How to Earn More Course Points (& What They Do)


Players looking to add or improve Courses in Two Point Campus will need to acquire Course Points in the game by leveling up their school.

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As players progress in Two Point Campus, they will find themselves earning Course Points, which will allow them to upgrade and add new courses at the end of the year. Two Point Campus is the Two Point Studios’ sequel to their first business simulation game, Two Point Hospital, in which players had to construct and manage a hospital. This gameplay idea repeats itself in the sequel; however, this time, players will be managing a university campus as they strive to upgrade and expand it while caring for their staff and students. To be successful in this game, players will need to progress towards earning Course Points, which in turn will allow them to improve their campus by improving the quality of their courses.


In order to gain Course Points in Two Point Campus, players will need to manage the various facets of running a school properly. A big part of this involves acquiring more staff and students and finding ways to keep them healthy and happy in Two Point Campus. This can be achieved by building various types of rooms, ensuring they are clean and well-kept, and providing the staff with a fair wage and the students with extracurricular activities.

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As players continue upgrading their campus, they may want to check on their progress, which they can do via the Campus Overview menu. This can be accessed on the bottom left of the screen and will provide players with a lot of information regarding their school and campus levels. This menu can be used to check on the number of staff and students as well as their happiness, Two Point Campus‘ students’ grades via the campus’ academic records, monthly profits, and even the number of rooms and how well-equipped they are.

How to Get and Use Course Points in Two Point Campus

To gain Course Points, according to YouTube Channel Release-Fire, in Two Point Campus, players will need to level up their school. Each time they do so, they will receive 10 Course Points which will be banked and become available to be spent at the end of the year. These points can be used to buy new courses or upgrade current ones, which will increase their maximum qualification. Adding or upgrading courses will attract more students to the campus, which can become problematic if players do not have the rooms or funds in Two Point Campus to accommodate them. To buy or upgrade courses, players must access the Course Management menu, which can be found on the bottom left of the screen, as shown in the video below.

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