Bilal Accused Of Having Secret Ex-Wife Before Shaeeda


Bilal Hazziez was reportedly married to a different woman before he married Shahida or Shaeeda on 90 Day Fiancé. It makes Shaeeda Bilal’s third wife.

New 90 Day Fiancé cast member Bilal Hazziez is being accused of hiding his first marriage before ex-wife Shahidah and wife-to-be Shaeeda Sween from fans on season 9. Top-rung real estate investor Bilal met yoga instructor Shaeeda from Trinidad and Tobago online. Shaeeda sent a friend request to Kansas City man Bilal after coming across his page through mutual friends. Bilal flew to Shaeeda’s home to meet her and within a week, the couple was engaged and even did a nikah. With Shaeeda currently in the U.S. in the TLC show’s storyline, Shaeeda is discovering that Bilal is good at keeping secrets.


When Bilal and Shaeeda started talking, he made sure to not show her his house and only a white wall. Bilal genuinely feared that Shaeeda was with him for his money and decided to test her by taking her to his unkempt childhood house instead. Shaeeda fell for Bilal’s trickery and thought he was scamming her until he finally took her to his fancy house in episode 3. Last Sunday, Shaeeda met Bilal’s mother Halalah as well as Bilal’s sister Nefertari and brother Raheem, who she impressed instantly. It looked like Bilal and Shaeeda didn’t have any more secrets between them, except for their different views on having kids in the future.

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However, YouTuber The Celeb Talk Guy made a video about how Bilal’s past hasn’t been fully revealed on the show. According to the blogger, 90 Day Fiancé celeb Bilal has been married more than once. In the first episode of the season, Bilal mentioned he was previously divorced. Bilal introduced Shahidah who he was to married for ten years. The marriage didn’t work out but it did bless Bilal with his kids Zaynah, 16, and son Yusuf, 13. However, Starcasm first reported that his divorce with Shahidah was Bilal’s second divorce. The Missouri man Bilal got married to a woman called Ameerah in August 2002.

Considering Bilal is now 42, he should have been 24 years old when he first got married. The marriage was short-lived because Bilal and Ameerah divorced in December 2003 when he was 25 years old. Bilal and his first ex-wife didn’t have any kids together. On 90 Day Fiancé, Bilal said that going through his divorce with ex-wife Shahida seven years ago was a “very rough time.” Bilal felt like a failure for not having a successful marriage. But when he met Shaeeda, it “was a gift.” Not once did Bilal talk about his first divorce, or what caused it.

Bilal hiding his first marriage so far might also mean it’s going to be his “big secret” in his storyline with Shaeeda. The yogini already has shown a lack of trust in Bilal after his shady prank, so her finding out about his first ex-wife might be what caused more issues between them in future 90 Day Fiancé episodes.  It’s also likely that Shaeeda is already aware of Bilal’s past, but it was their mutual decision to not disclose the details on reality TV. Nevertheless, Bilal and Shaeeda got married in December 2021 and are seemingly happy together, reportedly even filming for a new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? in Kansas City.

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Sources: The Celeb Talk Guy/YouTube, Starcasm

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