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Warning: SPOILERS for Dexter: New Blood episode 10.

Dexter: New Blood’s finale features a flashback montage of every Dexter original series character whose death Dexter caused. Right before Harrison fatally shoots Dexter, New Blood’s protagonist flashes back to the most important people in his life whose deaths were caused by his mistakes and choices as a serial killer. The first face that pops up is Logan, the policeman and wrestling coach who Dexter killed to escape his holding cell, followed by a montage of original Dexter characters. Realizing this will never stop until he dies, Dexter submits to his fate and talks Harrison through pulling the trigger, thus ensuring he will never be responsible for the death of his loved ones again.


This is actually fairly similar to how returning showrunner Clyde Phillips wanted to end Dexter’s original series finale. He first envisioned Dexter dying on Death Row, and as he lays on the table waiting for the lethal drugs to enter his system, he looks out the window at the observation section and sees everyone he’s ever killed or whose death he was responsible for in the audience. This would have included major Dexter characters like Deb, Doakes, LaGuerta, and Rita along with all of the weekly episode kills throughout the series. Clyde Phillips left at the end of Dexter season 4, so this never happened, and the series infamously ended with the main character abandoning Harrison, faking his death in a hurricane, and becoming an isolated lumberjack in Oregon.

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With Phillips back as the showrunner for Dexter: New Blood, it’s not surprising that his original vision for Dexter Morgan’s death was worked back in. This time, however, it was all the more poignant as Harrison is the one pulling the trigger after telling his father to “look at what [he’s] done.” As Dexter himself says, killing him was the only way to end this—the death and tragedies that he attracts, Harrison’s Dark Passenger, his own killing urge—and Dexter would be his own final victim among the loved ones whose deaths he caused. Here’s a breakdown of every Dexter original series character whose deaths are referenced in Dexter: New Blood’s emotional final flashbacks.

Maria LaGuerta

Out of every original character featured in Dexter: New Blood’s finale montage, Maria LaGuerta is the one whose death Dexter is the most undeniably responsible for. After six seasons of adamantly denying the idea that Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher, Dexter season 7 saw Captain Maria LaGuerta trying to reopen the case against James Doakes, who she believed was innocent. Maria was the person who was closest to capturing Dexter as the Bay Harbor Butcher, and she nearly had him in the season 7 finale. As Maria cornered Dexter in the shipping container directly after he killed Hector Estrada, Deb walked in and had to make the most morally opposed decision of her entire life. She had to decide whether she would save her brother from imprisonment and kill LaGuerta, her boss, or turn in Dexter even though she loves him more than anyone else in the world. In the end, Deb chose Dexter and fatally shot LaGuerta, a decision that would turn her life upside down in Dexter‘s controversial season 8. Dexter essentially made Deb either choose her moral integrity or her brother, so while he didn’t pull the trigger, Dexter was definitely responsible for Maria LaGuerta’s death.

James Doakes

After LaGuerta, Dexter remembers the face of Sargeant James Doakes, his old coworker who was one of the only people to truly catch onto his act. In Dexter seasons 1 and 2, Doakes suspected that there was something off about Dexter, and by the end of season 2, had confirmed that Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Dexter had locked James in a cage at a secluded cabin where he had just killed his mother’s murderer, but while Dexter was gone, his dangerous ex-girlfriend Lila arrived. When Doakes revealed to Lila that Dexter is a killer that needs to be turned in, Lila sets the cabin on fire with Doakes inside, leaving Dexter with enough room to frame him as the M99/Ketamine-drugging Bay Harbor Butcher instead. While Dexter was angry with Lila for killing Doakes, and thus had to kill her too, he was still slightly relieved because he wouldn’t be jailed as the Bay Harbor Butcher. After causing his death, Dexter placed irreversible damage on Doakes by tainting his memory and falsely labeling him as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Frank Lundy

Dexter Morgan then remembers the face of FBI Agent Frank Lundy as a Dexter character whose death he was responsible for, which doesn’t actually make sense. While Dexter could arguably be responsible for the death of every other character in New Blood’s finale montage, he wasn’t closely connected to Agent Frank Lundy’s murder. Lundy was killed in Dexter season 4 by the Trinity Killer’s daughter, Christine, after she realized that he was too close to catching Arthur Mitchell. Dexter hadn’t even begun to investigate Arthur Mitchell on his own at this time, so Lundy’s death couldn’t be blamed on him, as it was all caused by Christine, Trinity, and Lundy’s own long-time investigation of Arthur’s murders. While his death had an impact on Dexter, Lundy was one of the only major characters whose death Dexter can’t really be blamed for.

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Harry Morgan

While Harry Morgan is a far more flawed guiding character for Dexter in retrospect, his death, paired with that of his birth mother, had the most profound effect on his adult life. Harry wrongly taught Dexter the Code, which guided his entire career as a vigilante serial killer, but also pushed him further into the darkness of embracing himself as a “monster.” Harry didn’t know what to do with Dexter as a child—though really he should have taken him to therapy—because he thought the only other options would have been institutionalization or prison. Instead, Harry taught him the Code in order to use his killing for good. Harry could guide Dexter from afar, but once Harry saw Dexter gleefully chopping up a body with a chainsaw, he became physically sick and couldn’t live with himself. Not being able to live with the monster that he created, Harry took his own life, leaving adoptive siblings Dexter and Deb without a father and soon becoming a manifestation of Dexter’s moral conscience while killing. Once Dexter discovered that Harry had taken his own life instead of dying of a heart attack, he fully realized the impact of his own actions on his loved ones.

Rita Morgan

One of the most tragic moments in all of Dexter’s original series was Rita Morgan’s death in the season 4 finale. After Harry had taken his own life, this was the first time where Dexter’s actions led to the death of one of his immediate family members, and could have been prevented had he either not been a serial killer or acted sooner. In Dexter’s season 4 finale, the protagonist arrived home from murdering the Trinity Killer to find Rita dead in the bathtub by Trinity’s M.O., with the infant Harrison Morgan crying in a pool of her blood—just like Dexter when he was a toddler. After Trinity discovered that Dexter was Kyle Butler and was planning to take him down, Arthur Mitchell went to his house and murdered his wife. It was likely only a few hours later that Dexter tracked down Trinity and killed him, but Dexter had numerous opportunities to kill Arthur Mitchell before then. Had Dexter either not gone after Arthur Mitchell at all or had killed him sooner, Trinity never would have killed Harrison’s mother right in front of him.

Debra Morgan

Although controversial, Debra Morgan has one of the saddest deaths in the series, as Deb’s death profoundly impacted Dexter’s New Blood outlook and choices. After tracking down Oliver Saxon and tying him up so that Deb could bring him into the station, Oliver got free and shot Deb while Dexter was heading to leave for Argentina. Deb ended up going brain dead after a complication during her surgery, so after Dexter killed Saxon, he went to the hospital and unplugged Debra’s life support, thus mercifully killing her before dumping her body in the ocean. Dexter loved Deb more than anyone else in the world, bar Harrison, and being responsible for her death profoundly changed him, which is why he planned to ride into the eye of a hurricane and take his own life. Dexter’s original season 8 finale revealed that he survived the storm, but being responsible for his sister’s death led him to stop killing for a decade. Continuing the impact that Deb has on Dexter’s life, she took over Harry’s role as the manifestation of his conscience before his death in Dexter: New Blood, serving as a constant reminder of the consequences of his actions.

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