Genshin Impact: Where To Find Starsilver Ore


Starsilver Ore is needed to complete a Windblume Festival side quest. This guide will show where players can find them in Genshin Impact.

Starsilver Ore is a valuable material that players will want to collect in Genshin Impact. This guide will show players exactly where they can find it. For starters, the Starsilver Ore is a material tool to craft weapons in the game. For those who are unaware, players will be able to find this material only in the Dragonspine location of the map, which is the newest batch of world content added a few months back. The reason players might be interested in this material now is because of the Windblume Festival. A certain side quest requires the player to find 3 Starsilver Ore to continue the quest. This guide will show players where they can find Starsilver Ore.


Since Starsilver is a rare ore, it takes a longer time to respawn in the open world of Genshin Impact. Like Crystal Chunks, Starsilver Ore takes about 48 hours to respawn, which can get frustrating players looking to farm more. Therefore, the best way to get large amounts of Starsilver is to find nodes that consist of 3 to 4 Starsilver ore deposits. 

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Players will first need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 and complete one of the story quest to unlock access to the Windblume Festival. In this event, players are able to participate in a variety of fun mini-games like a harp rhythm game, balloon shooting, and a Fall Guys style compilation title that pits players against random challenges, and then they will need to face a boss at the very end. One of the quests in this game requires players to find Starsilver Ore. This guide will show players where they can find this material.

Where To Find Starsilver Ore in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Starsilver Ore Location

As mentioned, Starsilver Ore will only spawn in the Dragonspine area of the map. This blue ore might be hard to see because of all the blue mountains and white snow covering the location. Fortunately, they do spawn in exact locations but they might not appear at every boot-up of the game. There is an alternate quest that wants players to find at least 50 Starsilver Ore but on the bright side, the Windblume Festival quest will only need 3. This shouldn’t take players more than 10 minutes to find them all.

Starsilver Ore in Genshin Impact is used for several crafting recipes and is required for ascensions of a few weapons. The Starsilver Ore can be used for crafting the Warming Bottle and weapons such as the Dragonspine Spear, Snow-Tombed Starsilver sword, and the Frostbearer catalyst. All three weapons require Starsilver Ore for ascension, which means players should stock up on these ores as much as they can. If players have any leftovers, they can always turn the extra Starsilver Ores into fine enhancement ores later on.

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Genshin Impact is available now on PlayStation 4, Mobile, and PC.

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