Arceus Leaked Hisuian Typhlosion Form Mocked By Players


Leaks from Pokémon Legends: Arceus have revealed the Hisuian form of Typhlosion, and players were quick to make fun of its new low-key look.

Leaks are often a cause for celebration among gamers, but Pokémon Legends: Arceus leaks have been more of a source of concern, with many mocking the leaked Hisuian from of Typhlosion. Somehow, leaked copies of Pokémon Legends: Arceus are already available and, of course, those who got their hands on it have been quick to showcase what gamers can expect when the game launches on January 28th.

Since its initial reveal, Pokémon Legends: Arceus has made a big deal out of its new Hisuian form Pokémon, regional variants of older Pokémon, including legendaries, that can only be found in this new game. While new variants are often just color palette swaps, some completely change the look of a Pokémon and even its type. While this is a fun bit of theming that can make a particular region feel distinct even when it mostly includes Pokémon from past generations. With these new leaks, fans get a first look at some Hisuian Pokémon variants, and some are being received better than others.


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Polygon reports that with the new leaks have come some strong opinions, with many taking issue with the Hisuian form of Typhlosion. Typically known for its fierce expression and blazing collar of flames, this version of Typhlosion is more low-key, looking more concerned than battle-ready and with no flames in sight. It’s a stark contrast, and some fans like are Twitter users IdunnoJustAG and stockfaker69 are poking fun at the new model in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. While poor Typhlosion’s Hisuian form may not have many fans, it does seem like it will be sticking around, with leaks claiming that Hisuian forms may also come to Pokémon GO. Perhaps Hisuian Typhlosion will have more fans over in that game.

Leaks have been oddly common in recent years for the Pokémon franchise. Back before Sword Shield launched in 2019, pages of the official strategy guide leaked in an incident so noteworthy that The Pokémon Company actually took the leakers to court. For Pokémon Legends: Arceus, The Pokémon Company has shown quite a bit of footage, but given away very little about the game’s narrative or any kind of reasoning for how Hisuian forms predate their more modern counterparts. Those details will likely still have to wait until the game’s official release, though leakers could reveal anything at any time.

Every time new Pokémon designs are revealed, they have both fans and detractors. Perhaps those who dislike what the humans at the Pokémon Company come up with would prefer their Pokémon starters drawn by AI. Whatever the case, Hisuian Typhlosion is having a tough go of it right now, but perhaps it will look more impressive in action. If not, well, at least fans have their fond memories of its original look.

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Source: PolygonIdunnoJustAG/Twitterstockfaker69/Twitter

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