Frankie Muniz Addresses Malcolm In The Middle Memory Loss Rumors


Malcolm in the Middle star, Frankie Muniz, addresses long-held rumors that he suffered memory loss of his time on the show due to a stroke.

Former Malcolm in the Middle star, Frankie Muniz, has addressed the long-held rumor that he doesn’t recall his time on the show after suffering memory loss from a mini-stroke. Malcolm in the Middle was a popular American sitcom that aired on Fox and ran from 2000-2006. The sitcom boasted a total of seven seasons and starred Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Jane Kaczmarek, Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield, and Erik Per Sullivan. The series follows Malcolm, a gifted child struggling to survive his family’s chaotic and dysfunctional lifestyle.

As the star of Malcolm in the Middle, Muniz became one of America’s most popular child actors in the 2000s. He went on to star and guest star in several Disney and Nickelodeon works, such as Miracle in Lane 2, Big Fat Liar, Agent Cody Banks, and Lizzie McGuire. As an adult, he has largely left the acting industry and has since gotten into race car driving. Years ago, a rumor arose that the actor had suffered a series of mini-strokes that had caused memory loss. At the time, the media interpreted his comments on memory loss to mean that he no longer recalled any of his experience on Malcolm in the Middle.


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While appearing on the Wild Ride! with Steve-O (via Yahoo), Muniz clarified his health complications and memory loss rumors. According to Muniz, the story was taken out of proportion by the media and led to him being portrayed as if he were dying. While he did reference having mini-strokes years ago, he has since found out it was a misdiagnosis and they were actually aura migraines. As for the memory loss, he admits he has a bad memory as a result of concussions and from his whirlwind acting career. However, the media mistakenly took his comments on a bad memory as meaning he didn’t remember anything, which is not true. Check out his statement below:

This is the first time that I’ve actually ever gotten to clarify [the rumor]. If you search my name, all it talks about is how like I have no memory or I’m dying of strokes and all this kind of stuff. … You search my name (and) it’s basically, ‘Frankie is dying’… I’ve thought about it a lot like over my years of like, you know, why do I have a bad memory? You know what I mean? The only logical thing I can say is, yeah, I’ve had nine concussions. I don’t want to blame the concussions or blame anything else. I just think it’s the fact that I did so f—ing much in that time frame that of course I can’t remember all of it. To be honest, like, I love ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ and I don’t want to say anything that will make them hate me, but they kind of tell you what your most memorable year is going to be. You know what I mean? And they were like, ‘It’s 2001 because it’s when you were nominated for an Emmy and the Golden Globes’ and all that kind of stuff. And I go, ‘I don’t remember what I felt then. I don’t, you know? It was me kind of blowing off the fact that I can’t say ‘That’s my favorite year’ because I can’t tell you what happened in 2001… I had to say, like, ‘I don’t really remember.’ But I wasn’t saying I don’t remember anything.

Frankie Muniz Malcolm in the Middle

The confusion stems from 2017, when Muniz hosted Dancing with the Stars. The actor took the time to comment on the health complications he was suffering from, such as the concussions and misdiagnosed mini-strokes. Separately, he spoke of having a bad memory and how it was fostered by his busy acting career. While one would expect his “best years” to be those when Malcolm in the Middle took off, they weren’t really, because he never quite had a chance to bask in the feeling of being a successful actor. He hustled around from one project to the next, and couldn’t always recall later everything that happened in his busy years. Having a bad memory, of course, is understandable considering his hectic life as a child star, but that does not equate to the amnesia he was rumored to have.

It is quite fortunate that the details surrounding Muniz’s health and amnesia are not nearly as severe as previously projected. His appearance on the podcast was truly the first time he has had a chance to clarify the rumors. Since the rumors first started, the media has consistently portrayed him as having dire health concerns and have bemoaned his tragic inability to recall any part of his Malcolm in the Middle role. The story illustrates how rumors arise when simple comments are taken completely out of context to create a more sensational story. Fortunately, the rumor can be laid to rest now that the Malcolm in the Middle star himself can confirm that he is not dying and he has suffered neither mini strokes nor significant memory loss.

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Source: Wild Ride! with Steve-O (via Yahoo)

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