“Homecoming King” Mission Walkthrough & Rewards


To complete Homecoming King in Evil Dead: The Game, players must retrieve several quest items and battle against two formidable bosses.

Homecoming King” is the fifth mission for the single-player campaign featured in Evil Dead: The Game. Completing its story will reward players with playable Lord Arthur, the iconic king of medieval history, and Knowby Recording 5, offering insightful lore about the Evil Dead universe. Upon starting the mission, immediately begin looting the buildings within the Luck Valley Lodge landmark for supplies and weaponry. Then, after arming Lord Arthur in Evil Dead with a Shovel and Crossbow, get into the nearby vehicle and drive to the first mission objective, the Kandarian Dagger.

It should be noted that the Dagger in “Homecoming King” will spawn differently for different players. For instance, for some, the quest item might generate at Flight 666, while it could also appear at the Fishing Village for others. Nonetheless, the procedure is still the same, with the player avoiding unnecessary confrontation and heading to the quest location within the available vehicle. During the first portion of the mission, the goal is to preserve supplies and HP for the more challenging fights later on.


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After retrieving the Kandarian Dagger, get back into the truck and drive to Knowby Cabin to get the Necronomicon. Upon picking up the forbidden book, a swarm of enemies in Evil Dead will assault the cabin. One “cheesy” way to deal with them is by parking the vehicle at the front entrance of the building so that the mobs are forced to use the back door. Next, stand at the end of the hallway and use the long passage as a chokepoint to kill the Deadites as they funnel their way into the cabin.

How To Complete “Homecoming King” In Evil Dead The Game

Completing Homecoming King In Evil Dead

Once players have the Necronomicon, they must drive to the rift within the Fryingpan Tunnel. However, Evil Ash will appear and attempt to stop them from accessing the portal. Unfortunately, evil Ash is unkillable during this sequence, so the best course of action is to run back and forth through the underground tunnels until a minute passes. After Evil Dead‘s Evil Ash vanishes, get back into the truck or another nearby vehicle and head to Payne Manor. Here, Evil Dead fans will need to kill flute-playing skeletons glowing with a red hue to enter the manor. Once the mobs have been cleared, retrieve the Excalibur from within Payne Manor and collect supplies as quickly as possible before returning to the Fryingpan Tunnel rift.

Finally, Lord Arthur must enter the portal and fight the Pit Deadite and Evil Ash in two respective boss battles. To defeat the Pit Deadite, execute a heavy attack followed by a side dodge consecutively throughout the fight. As for Evil Ash, immediately spam heavy attacks to unlock the boss from performing abilities until the character is dead in Evil Dead: The Game.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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