Dragon Ball’s Yamcha Tries a Viral Challenge in Hilarious New Fanart


While Yamcha may not be the strongest fighter in Dragon Ball, he may become internet famous after trying a viral challenge in hilarious new fanart.

Yamcha is perhaps the most disappointing character in the entire Dragon Ball mythos as his physical appearance would lead one to believe that he is an unparalleled warrior only for his consistently low power level to immediately prove otherwise. Since he has pretty much been kicked out of the Z Fighters due to his inability to keep up with the other warriors in the squad, it seems as though Yamcha has decided to try his hand at becoming internet famous–at least in a piece of hilarious new fanart which depicts Yamcha doing a viral challenge.

Yamcha made his first appearance in Dragon Ball Chapter 7 by Akira Toriyama. Upon his debut, Yamcha is characterized as a deadly warrior who is first shown wielding a massive sword and having gnarly facial scars, indicating that he is no stranger to life-threatening battle. As time went on, however, Yamcha became utterly useless compared to his fellow Z Fighters in terms of power, first proveing to be the worst fighter of them all after two evil Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, invade Earth and kill Yamcha with one of their Saibamen, resulting in the now iconically pathetic image of Yamcha lying dead in a crater. Now, in the current landscape of Dragon Ball Super, Yamcha isn’t even called upon to help his fellow warriors protect the Earth against cosmic threats, with his absence from the Tournament of Power being one of the more significant snubs of his career–only adding to the sentiment that Yamcha, as a character, has become completely useless.


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In a Tweet posted by user Khyle., the artist shared an original piece of fanart depicting Yamcha, along with his life-long best friend Puar, doing the ‘watermelon challenge’ which entails stretching a number of rubber bands around a watermelon until the fruit can’t take the pressure applied by the bands and begins to crack. In the image, it seems Yamcha and Puar had just put on the final rubber band as the melon is shown beginning to split with the caption above the image reading, “That was the last rubber band–”.

This piece of Dragon Ball fanart is absolutely hilarious, not because Yamcha is participating in a popular internet fad, but because he clearly has nothing better to do given his standing in the Dragon Ball universe. If one imagines that the other Z Fighter, who Yamcha could have once called his equals, are off in a multiversal tournament fighting for the fate of the universe while Yamcha is stuck at home doing an internet challenge without having even received an invite to join his fellow warriors to save their existence, this picture becomes infinitely funnier.

While the in-world circumstances surrounding this artwork are unclear, its implications are absolutely hilarious. Plus, the Dragon Ball artwork itself is incredibly accurate to the style of the source material while even, in some areas, improving on it as the detail to shadow and lighting are immediately apparent in an impressive feat of realism brought to this manga character. Yamcha tries a viral challenge in this piece of hilarious new fanart, and from the jaw-dropping artwork itself to the hilarious scene it depicts, it is an absolute treat for Dragon Ball fans everywhere.

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Source: Khyle.

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