How to Get The Magicked Card Mount in Final Fantasy 14


Final Fantasy 14 introduced three new mounts in Patch 5.55. Here’s how to get the second mount, The Magicked Card, in Final Fantasy 14.

Final Fantasy 14 players have been receiving new content with every patch since the game’s launch in 2013. New activities and items get introduced periodically, with some items proving more coveted than others. Mounts are one of the highly sought-after items that can display a player’s achievements in visual form. A player with a rare mount is immediately recognized as extraordinary in Final Fantasy 14.

Patch 5.55 introduced three new mounts for players to unlock: Al-iklil, the Magicked Card, and the raptor-like Deinonychus. The second new mount, the Magicked Card, can only be obtained by completing a lengthy process. However, it is worth going through the grind to get the Magicked Card. The player looks awesome riding on top of a giant card that acts like a magic carpet. Here’s how to unlock the Magicked Card mount in Final Fantasy 14.


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The Magicked Card mount is not gained by defeating bosses in a raid or plowing through enemies like other mounts. Final Fantasy 14 players on the quest for the Magicked Card must unlock it through the Triple Triad card minigame. Triple Triad was first released as a minigame in Final Fantasy 8 and players instantly loved it. The card game was added to Final Fantasy 14 alongside the Manderville Gold Saucer with Patch 2.51. After players have completed the It Could Happen to You questline and gained access to the Manderville Gold Saucer, they will be able to unlock Triple Triad. In the Manderville Gold Saucer, head to Card Square near the entrance. Talk to the Triple Triad Master to start the quest Triple Triad Trial. After players complete the Triple Triad Trial, they will receive five Triple Triad cards and be able to participate in Triple Triad battles.

Final Fantasy 14: How to Get The Magicked Card Mount

Now that players can play Triple Triad, they can collect cards from the Triple Triad Trader NPC, by defeating NPCs in Triple Triad, and as prizes from Triple Triad tournaments. To unlock the Magicked Card mount, players must collect Triple Triad cards 1 through 312. Once those 312 Triple Triad cards have been collected, players can head back to the Manderville Gold Saucer to speak with the Gold Saucer Attendant. The Attendant will give players The Adventurer with All the Cards, a quest that tasks players with waiting by the entrance to Card Square. After this quest is completed, players will receive the Magicked Card mount.

Once players have received the Magicked Card mount, they can summon the mount to show off their achievement to other players. After all, collecting 312 Triple Triad cards is no easy feat. That’s because even getting a single Triple Triad card from an NPC is a time-consuming task. Some cards can be won from NPCs, while others can be acquired as a potential drop. While only a few of them are starter cards, players will have to work hard to get all 312 cards in FFXIVTo make getting all 312 Triple Triad cards easier, players should create three types of decks for winning battles. FFXIV players should be prepared with an all-purpose deck, reverse deck, and Ascension deck to make collecting all 312 cards easier. 

After getting the rewards, some players may say the Magicked Card is one of the more extraordinary mounts in Final Fantasy 14 because of the long-term commitment needed to unlock it! However players feel about the floating card mount, it is undeniably impressive.

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Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, PS4, and PS5

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