How to Get Hilts Fast (& What They’re For)


Diablo Immortal has several forms of currency, including Hilts, which can be used at the Hilts Trader to purchase legendary gear, gems, and more.

Hilts are a type of currency in Diablo Immortal that can be earned for completing a few different activities, but they’re only used to buy specific items and resources. Since there are no microtransactions for purchasing Hilts, it’s one of the rarest forms of currency in the game. Luckily, there are a few ways to farm for Hilts and gain enough to purchase some valuable resources, like a Legendary Crest, which grants more rewards for completing a Challenge Rift.

Hilts can be used at a specific vendor in Westmarch located in the far northeast corner near the Immortal Overlook Waypoint and directly behind the portal to the Hall of Ascension. The Hilts Trader, Lieutenant Fizriah, has general goods that are always available, some resources exclusively available to members of the Immortals faction, and limited-time items that refresh each day. Every item, including Diablo Immortal‘s gems, crafting materials, and random legendary gear, has a daily, weekly, or monthly purchase limit.


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The Immortals section of the Hilts Trader’s goods is only available to members of that group, but there are no other restrictions for the rest of the items and resources, so any player can purchase them even if they aren’t in a faction. The Hilts Trader sells a variety of items, some of which can be purchased in bulk, and others that only allow one to be bought within the specified time limit. Items and resources have set prices that range from 15 to 1600 Hilts, but most items cost a few hundred on average. In order to earn Hilts, players will need to complete specific activities, such as unlocking new achievements in the Codex, climbing the leaderboards, and ranking up the Battle Pass in Diablo Immortal.

Unlock Achievements To Earn Hilts In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal How to Get Hilts Fast & What They're For Codex Achievements

All eight regions have achievements that can be tracked in the last tab of the Codex. The Exploration achievements all award Hilts upon completion, but the amount varies. Most of the achievements award 60 or 100 Hilts, but some also only give 40 once the challenge is completed. Completing Hidden Lairs, finding specific NPCs, defeating bosses, and completing side quests are all part of the achievements section. Some of the activities may need to be completed multiple times before receiving a reward. For example, players can earn 60 Hilts for defeating the Tax Collector as part of the Haunted Carriage event in Diablo Immortal, but it needs to be done four times to unlock the achievement and claim the Hilts.

There are a few achievements that players will unlock passively as they progress through the main story, but most of them need to be actively worked on. The only downside is that the Hilts are a one-time reward, but there are about 11 achievements in each of the eight regions. Completing achievements in Ashwold Cemetery, Dark Wood, Bilefen, Library of Zoltun Kulle, Shassar Sea, Mount Zavain, Frozen Tundra, and the Realm of Damnation will earn players over 5,000 Hilts, but there are still faster ways to farm for them.

Rank Up The Battle Pass To Earn Hilts In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal How to Get Hilts Fast & What They're For Battle Pass Hilts

Almost every rank in the free Battle Pass for Diablo Immortal has either 150 or 500 Hilts as a reward. Although there are valuable rewards for the premium Battle Pass, it’s not necessary to purchase it if players are only using it to farm for Hilts. A total of 7,900 Hilts can be collected for completing the Battle Pass, but it can be difficult to reach rank 40. The easiest ways to level up the Battle Pass are to unlock three Bestiary pages every day, complete the featured activity to earn double Battle Points, and finish the missions listed on the Battle Pass quests page. Each level requires 180 Battle Points, and some activities award 60 or more. To farm for Hilts, players should complete the Battle Pass activities that award the most points so they can rank up quickly.

Complete Side Activities For Hilts Rewards In Diablo Immortal

How To Complete Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal Westmarch Rift Entrance

Along with earning Battle Points for quests like completing Bestiary Pages in Diablo Immortal, it’s also possible that other missions will award Hilts upon completion. Some of the activities listed in the Battle Pass section may reward Hilts, as well as the player achievement quests. Hilts aren’t a guaranteed reward, but players should still check whenever these sections refresh to see what rewards are available.

Players can also earn Hilts from the First Kill of the Day mission. Receiving Hilts for registering the First Kill of the Day is the easiest way to get this type of currency, but the reward is random. Although these methods for farming aren’t guaranteed, it’s easy to view what the current rewards are, so players should check back frequently to ensure they don’t miss an opportunity to earn more Hilts from activities or events in Diablo Immortal. Aside from earning Hilts directly, players can also complete Challenge Rifts and increase their leaderboard rank. Each time players reach a higher place on the leaderboard, they’ll receive Hilts as a reward.

What To Buy From The Hilts Trader In Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal How to Get Hilts Fast & What They're For Trader Limited Items

As mentioned previously, the items that can be bought from the Hilts Trader are split up into three categories. Currently, the only section that changes is the limited-time tab, so the Hilts Trader is a reliable source for any of the items listed under the general tab. There are a limited number of items available on each page, so players should plan out what they want to spend their Hilts on and prioritize the resources that are more difficult to come by or require microtransactions in Diablo Immortal.

Hilts Trader General Items & Prices

  • Legendary Crest (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per month
  • Mystery Legendary Item (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per week
  • Ca’Arsen’s Invigoration (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per month
  • Crest (300 Hilts): Limited to two per day
  • Normal Gem (200 Hilts): Limited to 10 per week
  • Reforge Stone (200 Hilts): Limited to eight per week
  • Aspirant’s Key (50 Hilts): Limited to five per day
  • Simple Charm (100 Hilts): Limited to three per week

Hilts Trader Immortals Items & Prices

  • Sigil of Dominance (50 Hilts): Limited to two per day
  • Crest (300 Hilts): Limited to one per day
  • Mystery Legendary Item (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per week
  • Ca’Arsen’s Invigoration (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per month
  • Legendary Crest (1600 Hilts): Limited to one per month

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Diablo Immortal is available for PC, Android, and iOS.

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