How to Earn 1 Million Units in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition


No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition leads players to hazardous planets that hold resources for players to sell and quickly make 1 million units.

The Leviathan Expedition in No Man’s Sky gives players plenty of opportunities to rack up units, to the point where they can gather over 1 million units throughout their adventures. When players first start progressing through the Leviathan Expedition, they will not be finding many resources that can be traded for many units. However, as players progress through the Iterations of the Leviathan Expedition, they will be able to find more and more valuable items. The farther along players get in the expedition, the easier it will be to reach 1 million units.

The first and second Iterations of No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition will not allow players to stack up many units. However, the second iteration of the Leviathan Expedition grants players the Minotaur. The Minotaur is a machine in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition update may not be a space whale, but it sure is useful and fun to use. The Minotaur allows players to receive protection from the elements on dangerous planets while leaping great distances using rocket boosters.


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The Minotaur is essential to finding the most valuable resources in the Leviathan Expedition. Once players reach Iteration Three and have access to the Minotaur, they can retrieve resources that otherwise wouldn’t be reachable. Generally, resources on more inhospitable planets in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition are worth more due to their rarity. There are two resources in particular that can only be found on hazardous planets: Storm Crystals and Gravatino Balls.

Getting 1 Million Units In No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition

Players can use the Minotaur to scout around planets with extreme weather without the risk of death from the elements. These planets are not explicitly shown to have extreme weather, but they can be identified through the abundance of activated metals like activated copper. When planets have descriptions that sound threatening, like “scalding hot,” this is a good indication the planet will be home to extreme weather. When players finally find a planet like this, they will immediately need to hop in the Minotaur to prevent it from dying too quickly.

Players will be able to find Gravatino Balls in clusters on the ground on extreme weather planets. Gravatino Balls glow bright white and vary in size, so they are fairly easy to spot. While players are exploring to find Gravatino Balls, they should be on the lookout for a storm warning. Once a storm warning goes off, players should make sure they are in the Minotaur and start flying around searching for Storm Crystals. Storm Crystals are green glowing crystals that only appear from the ground during storms. Storm Crystals can be sold for about 130,000 units each, and Gravatino Balls can be sold for about 200,000 units each in the immersive universe of No Man’s Sky. Sell a few of each resource to quickly rack up 1 million units in No Man’s Sky Leviathan Expedition.

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No Man’s Sky is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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