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The best landing spots in PUBG will provide players with valuable loot and weapons. Selecting a place to land is one of the most important decisions to make during a match. Selecting somewhere busy or a hot zone can drastically alter how the game will play out. The priority when landing is to find a weapon or armor to defend and attack with. With the new PUBG: New State update, there are two new maps that players are still actively exploring, Erengel 2051 and Troi.

Deciding where to land entirely depends on what players are trying to accomplish in a game. One player might want to focus on getting the chicken dinner, while others might want to focus on completing challenges. Clearing these out has been an excellent way for PUBG players to level the battle pass. Regardless, there is something on the map to fulfill these needs. At the start of each match, the player should mark these landing locations on the map.

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The best place to land depends on the map itself. When playing on the Troi map, the best places to land would be the Factory and the Exhibit Hall. For Erangel 2015 matches, the most optimal choice will be the School and Military Base. Both maps are drastically different in their layouts and item locations. While weapons are randomized at the start of each map, these locations have historically spawned with better weapons and armor.

  • Erangel 2051: Military Base: It’s common for players to find top-tier armor in the Military Base. Of course, it’s a Military Base, so there’s tons of firepower hidden around.
  • Erangel 2051: School: This building has tons of loot on each floor. However, corridors are tight, and this is a fairly popular location this season. Prepare to encounter other players in this busy area.
  • Troi: Factory: This location normally has tons of foot traffic. Players looking to wrack up damage and kills should land in this location. There’s also tons of quality loot hidden deep within the Factory.
  • Troi: Exhibit Hall: Since this location is directly at the center of the map, it is easier to plan where to go next. Wait for the storm circle to appear and plan accordingly. However, there’s tons of loot to find inside in the Exhibit Hall.

Those first few moments of landing are critical for surviving longer in PUBG. There’s nothing worse than instantly dying the moment the match begins. There are also several minutes of load screen after each death. Play the long game and aim to land in these locations. While there is no guarantee that players will win if they land here, it will drastically improve their early game odds.

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PUBG is available now on PC, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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