Batman, Harley, Superman & More Look For Love in DC Valentine’s Day Special


DC’s annual love-themed anthology returns as Strange Love Adventures, chronicling how love gets downright weird for many of its iconic characters

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, some of DC Comics’ heaviest hitters, including Superman, Harley Quinn, and Batman, will take a break from exchanging punches with their foes to show that they can be lovestruck instead. These brand-new tales of love, in all of its many manifestations, are the subject of Strange Love Adventures #1 by various creative teams, debuting on shelves and select digital platforms on February 8. This issue joins previous love-inspired anthologies and continues DC’s annual tradition. According to the release information, this issue will feature “eight ludicrous stories of like, love and loss.”


DC Comics has a solid track record of making love a backbone of its characters’ lives, so a special Valentine’s Day issue arrives with some fanfare. Its previous successes in this area include the iconic pairing between Superman and Lois Lane, Batman’s flirtations with Catwoman and his repressed infatuation with Poison Ivy, and the celebration of new love between Jonathan Kent and Jay Nakamura. Joker and Harley Quinn’s romance also serves as a quintessential toxic relationship, whereas Alfred Pennyworth is often a paragon of paternal love, showing that DC has been successful in bringing all manners of love to the page.

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The announcement of Strange Love Adventures #1 teases a story that will focus on Peacemaker’s bromance between his eagle sidekick Eagly and indicates that Sgt. Rock’s tale will take place on Dinosaur Island. There is also a first date readers “never saw coming” and Flash and Gorilla Grodd will be presented as “The Grodd Couple.” Others who are starring in their own stories are Blue Beetle, Shazam and Superman, Alfred Pennyworth, and Batman. As yet another encouraging sign that Joker is clearly in Harley Quinn’s rearview, she rounds out the cast of the anthology, which is edited by Katie Kubert, Andrew Marino, Michael McCalister, and Ben Meares.

In recent years, romantic relationships have become major events in DC Comics’ main continuity, earning plenty of fans and detractors along the way. One of the most controversial moments was when Batman’s planned wedding to Catwoman didn’t go according to plan, with Selina Kyle leaving Bruce Wayne at the altar. Adding insult to injury, it was revealed to readers that the wedding and its shocking outcome was a larger plot by Bane to break the bat yet again. Most recently, Superman’s son Jonathan Kent has come out as bisexual and is romantically involved with Jay Nakamura, a move that has been embraced by fans and led to record sales for the series, while a small contingent vocally disapproved.

DC’s previous love-themed anthologies include Mysteries of Love in Space, Love is a Battlefield, DC’s Crimes of Passion, and Young Monsters in Love. This most recent entry promises to share love stories with a twist – as DC’s promotion for the issue asks readers to let their “freak flag fly and get weird this Valentine’s Day.” Again, Strange Love Adventures #1 will be available on shelves and digitally on February 8, offering readers a peek into the strange affections of fan favorites like Superman, Harley Quinn, and Batman.

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