Encanto’s Luisa Goes Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Crossover Art


A new piece of Encanto & Dragon Ball crossover fan art that shows Luisa Madrigal going Super Saiyan – after finding Mirabel has been killed.

Recent digital art shows Luisa going Super Saiyan in Encanto Dragon Ball crossover art. Released in 2021, Encanto‘s time at the pandemic-restricted box office was not particularly successful. However, the animated fantasy film was a massive hit when it was subsequently released on Disney+. Set in the middle of a Colombian jungle, the family-friendly musical focuses on Mirabel Madrigal, a member of a magical family that resides in an enchanted, sentient house. Every child from the Madrigal family receives their powers from the house on their fifth birthday, with the exception of Mirabel, whose ceremony went mysteriously awry.


Although Mirabel remained powerless as she grew up in the house, feeling like an outcast among her family, her relatives loved her regardless. Her older sister, Luisa, sees Mirabel as an equal, although Luisa is incredibly tall and has the power of super strength. Luisa’s song “Surface Pressure,” features tales of her incredible strength as well as the stress of the burden that power brings.

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In recently shared Encanto digital art by @katzebruh, Luisa has been re-imagined as a Saiyan, and transforms into a Super Saiyan. In two images, one that shows Luisa’s character redesign and the other that is framed as a comic, Luisa becomes angered by the killing of Mirabel by an unseen villian. This fuels Luisa’s power, which she uses to transform into her Super Saiyan form. Check out the images below:

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The use of Dragon Ball to crossover with Encanto‘s Luisa is an excellent choice, as her broad, muscular body type aligns with Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama‘s designs for his original characters. Adding a story to fully explain Luisa’s reasoning behind her transformation is a good touch to the art, giving a deeper emotional basis for her physical change. When asked if the comic is only the beginning of further crossover art, Katze explains that there will be more to come.

In Encanto, Luisa struggles with her super strength and the emotional pressure inherent in her responsibilities, ready to burst from within. This aligns itself with the concept of Dragon Ball‘s Super Saiyan, as they achieve their golden-haired form when their true power has bubbled to the surface, forcing them to transform into a state that can maintain such raw energy. Katze manages to wonderfully blend both Encanto and Dragon Ball, expertly emulating both character’s design aesthetics in this impressive fan art.

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Source: @katzebruh/Twitter

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