Complete List of Spirit Box Questions That Will Get An Answer


There are many different games available for people to get to know each other, but what about one to get to know ghosts? 140 questions for a ghost!

One of the coolest parts of Phasmophobia is the ability for players to verbally ask the ghosts questions. There are several questions players can ask allowed to solve the mystery in the house, 140 in fact. So hunker down with some friends and get ready to ask the real questions for the victim’s ghost in the walls of this haunted house.

To use the Spirit Box in Phasmophobia, players need to first place the box in a room where ghosts can be found. Then, players will need to turn off every light in the room and start asking questions using Phasmophobia‘s new voice recognition feature. Interacting with the Spirit Box is very straightforward, especially if players ask the right questions. By asking the right questions, players can hope to learn more about these spirits. 


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As there are 140 different accepted questions, several of them are rewordings of the same phrase or question. These questions also may or may not be answered depending on where and with what materials the players are asking the question. Several of the questions are also repeated from one platform to the next, so not every question needs to be asked with each of the communicative tools. For the most part, these are all of the questions that players can ask their spooky new friend in Phasmophobia.

50 Baseline Questions & Requests to Ask in Phasmophobia

These are all of the questions that can be asked anywhere at any time that will receive an answer, listed alphabetically. Just shout to the forces locked within the walls of the house for an answer while roaming the halls and rooms.

  1. Anybody here?
  2. Anybody in the room?
  3. Anybody with us?
  4. Are you angry?
  5. Are you a boy?
  6. Are you a child?
  7. Are you a girl?
  8. Are you a woman?
  9. Are you close?
  10. Are you female?
  11. Are you friendly?
  12. Are you here?
  13. Are you male?
  14. Are you male or female?
  15. Are you old?
  16. Are you with us?
  17. Are you young?
  18. Can we help?
  19. Can you give me your name?
  20. Can you show yourself?
  21. Can you talk?
  22. Do you want to hurt us?
  23. Do you want us here?
  24. Do you want us to leave?
  25. Give us a sign!
  26. Hello?
  27. How old are you?
  28. How young are you?
  29. Is anyone here?
  30. Is there a ghost here?
  31. Is there a spirit here?
  32. Let us know you are here.
  33. Shall we leave?
  34. Should we leave?
  35. Show yourself!
  36. Speak to us!
  37. What are you?
  38. What is your age?
  39. What is your gender?
  40. What is your location?
  41. What is your name?
  42. What do you want?
  43. What should we do?
  44. When were you born?
  45. Where are you?
  46. Who am I talking to?
  47. Who are we talking to?
  48. Who are you?
  49. Who is this?
  50. Why are you here?

55 Spirit Box Questions & Requests to Ask in Phasmophobia

These are all of the questions that can be asked and answered while using the spirit box. They are listed alphabetically for convenience.

  1. Are there any ghosts?
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Are you here all the time?
  4. Are you male or female?
  5. Are you the only one here?
  6. Are you waiting?
  7. Can I ask you?
  8. Can we speak?
  9. Can you make a sound?
  10. Can you speak?
  11. Can you speak to us?
  12. Do something.
  13. Do you know who we are?
  14. Do you want us to leave?
  15. Fright.
  16. Frighten.
  17. Give us a sign.
  18. Hide.
  19. Horror.
  20. I am scared/I’m scared.
  21. Is there anyone here?
  22. Is there anyone with me?
  23. Is there anything I can do?
  24. Knock.
  25. Knock something.
  26. Make a noise.
  27. Make a sound.
  28. May I ask you?
  29. Open a door.
  30. Open the door.
  31. Open this door.
  32. Panic.
  33. Run.
  34. Scared.
  35. Scary.
  36. Scream.
  37. Show me.
  38. Show us.
  39. Show us your presence.
  40. Spooky.
  41. Talk to me.
  42. Talk to us.
  43. Throw something.
  44. Turn off the light.
  45. Turn on the light.
  46. We are friends.
  47. We mean you no harm.
  48. We would like to speak to you.
  49. We would like to speak with you.
  50. Would you like to talk?

While asking questions, players will likely hear incoherent words or background noises in response. However, once players get close to a specific spot or enter a room that has ghosts present in them, the Spirit Box will show more activity. Players can easily identify a haunted room in Phasmophobia using several methods; however, the player needs to be alone in the room and have the lights switched off while investigating for better responses from spirits.

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Phasmophobia is available on PC.

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