Eddie’s Chrissy Scene As Viral TikTok Song Will Get Stuck In Your Head


Eddie Munson’s panic and Chrissy’s unfortunate death are put to good use in a viral TikTok that Stranger Things fans can’t get out of their head.

A new TikTok for Stranger Things season 4 takes the scene between Eddie and Chrissy in volume I and turns it into the perfect alarm. Following a three-year hiatus, Stranger Things returned to Netflix with season 4’s first seven episodes in May. The season introduces the Upside Down’s new big bad in Vecna, a telekinetic monster who turns his victims into human pretzels while they are in a trance-like state. Season 4 of course reacquaints audiences with their favorite characters and introduces new ones, including Hawkins High’s lead cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) and metalhead/Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast Eddie “The Freak” Munson (Joseph Quinn).


“Chapter One: The Hellfire Club” positions the cheerleader as the first character to be brutally murdered by Vecna. As she is haunted by headaches and hallucinations, Chrissy goes to Eddie to buy drugs. Unfortunately, the end of the Stranger Things season 4 episode 1 finds the pair in Eddie’s trailer, with Chrissy in a trance and the latter desperately trying to wake her up. While Quinn’s “Chrissy wake up! I don’t like this” screams didn’t get through to Van Dien’s character, they’ll now be stuck in the heads of fans everywhere.

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User Schmoyoho (@schmoyoho) recently shared a TikTok featuring the final scene with Eddie and Chrissy in Stranger Things season 4. The video takes Eddie’s panic and remixes it into an alarm for the world’s “Chrissys and Chrises.” For those who don’t go by that name, it’s just a catchy jingle with over a million likes.

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Naturally, the internet would turn one of the most traumatic moments of Eddie’s life and turn it into a viral jingle that now plagues the minds of TikTokers like Vecna does his victims. Considering Stranger Things season 4 became Netflix’s most-watched English TV show of all time within a month of its debut, it’s not surprising that many of its moments have been turned into memes and TikToks. Following the inspired use of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill,” TikTokers have even shared the song that would save them from Vecna’s curse and equated Eddie’s panic to theirs when the computer freezes.

Schmoyoho’s TikTok jingle is yet another testament to how Stranger Things season 4 has taken the world by storm. On top of that, Eddie and Chrissy are a perfect example of how the show excels at introducing new characters that resonate with audiences as much as the already-established ones. Eddie and Chrissy’s scene in the woods swiftly revealed them to be multi-layered, charming characters that fans may have liked to see end up together. That said, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have admitted they regret killing Chrissy in episode 1. However, if Chrissy had lived, millions of “Chrissys and Chrises” would have to find another way to wake up in the morning.

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Source: Schmoyoho/TikTok

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