billed as the final part in Kratos’ story that began back in 2005. Whether it really is the finale remains to be seen, but what fans are aware of is the entertainment the games have brought, ranging from the vengeance-driven narrative of God of War III to the action-heavy God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Fans on IMDb have posted thousands of ratings for the God of War games, revealing which ones are the best-liked. Since these are based on voters all around the world, there’s no doubt that the IMDb score reflects what the average God of War fan feels is the best ranking for each installment so far.


8 God Of War: Betrayal (2007) – 6.5

Kratos fighting an enemy in God Of War Betrayal

God of War: Betrayal is a mobile game interquel set during the time Kratos was the God of War. It’s a side-scroller that retains the action aspect of things, with Kratos having several combos to use against enemies. The story focuses on Kratos finding the assassin of Argo due to him being framed for the killing.

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It had a surprisingly positive reception from critics who praised Betrayal for being an immersive mobile game. However, gamers had a more mixed outlook on things due to the limitations in gameplay. Much of the same enemies show up onscreen and only a few combos are effective. The story is the appealing factor here, as fans can find another chapter in Kratos’ saga.

7 God Of War: Ascension (2013) – 7.8

Kratos is comforted by his wife in God of War Ascension

Not many critics consider it among the best God of War games made, as the prequel has a rather unnecessary story. God of War: Ascension is about Kratos’ bid to free himself from his blood oath to Ares, with the protagonist having to go up against the Furies to claim his freedom.

The lack of variety in gameplay is another reason for the less-than-enthusiastic fan response, as Ascension plays just like any other God of War title and has much lower stakes. It’s designed purely to entertain purists of the series who enjoy the repetition in style largely due to the creative brutality to be found.

6 God Of War: Chains Of Olympus (2008) – 8.4

Kratos stands in Hell in God Of War Chains Of Olympus.

The first prequel was very well received at the time of release because the PSP was lacking in AAA titles. God of War: Chains of Olympus doesn’t have as many large-scale events, but it does have an emotional story where Kratos is reunited with his daughter in the afterlife before he has to leave her.

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Chains of Olympus’ lack of weaponry can be a negative point for those who prefer more dynamic gameplay, but the increased difficulty and hard-hitting bosses offer a fresh challenge of their own. It’s a perfectly breezy entry in the series that can be finished in one go, making it a go-to option for fans who want to play God of War wherever they can.

5 God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta (2010) – 8.5

Kratos eventually reconciles with Deimos, having briefly saved him from death at the hands of Thanatos

Deimos is a notable tragic character in the God of War series for the fact that he was taken as a child and kept prisoner by the God of Death into adulthood. The mission to save Deimos is the backdrop for God of War: Ghost of Sparta, which is another prequel set during Kratos’ time as a God.

Unlike Chains of Olympus, this handheld feature has big-time action sequences that players have to complete to slay the bosses. Ghost of Sparta leans a lot more toward combat-based gameplay than platforming and puzzles, which can be both great and a bit of a letdown depending on what style of play a particular gamer prefers.

4 God Of War III (2010) – 9.1

The final entry in the original series brought some of the hardest God of War bosses to fight against, which was a rewarding experience. Fans were overall satisfied with the way the story concluded, as Kratos achieved his revenge on Zeus and have away the power of hope to the people he had inadvertently hurt in his quest.

The game has a hard-hitting atmosphere where players need to be alert and ready for powerful enemies at every turn. With a richer variety of weapons and magic, there’s nothing to complain about where combat is concerned. Some did feel that Kratos’ character development arrived a tad late, but that hardly takes away from the gaming experience.

3 God Of War (2005) – 9.1

Kratos approaching Olympus in God of War 2005

The original installment remains highly rated since it’s aged marvelously well. Its technical achievements remain impressive, with players traversing an incredibly designed Pandora’s Temple in Kratos’ quest to gain the power of a God to fight Ares. There are very few bosses in the game, but that doesn’t seem like an issue when the average enemy takes significant effort to dispatch.

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Platforming is arguably the best in the series to this day, with Pandora’s Temple feeling like a magnificent achievement by the game developers for hiding so many secrets at every corner. Its straightforward story of vengeance makes God of War good for multiple playthroughs because players aren’t held back by the plot.

2 God Of War II (2007) – 9.2

Kratos approaches the Temple of the Fates in God of War II

The second entry took the Greek mythology aspect of the God of War games to greater lengths, with Kratos searching for the Sisters of Fate to find a way to fight against Zeus. While the gameplay is similar to the first installment, God of War II has greater depth in its environments where players can find a blend between action, puzzle-solving, and platforming.

The addition of several boss fights was widely praised, especially due to how different one is from the other. God of War II raised the stakes for the series to include multiple other gods into the mix. With features like the Pegasus-riding sequences to the pillar-hopping platforming, the game’s diversity remains a class above the rest.

1 God Of War (2018) – 9.6

The revival of the series took things to new avenues, featuring a Nordic setting with Kratos’ son, Atreus, as a major character. Changing the gameplay from a fixed camera perspective to a behind-the-shoulder point of view and to a more close combat style reimagined the God of War formula.

The game has the greatest focus in storytelling as of yet, as Kratos has to bond with his son while they journey to Jotunheim to spread the ashes of Atreus’ mother. This heartfelt turn is the main reason why God of War is considered by far the best in the series.

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