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Friends has a number of romantic stories and moments, most of which have become iconic. There are moments between Ross and Rachel, Chandler and Monica, and even Joey, Phoebe, and their respective partners. However, these moments are often memorable because of a single quote that pulls the heartstrings of everyone watching.

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These are quotes from when couples got married, engaged, or even when they were no longer together. In any case, they’ve become classic quotes in TV history.

Rachel – “The Last One”

“I Can’t Even Explain How Much I Am Going To Miss You. Every Time I Think About Not Seeing You Every Day, It Makes Me Not Want To Go.”

Ross and Rachel’s relationship had its fair share of ups and downs, even when they weren’t together. So when Rachel gets a job in Paris, Ross is understandably hurt when she doesn’t say goodbye to him at her going-away party. When he confronts her about it, she explains that she didn’t say goodbye because it was too hard for her.


This quote leads to Ross and Rachel kissing again, and it shows how important they are to each other. Despite having been romantically apart for six years, they both care about each other immensely.

Phoebe – “The One With The Prom Video”

“See? He’s Her Lobster.”

This is definitely one of Phoebe Buffay’s best quotes, and it happens during one of the most romantic moments in the entire show. Before this episode, it seems that Ross and Rachel may never get together, but this changes when Rachel sees how Ross tried to take her to her prom back in high school.

Phoebe says a version of this quote earlier in the episode to convince Ross how he and Rachel are meant to be together. And so when the pair kiss, Phoebe repeats the quote to remind everyone how she was right. This quote has now become a hallmark of relationship sayings and can be found on a lot of Friends merch and Valentines’ Day cards.

Ross – “The One With Rachel’s Sister”

“I Don’t Know If Anything Is Ever Going To Happen Between Us Again, But I Don’t Want To Think That Nothing Ever Could.”

Even when Ross and Rachel aren’t in a relationship, it’s clear that they still care about each other. So when Ross goes on a date with Rachel’s sister Jill, Rachel is clearly unhappy about it. He eventually tells Ross about how it makes her uncomfortable, and despite Jill trying to kiss him, Ross breaks things off with her to appease Rachel’s wishes.

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Ross admits that the reason why he broke things off was that he worries that Jill would prevent him from ever having a relationship with Rachel again, and that was a situation he never wanted. He clearly is holding onto his feelings for Rachel, showing how the two are meant to be together.

Rachel – “The One Where Ross And Rachel… You Know”

“You Were Worth The Wait. And I Don’t Just Mean Tonight.”

Ross and Rachel wake up in the middle of an exhibit in Friends

Ross and Rachel had many romantic moments, and this was definitely one of them. When the pair try to consummate the relationship for the first time, it takes a while for them to feel comfortable. However, when Ross takes Rachel to the planetarium at his museum after being held up at work, they admit how much they care about each other.

Ross apologises for making Rachel wait to get the date started, but Rachel says that he was worth it. And by this, she also means that he was worth the ten-year wait it took for the pair to eventually get together. Overall, it feels like a culmination between the pair, and it’s a very romantic quote.

Phoebe – “The One With Phoebe’s Wedding”

“You Are My Family.”

Joey marries Mike and Phoebe in Friends

Phoebe is a very tragic character. After losing all of her parents, and living on the streets alone for multiple years, it’s healing to see her finally find someone to settle down with. During her wedding vows, she says to Mike that he gave her a family, which is something she always wanted but never had while growing up.

Mike was a side character with main character energy, hence him becoming Pheobe’s husband. It’s wonderful that Phoebe had found someone who could match her eccentric energy, and the fact that he chose to marry her even though marriage wasn’t his thing shows that the pair were in it for the long haul.

Chandler – “The One With The Joke”

“You Are High Maintenance, And That’s OK Because I Like Maintaining You.”

Friends Chandler thinks Monica is a little high maintenance

While Monica and Chandler didn’t initially seem like they would ever get together, they ended up being a perfect couple. Their relationship worked because they were able to balance each other’s quirks out; Monica’s need to get married balanced Chandler’s fear of commitment, and Chandler’s goofiness eased Monica’s obsessive need to keep things organised.

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So when Monica is called high maintenance, she is insulted, but Chandler comforts her by saying that it’s OK, because he loves being able to balance her out. Chandler isn’t usually known for his romantic and earnest quotes, so this moment is really special for the pair.

Joey – “The One Where Ross Is Fine”

“I’m Crazy About Her.”

Friends Joey and Rachel hug after their date

While Rachel and Joey’s relationship wasn’t super popular with fans of the show, it was nice to see Joey being fully committed for once. When Ross spots the pair kissing, he is suitably freaked out, but he ends up giving them his blessing when Joey admits how much he cares about Rachel by saying the aforementioned quote.

Like their relationship or not, Joey and Rachel were really sweet to one another, and clearly they cared about each other. Joey’s quote proves this, as he isn’t usually the romantic sort, so the fact that he is so crazy about Rachel shows that their brief relationship was something special.

Chandler – “The One With The Proposal”

“You Make Me Happier Than I Ever Thought I Could Be, And If You Let Me, I Will Spend The Rest Of My Life Trying To Make You Feel The Same Way.”

Friends Monica proposes to Chandler

Overcoming his commitment issues for Monica is probably one of the best decisions that Chandler ever made for himself, and this moment proves it. While proposing to Monica, he admits how she has made him happier than he ever thought he could be, and his promise to make her happy in return proves his devotion to her.

The fact that both of them are crying during this quote makes it all the more beautiful. The whole episode is centered around them proposing to one another, and after the pair being together for two years, seeing them finally get engaged is an incredible sight to behold.

Monica – “The One With Chandler And Monica’s Wedding”

“Here We Are With Our Future Before Us, And I Only Want To Spend It With You. My Prince, My Soulmate, My Friend.”

Chandler and Monica wedding dance in Friends

Monica and Chandler’s wedding wasn’t without its fair share of hiccups, including Chandler making a run for it, but eventually the ceremony happens, and it’s very romantic. This is especially true during the vows. Monica lays out how she wants to spend the rest of her life with the person she cares about the most, Chandler, and it’s hard to hear the quote without tearing up.

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What makes the pair’s relationship so strong is that they were friends first, and this is shown by the last word of Monica’s quote. He is her husband now, but he is still her best friend, which makes their partnership all the more meaningful.

Rachel – “The Last One”

“I Got Off The Plane.”

Rachel arrives at Ross' apartment in Friends

After a decade of will-they-won’t-they, Ross and Rachel finally get together for good in the show’s final episode. This happens after Ross asks Rachel not to take a job in Paris, right before she gets on the plane. Rachel initially turns him away, but then Ross hears over the phone that she’s decided that she wants to be with him. She appears at his doorway and says that she got off the plane.

While some fans believe that Rachel should have actually gone to Paris, there’s no denying that this is an iconic culmination of the show’s longest-running relationship. It really shows Rachel’s devotion to Ross, because she simply couldn’t live without him.

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