Fortnite Leaker Claims “No Build” Mode Is Coming


According to a reputable Fortnite leaker, Epic Games is working on a “No Build” Limited-Time Mode that removes the game’s building mechanics.

A credible leaker claims Epic Games is developing a “No Build” LTM for Fortnite, which would effectively turn the title into a standard battle royale experience. Now seems the perfect time for Epic to add such a Limited-Time Mode, given the contents of the recently released Fortnite Chapter 3. Most notably, the new update that went live in early December 2021 introduced Spider-Man and his web-swinging abilities, additions that negate the significance of building, some would argue.

On top of the web-crawler and swinging, Epic Games also unleashed a brand-new map for players to explore with the advent of Fornite Chapter 3. The latest island comes complete with a few distinct biomes, including a snowy tundra in the northwest quadrant, a southeast-set desert area, and a northwest locale with a jungle-like feel. Each one boasts unique points of interest and other noteworthy extras that many users have already explored in great depth. Chapter 3 further unlocked access to skills such as sliding and camp setups, yet more reasons for players to dive back into the experience.


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According to leaker HYPEX (via Comicbook.com), Epic Games may have another enticing set of changes hidden up its sleeve. Such changes supposedly include the addition of a “No Build” LTM, HYPEX claimed on Twitter a handful of days ago. The prominent leaker’s “reminder” was accompanied by a screenshot of a menu page whose lone tag read, “NO BUILD DUOS.” See the post in question in the tweet linked below:

As the name suggests, the “No Build” LTM would get rid of Fortnite’s building-dedicated mechanics, effectively relegating the game to something more in line with other battle royale titles. What makes Fortnite special, then, would be cast aside. Although, as HYPEX noted, now seems a good time for such a mode to enter the mix. If and when the “No Build” LTM will go live presently remains unknown, however.

Fortnite originally hit the ground running in 2017 with an oft-forgotten Save the World mode in tow for early access. Amid the incredible success of PUBG, Epic Games shrewdly pivoted focus to a battle royale offering of its own, one that quickly usurped PUBG in many respects. Needless to say, the Epic title still holds the battle royale crown and it’s clear that such an honor will not soon be relinquished.

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Fortnite is available as a free-to-play title on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Android, and iOS devices.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter via Comicbook.com

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