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District attorney believes Deshaun Watson’s troubles are far from over


According to district attorney Kim Ogg, Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson’s troubles are far from over. The Browns quarterback is facing 26 civil lawsuits for alleged sexual assault.

The 26-year-old saw two grand juries not indicting him. Despite that, Ogg said it still doesn’t mean the case is closed for the quarterback.

The Harris County attorney was on Mike Meltser’s podcast, The Mike Meltser podcast, Sports and Law where she gave her take on the situation.

Ogg said:

“We respect our justice process. I love the law. It’s designed to get to the truth. That’s really what people want. I don’t think as a culture we can live with injustice. Remember, a grand jury no bill is not an exoneration. People, even when they clear the criminal justice system, often face accountability and repercussions in other parts of our legal system.

Ogg continued:

“And so I think to determine whether justice was done in this case you’re going to have to wait and see how it all comes out on the civil side of things and then through the NFL on the administrative side of things. And then people will determine whether that’s justice.”

So it is clear that Deshaun Watson’s troubles are far from over. The amount of civil suits is certainly troubling, and according to the New York Times, he visited 66 massage threapists over a 17 month period while with the Houston Texans.

The quarterback was asked about this at Browns mini camp last week. Watch the video below.

Here’s Deshaun Watson being asked if the NY Times report of at least 66 different massage therapists in a 17-month period is accurate. His answer:(via @Browns)

Will Watson play football for the Browns this season?

Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp
Cleveland Browns Mandatory Minicamp

By most accounts, the 26-year-old will play at least some part of the upcoming season. Exactly how much is anyone’s guess. However, some are calling for a year-long ban for the quarterback while others feel a six-to-eight-game suspension is fair.


Either way, the general consensus is that Deshaun Watson will miss a chunk of game time in 2022. It is not yet known when a decision on a possible suspension will be made, but some feel that around July could be when we find out.


The Browns gave Watson a mammoth five-year, $230 million contract, fully guaranteed. That in itself sparked outrage, given the civil suits hanging over Watson. It certainly feels like when, not if, the quarterback is suspended and it may not be too long before we find out exactly where he stands for the upcoming NFL season.

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