Diablo Immortal: How to Start a Dark Clan


Diablo Immortal has Dark Clans that players can start or join, but creating one requires a challenge to be completed and a Platinum fee to be paid.

Dark Clans are groups within the Shadow faction in Diablo Immortal that players can start or join in order to earn the chance to overthrow the Immortals. Dark Clans can be joined by invite or request after the requirements are met, but players can also start their own group to have more control over it. The player that starts the group will become the Dark Clan Leader, which allows them to determine the clan’s focus for earning increased XP and more rank advantages.

Before a Dark Clan can be formed, players need to join the Shadows faction and level up their character to the first Apprentice rank. Akeba’s Signet is needed in order to join the Shadows, and it can only be obtained by winning the Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal and completing the Shadow Mettle quest that follows. Other players may share Akeba’s Signet, but the Shadow Mettle quest is the only in-game activity that can be completed to receive this item.


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After joining the Shadows, players can rank up by completing missions for the faction, such as unlocking new floors in the Path of Blood or opening chests in the Raid the Vault activity. After reaching Apprentice, the option to join or start a Dark Clan will be available. Players can interact with The Unspoken inside the Court of Whispers to get started. To join a Dark Clan, players will need to be invited by an existing member or request to become a member. If applying to join a Dark Clan, players will need to wait on the Leader’s decision. To start a Dark Clan, players will need to complete a challenge and pay 3,000 Platinum.

How To Complete The Dark Clan Challenge & Earn Platinum In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal How to Start a Dark Clan The Unspoken

Creating a Dark Clan in Diablo Immortal‘s Shadow faction will require players to complete Akeba’s Challenge after interacting with The Unspoken. As soon as the challenge starts, The Unspoken will offer a few words, then the Altar can be activated. To successfully complete this challenge, players will need to defeat several waves of enemies in under five minutes. There aren’t too many strong enemies to worry about, so the challenge should be fairly easy to complete regardless of character class or build.

The other requirement for creating a Dark Clan is paying the 3,000 Platinum fee. Aside from microtransactions, players can earn Platinum by selling gems, legendary gems, or skill stones at the Market. The easiest items to acquire and sell are the skill stones, which can be created by getting a simple charm up to rank five. The Charm Craftsman can then extract a Skill Stone that can be sold at the Market. Although some legendary gems sell for higher prices, only certain gems can be sold in Diablo Immortal. Any item marked with a balance scale symbol can be sold, but all others are not eligible to be listed.

After acquiring enough Platinum, players can pay the fee and start a Dark Clan. As the Dark Clan Leader, players will be able to approve new members and set activities to focus on for earning extra XP. When the Dark Clan ranks up, new advantages, like dealing additional damage, can be unlocked. Starting a Dark Clan rather than joining a random one gives players more control over the group’s activities and their chances of participating in the Shadow War in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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