How Criminal Minds Reid & Morgan Elevator Scene Became A Fan Favorite


Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan had a notable bromance on Criminal Minds, and here’s how their elevator scene from season 3 became a viewer favorite.

Here’s how a brief elevator scene between Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan became a fan favorite on Criminal Minds. CBS’ Criminal Minds debuted in 2005 and became another runaway success for the network after other procedurals like NCIS or CSI. Criminal Minds focused on a group of FBI agents tasked with profiling and tracking down serial killers who employ unique and often disturbing methods. The show could very grim and disturbing at times, to the point where original lead Mandy Patinkin quit Criminal Minds after two seasons as he found it too dark.

Despite the heaviness of the material, the interplay between the BAU’s team members often helped balance things out. Kirsten Vangsness’ Garcia was only supposed to appear in Criminal Minds‘ pilot but made such an impression she became one of the show’s most popular characters. Matthew Gray Gubler’s resident genius Reid is also a beloved figure from Criminal Minds, and like Vangsness, one of the few original cast members to appear in all 15 seasons.


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One of the best bromances on Criminal Minds was that of Gubler’s Spencer Reid and Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan. While the two enjoyed ribbing each other with insults and some friendly competition, there was a real warmth to their relationship too. While Criminal Minds‘ season 3 episode “Scared To Death” – which involves an unsub who uses victims’ deepest fears against them – it does contain one of the show’s funniest moments. During a scene where Hotch (Thomas Gibson), Reid and Morgan are heading to a victim’s apartment, Hotch decides to take the stars while Reid and Morgan get into a cramped elevator. Soon, it appears to break down and when Reid starts to get panicked, Morgan has fun teasing him… until the elevator drops suddenly and they’re both gripped by terror.

criminal minds elevator scene spencer reid derek morgan

Reid and Morgan hit the elevator alarm and start screaming out for Hotch, who is seen nonchalantly coming to the elevator doors when they suddenly open and the terrified agents pour out. While a brief scene, this Criminal Minds moment is often highlighted by fans of the series as one of its more memorable. For a show that’s often quite serious, this small injection of humor also contrasts the panic of Reid and Morgan with the almost zen calm of Hotch.

Morgan was another audience favorite from the show, who shared a great relationship with Garcia, who he nicknamed “Baby Girl.” While Gubler and Vangsness stuck with Criminal Minds to the end, Shemar Moore left the series during season 11; he’s currently the lead of the CBS action drama S.W.A.T.

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