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HBO’s Euphoria is one of the most fascinating shows on television. Everything about the series is engaging, whether it be due to the whimsical makeup, the daredevil outfits, or the unforgettable cinematography. Yet what keeps viewers most captivated throughout Sam Levinson’s series is the characters.

Whether it’s Maddy Perez or Jules, all the characters leave fans wanting more from them. Each person on the show is unique and intriguing in their own way and their characteristics embody the 16 personality types created by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cooke. Who doesn’t love mentally typing characters while watching their favorite TV shows? Let’s look at the MBTI® of the main characters on Euphoria.


Rue – INTP

To kick off the Euphoria MBTI® types, Rue seems to embody the INTP personality type otherwise known as the “logician”. It’s very easy for people with this specific MBTI® to get lost in their own thoughts, and sometimes this can lead to genuine stress as well as anxiety. If any type is going to spend their days contemplating the end of the world, it’s the INTP.

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They won’t be concerned with surface-level matters such as school gossip or who is dating who. Their thoughts go much deeper than that and they are often so intelligent that their rich knowledge of the world around them can lead to panic attacks as well as depression. This is most definitely the case for Rue and she seems to embody the INTP personality type to a T.

Maddy – ESFP

Maddy Perez has had some truly iconic looks and prefers to live on the wild side of life. She needs constant stimulation and excitement in order to feel mentally and physically satisfied. Maddy lives for adventure and she finds genuine comfort in the unknown. She is a natural entertainer and people find her shameless actions to be admirable.

This badass lady likes to act first, then face the potential consequences later if it should come to that. Life is all about taking risks for the ESFP personality type and Maddy lives for surprising others with all the wild decisions she makes.

Kat – ISFP

Kat seems to embody the ISFP personality type quite well. She is often described by others as a “creative type,” even by people she’s just met. This is most evident in her sense of fashion, which is fully unique to her personality.

ISFPs are all about expressing themselves through fashion and art, which is clearly the case for Ms. Kat. She’s also a fantastic writer as is evident by her One Direction smut fanfiction. She’s gained countless online fans due to her creativity and wild imagination. ISFPs make for some of the best writers so due to all of these factors, Kat is an “adventurer” personality type.

Cassie – ISFJ

Although she is a TV protagonist who broke bad, Cassie is often described by others as a good-hearted person, and this is evident throughout the course of the show. Cassie is a sweetheart, there is no doubt about it. Even when she is given a bad reputation, Cassie refuses to let that negative outlook get to her and she stays a loyal, genuine person throughout.

ISFJs are known for their reserved benevolence and their dedication to their friends. They value consistency and they absolutely hate change. Cassie freaks out whenever things start to change around her, especially when people walk out of her life that she expected to have around forever. Her persona on the show shows that she has the “defender” personality type.

Jules – INFP

Jules seems a lot like the INFP personality type, otherwise known as the mediators. From the very beginning, Jules had a lot of best quotes in Euphoria and she is the type of person who doesn’t give a damn about what other people think of her.

She is the type of person who refuses to conform to society’s standards, and INFPs embrace their misfit personas. Her sense of style is totally unique to her personality type and it’s almost as if she’s making a statement to the world through her clothing that it’s okay to be different. Her dreamy, whimsical, and mysterious personality makes her seem like the ultimate INFP.

Nathan – INTJ

Nathan is an independent guy who prefers to take the lead in any given situation. He is a natural force to be reckoned with, and once he sets his mind to a particular goal, he will not rest until he achieves said goal.

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He is cold, cunning, and calculating, and he has a bit of a superiority complex going on all thanks to his dad who puts way too much pressure on him. Although mature/healthy INTJs are nothing like Nathan, all personality types have their bad apples and for the “architect” MBTI®, Nate is, unfortunately, one of them.

Lexi – INFJ

Lexi is one of the most lovable characters on the HBO series due to her pure heart and her innocent persona. There isn’t a whole lot of innocence going on in the wonderful world of Euphoria so Lexi sort of feels like a breath of fresh air. Lexi is completely true to herself and she isn’t afraid to be dorky (cough cough, Bob Ross costume, cough cough.)

She is selfless, warm, and giving, without asking for anything in return. Even though she is no longer close with Rue, she still looks out for her and has her back no matter what. INFJs are known for being like therapists for all their friends and this applies to Ms. Lexi.

Fezco – ISFP

As one of the most likeable male characters in a teen drama, Fezco is without question an ISFP personality type. He is all about living his life the way he wants to live it, and he doesn’t care about how other people perceive him so long as he’s happy.

ISFPs like to prioritize their own happiness and well-being over their status, and they apply the same theory for everyone else around them. ISFPs refuse to judge others based on superficial traits and they’d rather judge someone based on their personality than how nice their clothes are or how big their house is. He is chill, loyal, and incredibly sweet. He is the ultimate ISFP.

Leslie – ISTJ

Leslie, aka Rue’s mother, seems to most likely be an ISTJ personality type also known as the “logistician.” She is practical, dutiful, and organized as a mother and a caretaker. When it comes to Rue, Leslie does everything in her power to help her daughter out, yet she is utterly perplexed as to why her daughter would be willing to go down such a shameless path when it comes to her drug use.

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She is doing everything she possibly can to help Rue, and her practical loyalty towards her daughter shows that she resembles this MBTI® type the most.

Cal – ENTJ

Cal is most likely an ENTJ personality type. Like most people with the “commander” persona, Cal’s expectations are through the roof when it comes to the people he cares about most. His intentions when it comes to his son are not bad because he wants the best for Nate.

He genuinely believes that in order for his son to rise to the top, he must push himself as hard as he possibly can. Classic ENTJ mentality. He is obviously an unhealthy version of this personality type, and it isn’t until the finale that he comes to the realization that he’s pushed his son too far. Hopefully next season, he will have the opportunity to redeem himself.

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