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It’s weird how despite watching and enjoying Supergirl, Black Widow, Stargirl, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, WandaVision and Agent Carter that She-Hulk is the one that makes me feel like I’m aggressively not the target audience. And kinda doesn’t want me around. More episodes like Just Jen and I’ll happily take that suggestion.

From listening to my women friends, some of the dialogue holds incredibly true, but it’s not making for a show that’s keeping my interest.

This week’s show had Jen be a bridesmaid for one of her childhood friend, Lulu’s Patti Harrison (The Lost City) wedding. Naturally Lulu doesn’t want to be upstaged by a poorly CGI-animated green Amazon parading around and asks that she just stays Jennifer. And ironically, this is the one-time Jennifer prefers being She-Hulk.

Titiania conveniently is “dating” one of the groomsmen and Jen correctly reasons she’s only here to screw with Jen. This show should just work out all this sexual tension and just have Titania and She-Hulk hook up. Who needs a wack arch-enemy when the shippers can throw another couple together over a random glance?

But seriously, this was Titania’s big revenge scam? Why go through all this trouble when she knows where Jennifer lives? This was too much work for a lame payoff of Titania getting her comeuppance yet again during the reception. Titania might be the worst MCU villain ever as she’s been an incompetent loser in every encounter with She-Hulk. At least Trevor was just playing a role.

Last thing on the wedding subplot. Why did we never see Lulu’s fiancé/husband in this entire wedding episode? Was the groom so inconsequential to a wedding episode?


Also, the show is titled She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and we’ve seen She-Hulk handle exactly one case. This is some weird CW style bait and switch where you’re sold on one thing and the show is about something entirely different. Granted, Daredevil already showed how a series could effectively tackle legal cases in a superhero setting, but what’s the point of framing the series around She-Hulk as a lawyer if she’s never in the courtroom?

Nikki partners with Mallory this episode handling Mr. Immortal’s divorce case. Like 99.9% of the dudes on the show, he’s a douchebag that “kills” himself to avoid talking to his wives (and one husband for inclusion’s sake) and ending the marriage like an adult. That feels extreme. Also, why is Mr. Immortal like 70 years old? Shouldn’t he be a 30-something dude — the target dudebro of this series anyway?

And just in case you missed the subtlety, one of the wives saw a video of Mr. Immortal on a site Mallory described as for “hateful man babies.”

Goodness, we get it. Dudes suck. They’re the worst thing ever. If they’re so awful and terrible, focus the show about a woman on women instead of constantly beating the dead horse’s mummified carcass on how terrible dudes have been.

Mallory and paralegal Nikki work out a solution for Mr. Immortal to make amends to all of his wronged spouses in a weak payoff that didn’t amount to much. The big takeaway is the site is running a bunch of anti-She-Hulk slander that feels uninspired at this point. Especially since the person that’s been the most antagonistic to She-Hulk has been a woman.

The mysterious observers are keeping an eye on She-Hulk now armed with a needle they think they can pierce her skin. This subplot is goofy. Hulk has been running around for years. There’s no one that has a sample of his blood?

I’d say this was a skippable episode, but that would suggest anything besides episode 4 has been worth watching. This is a show that doesn’t have much of a purpose that’s leaving its charismatic star out to dry every episode with boring/awful subplots with only three more installments to go.

Rating: 4 out of 10

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