Halle Berry Wants To Play Zendaya’s Mom In A Movie


Halle Berry discusses her acting career and plans for the future, including an idea she has to play Zendaya’s mother in a future project.

Halle Berry has expressed her admiration for rising superstar Zendaya, as the actress reveals that she would love to play her mother in a future film. Berry has had an illustrious acting career, starring in many big films which include the X-Men franchise as Storm, as well as being Bond Girl Jinx in Die Another Daythe 20th film of the James Bond saga. Berry has notably won some of the entertainment industry’s most prestigious awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge in 1999, and then adding an Academy Award for Best Actress two years later for her performance in 2001’s Monster’s Ball.


A highly talented figure, Berry both starred and directed the recent sports drama film Bruised as her directorial debutThe film sees Berry star as disgraced former MMA fighter Jackie “Pretty Bull” Justice, who attempts to re-start her fighting career while also balancing out her family issues with her son. The film initially premiered in September of 2020, but was eventually released on Netflix in November of 2021. Berry’s lead role in Bruised was originally meant to go to Blake Lively, before Berry picked up the role after Lively dropped out, spending more than two years preparing for the role. The film has received mostly mixed reviews, but was considered a strong debut for Berry and saw a huge viewership on the streaming service.

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In an interview with Variety, Berry spoke about her film, advice for the new Catwoman Zoë Kravitz, and her admiration for Zendaya. The young actress/model has been in the spotlight quite a lot recently, with Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Euphoria season 2 releasing in consecutive months from November to January. Despite never working together, Berry gives Zendaya a shoutout in her interview, saying that the 25-year-old is the “future” of the industry.

“I have a plan. I would love to play her mother. I have an idea because I think she’s the future.”

Other than Zendaya, Berry also gives Kravitz some advice for her upcoming role as Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, in this year’s The Batman. Both actors have been involved in the X-Men franchise, with Kravitz starring as Angel Salvadore (Temptest) in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. Berry recently spoke out saying that Kravitz will make a “wonderful” Catwoman, as Berry’s time as The Cat was notoriously slated with negative reviews, currently holding just 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. Berry even received a Razzie Award for Worst Actress in 2004 for the film. However, Berry’s encouragement of Kravitz fits in with her history of being extremely supportive of her fellow actresses, and it seems that Zendaya has now earned her praise, too.

Berry’s many accolades certainly outweigh the single Razzie award she received, and her impressive filmography speaks for itself. Berry is next set to appear in the sci-fi movie Moonfall alongside Patrick Wilson, which is directed by Independence Day director Ronald Emmerich. It’s an exciting time for Berry, who may now continue to switch between acting and directing after completing Bruised. It’s certainly possible that her next directing project will be the “idea” she has teased for a potential project with Zendaya, and audiences may finally see Berry‘s wish of playing the young star’s onscreen mother very soon.

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Source: Variety

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