Dragon Ball Super Confirms the One Fighter Goku Could Never Hope to Beat


While Goku may have the power of the gods, there is one person that has been present throughout Dragon Ball lore that he has no hope of ever beating.

There are few people in the Dragon Ball universe Goku has lost a fight to, and given enough time and training he will likely be able to beat them in the future – though Dragon Ball Super confirms that there is one person Goku could never hope to beat, no matter how much training he endures.

Goku is one of the strongest fighters in the universe, and in Dragon Ball’s more recent history, his power level has grown exponentially from previously established Saiyan warrior to that of a literal god. In Dragon Ball Super during the Tournament of Power, Goku fights a warrior named Jiren whose power exceeds that of his God of Destruction. While fighting Jiren, Goku was able to unlock the angelic power of Ultra Instinct which marked a new level of power he had never even come close to reaching in the past. Ultra Instinct is Goku’s strongest form yet, beating any Super Saiyan form, and it was enough to bring Jiren to the road of defeat, though it wouldn’t make a bit of difference against the one person Goku will always lose to.


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In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 1 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou, Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters are taking a much-needed rest after the events of Dragon Ball Z, which ended with Goku and the others finally defeating the villainous Buu. Even though all of the threats to Earth have been eliminated (for the time being), Goku is stuck in an arguably worse predicament: getting a job. In this issue, it seems as though Goku has found himself a solid gig that pays the bills, but is a job that is draining Goku’s soul and forces him to waste his days on mindless work for money rather than training. Chi-Chi meanwhile, is more adept at work than Goku. When his son, Goten, visits him at work, Goku tells him that he wished he could stop and just train with King Kai, but that he won’t because his wife, Chi-Chi would be happy. To that, Goten replies, “In that aspect, she’s the strongest woman in the universe” a comment to which they laughed heartily, though both knew it wasn’t a joke.

Goku can't beat one Dragon Ball character.

Goku can channel the power of an angel and go toe-to-toe with literal gods, even quite literally becoming a god in the process, but he could never hope to beat Chi-Chi. Anytime Goku takes his training too far or comes close to missing important events in his sons’ lives, Chi-Chi is there to set him straight, and he usually listens as he wouldn’t dare defy her. Goku isn’t alone in this regard as Vegeta has the same relationship with Bulma, though Vegeta throws a much bigger fit when reluctantly following her orders (like when the whole family went on vacation in Dragon Ball Super, for instance). As explained in a later chapter, this phenomenon isn’t accidental as heterosexual Saiyan men are more attracted to women who take charge in the relationship.

While obviously, Goku would be able to absolutely obliterate Chi-Chi in hand-to-hand combat, he wouldn’t dare raise a finger to her for fear of what he would be in for if he ever did, and that is true power. Dragon Ball Super confirms Chi-Chi is the one person Goku could never hope to beat, as she would simply scold him into submission and end the ‘fight’ before it even begins.

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