Every Scorpion Fatality In Mortal Kombat 11, Ranked Worst To Best


Out of all of the Kombatants in the world of Mortal Kombat, there may be none more fearsome or brutal than Scorpion, and his Fatalities reflect it, but not all of them live up to his name. Born Hanzo Hasashi, he was a member of the Shirai Ryu assassin clan until its destruction and his untimely death. After resurrecting as a malevolent spirit, he sets out to get his revenge against the Lin Kuei, and later, against the necromancer Quan Chi.

As a fiery undead ninja that’s sworn to vengeance, many of Scorpion’s Fatalities incorporate his pyromancy and various weaponry. His Brutalities are much the same way, and players have been using both to finish their opponents ever since the release of Mortal Kombat 11. However, some of his Fatalities or Brutalities don’t quite live up to his legend, or indeed the gore-strewn legacy of the series. Mortal Kombat‘s violent finishing moves sometimes leave something to be desired, not just with Scorpion, but with every character.


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Scorpion has two Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11, and like other characters, he has quite a few Brutalities. Some of them reflect the twisted, angry soul that he’s become known for, while others don’t sit quite right. Whether it’s because they didn’t make good enough use of his powers and weaponry, or if they failed to capture players’ attention, some of the classic finishing moves are fan favorites, while others aren’t.

Scorpion’s Worst Brutality – Beheaded

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion MK 12

Perhaps the worst of Scorpion’s Brutalities is the one known as Beheaded. In order to use it, players must hit their opponent with an amplified Spear Strike while the Burning Spear ability is active. This will decapitate them and send their head flying away from their body with the spine attached. It might be one of Mortal Kombat‘s silliest Fatalities or Brutalities. While it’s brutal enough for Scorpion, the fact is that there’s not much separating it from The Klassic, the Brutality that every Kombatant is capable of. The lack of originality makes it fall flat, which is why it’s the worst out of all of them.

Heartless Takes Second-Worst Out Of Scorpion’s Brutalities

The second-worst Brutality for Scorpion goes to Heartless. Players need to successfully use the Spear move repeatedly in order to pull it off, and eventually, Scorpion will rip out the opponent’s Spine. This one is bad for a few reasons. First, it’s too fast, so if a player so much as blinks, it will be over before they can see it. It’s also too simplistic, and doesn’t quite reach the level of gore that Mortal Kombat is known for. It’s also reminiscent of Kano’s signature move of pulling out his opponents’ hearts. Out of all of Scorpion’s Mortal Kombat Spear moves, this one might be the most disappointing. It has an alternate version where he pulls off their head instead, but it’s not much better. Combined with the lack of Scorpion’s fire, it’s simply underwhelming.

Gutted Is One Of Scorpion’s Less Impressive Brutalities

Although no Brutality or Fatality in Mortal Kombat can ever truly be called tame, Gutted doesn’t lend much in terms of what its name might suggest. By using the Forward Throw move while pressing a button on the controller repeatedly, players can have Scorpion cut through his opponent’s torso diagonally. It may sound gruesome, but the actual cut is shown very briefly, and when the match ends, all players see is the loser bleeding on their knees. Since this move also doesn’t incorporate Scorpion’s famous fire, it’s not much to look at.

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Scorpion’s Stinger Is Better Than Some Brutalities, But Not Others

Scorpion in Mortal Kombat

Scorpion’s Stinger Brutality isn’t the worst when compared to some of the others, but it doesn’t have as much to offer, even if it certainly earns Mortal Kombat its M rating. Players can use it by performing a Demon Slam move while holding down one of the controller’s buttons, and it will result in Scorpion slashing the opponent in the back of the neck before pinning them on their front and decapitating them. It’s more original and better visually than some of the other Brutalities, but it still fails to make use of his fire abilities.

Demon’s Blood Might Not Have Scorpion’s Fire, But It’s Still Good

Scorpion’s Demon’s Blood Brutality is one of the better ones that don’t involve his fire. Players need to use a Wrath combo while holding down a controller button, and Scorpion will wrap his signature chain around his opponent’s neck and shoulder, then severs both by pulling the chain. It’s original, decent visually, and does more than some of the other Brutalities, earning it a spot as one of the good ones. Still, Scorpion is a classic Mortal Kombat fighter, and so he can ultimately do better than this.

Scorpion’s Save Me A Slice Is A Truly Brutal Brutality

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Brutality Save Slice

Scorpion wields more than just his flames and chain, and proves that he’s proficient with swords with his Save Me A Slice Brutality. By using an amplified Hell Port move with enough health and while holding down a button, Scorpion will cut his opponent’s torso in half diagonally, from their shoulder to their hip. Although it is simple, it’s also a move that showcases more of Scorpion’s equipment than most, as well as his swordsmanship skills.

Scorpion’s Clean Cut Is A Better Version Of Save Me A Slice

Mortal Kombat Scorpion

Similar to Save Me A Slice, Clean Cut is one of Scorpion’s Brutalities that shows his expertise with his swords. It’s used by performing the Rising Cut move with enough health and while holding down a button, after which Scorpion will completely bisect his opponent vertically. Players have been cutting through characters in the Mortal Kombat games since it started, but few are better at it than Scorpion. Although the two moves might be similar, Clean Cut is superior because it has more of the over-the-top violence that the Mortal Kombat series is known for.

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Spine Ripper Might Be Scorpion’s Best Brutality That Doesn’t Involve Fire

Mortal Kombat 11 Scorpion Brutality Spine Ripper

Spine Ripper might not involve Scorpion’s signature fire, but it might be his best Brutality that doesn’t. He performs it when players use a Backwards Throw attack if they’ve used enough Throw moves throughout the match. The move involves Scorpion breaking his opponent’s leg, then their shoulder, before finally tearing their spine out of their back by pulling down on their torso. Although many Brutalities might require move-spamming, this isn’t one of them, since the Throw attacks can be done at any point in the match. It lives up to Mortal Kombat‘s blood-soaked legacy well, and is a true example of Scorpion’s ruthlessness. When used against Sub-Zero, Scorpion’s rival in Mortal Kombat, the rivalry becomes all the more real.

Scorpion’s Crispy References A Classic MK Finisher

Scorpion's fatality in Mortal Kombat X

One of Scorpion’s most famous Fatalities is Toasty, a classic that has been around since the series’ beginning. Crispy is a reference to it, as when players use Demon Breath while holding down a button, Scorpion will spew flames out of his mouth and reduce his opponent to a charred husk, very similarly to one of his first Fatalities. Aside from being a nod to the past, Crispy also makes use of Scorpion’s fire and shows players the savage killer that still lives in the anti-hero that he’s become in recent years.

Soul Burn Is Scorpion’s Best Brutality

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Fire

Soul Burn is quite possibly the best out of all of Scorpion’s Brutalities. By performing the Demon Dash move at maximum range after having used Mercy at some point in the match, Scorpion will surround himself with fire and grab his opponent by the neck to burn them alive. Mortal Kombat characters return after being killed often, but they might not be in a hurry to challenge Scorpion again after this move. It’s only one of two that involves his fire, and it’s also the only truly original one. Just like some of the others, it shows that there’s still plenty of assassin left in Scorpion, and well represents Mortal Kombat‘s history of guts and gore.

Chain Reaction Is An Impressive Scorpion Fatality

Scorpion harnessing hellfire in Mortal Kombat 11

Out of Scorpion’s two Fatalities, Chain Reaction is just slightly less impressive. When it comes time to finish his opponent, he can impale them with his signature spear and then leap over them into a portal. He then comes out of another portal and cuts his victim in two with his superheated chain. It’s original and uses both Scorpion’s fire and equipment, as well as his Netherrealm powers. It’s also creative, and truly shows the series’ signature gore. How many Mortal Kombat characters actually die in the tournaments is hazy, but this does the job pretty well. The matter with this isn’t that Chain Reaction is bad, it’s just that the other Fatality is a tiny bit better.

You’re Next Is Both A Reference And Scorpion’s Best Fatality

Scorpion is a Mortal Kombat icon

You’re Next is the other of Scorpion’s two Fatalities, and it’s the best out of them and all of his Brutalities. When used, he engulfs himself in flames and flies through his opponent’s chest, leaving only their spine. As they look down at it in horror, he cuts their head off with his sword, kicks it away, and impales it through the mouth with his signature chain spear. The name is a reference to another of his Fatalities from Mortal Kombat X, Who’s Next. It makes full use of Scorpion’s fire, all of his weaponry, and his expertise as an assassin. Out of all of his Fatalities and Brutalities, this one truly exemplifies Mortal Kombat‘s signature bloody violence.

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