How to Get Metal Spare Parts (& What They’re For)


Metal Spare Parts are a new resource that can be found in multiple locations in Escape From Tarkov, and they can be used for crafting and upgrading.

Updates occur consistently in Escape From Tarkov, and each iteration brings something new to the game, like the recently added Metal Spare Parts resource. This new resource is needed for several Hideout upgrades and is used as a crafting ingredient for multiple recipes. Similar to the new Sewing Kits in Escape From Tarkov, Metal Spare Parts can be found on different maps in a variety of locations.

Before players are able to pick up Metal Spare Parts, they will need to make sure they have enough room in their inventory to store these resources. Using a backpack can help players free up inventory space, which is essential to have in Escape From Tarkov. Fortunately, Metal Spare Parts only take up one inventory slot, but players will need a lot of them to complete every upgrade that requires this resource.


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Metal Spare Parts can be found on the ground or in random locations, like the metal shelving units found in the warehouses in Interchange. The Metal Spare Parts can also be found in a Sport Bag or Toolbox. Players looking to obtain a lot of Metal Spare Parts will need to spend some time searching in loot areas around each map including the newest map in Escape From Tarkov, Lighthouse. This resource is typically on top of shelves, woodpiles, or other objects where players can find randomized loot.

Using Metal Spare Parts in Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Find Use Metal Spare Parts Woodpile Metal Loot

Like the Sewing Kits recently added to Escape From Tarkov, the Metal Spare Parts are used for crafting. Players will need Metal Spare Parts for a Lucky Scav Junkbox, a Grenade Case, and the FP-100 Filter Absorber. Each of these craftable items will also require a few other resources like Nuts and Bolts. Along with crafting specific items, players will need Metal Spare Parts to upgrade their Hideout in Escape From Tarkov.

There are several Hideout upgrades that require players to have multiple Metal Spare Parts. Players will need a total of 18 Metal Spare Parts to upgrade the Hideout with a Shooting Range, level two and three Vents, level three Generator, and a Booze Generator. Each of these upgrades improves the Hideout. For example, the Shooting Range allows players to test out weapons in Escape From Tarkov or practice their skills.

Metal Spare Parts are a new resource available for players to find and collect throughout each area in Escape From Tarkov. Locating Metal Spare Parts may take some time, but some maps, like Lighthouse, tend to have more of the resource than others. Once players gather enough Metal Spare Parts in Escape From Tarkov, they can use them to craft items and upgrade their Hideout.

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Escape From Tarkov is available for PC.

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