How To Play Among Us In Adopt Me (Roblox)


Players can create an Among Us game in the Adopt Me! Roblox world by following specific rules and playing with people that are familiar with them.

There is a set of rules players can follow in order to play Among Us in the Adopt Me! world for Roblox. Adopt Me! is an experience available in Roblox that players can access for free in the app. Players can create a scenario with one or multiple imposters depending on how big their group is. The other players will need to be familiar with the rules and commit to following them, otherwise the Among Us game won’t work.

Players can create an Among Us style character by purchasing specific items in the Avatar Shop. If players go to the Clothing section and search under the Pants tab for Among Us, they will find a variety of colored characters that look like crewmates from the game. To make it look like the Avatar has no arms or a head, players can use the City Life Woman item and a hat.


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Once players are ready, they can start playing Among Us in the Adopt Me! Roblox experience. An Among Us imposter will need to be chosen by the players involved. Players will need to use an outside source to choose the imposter if they want to keep the imposter’s identity a secret. Another person outside of the game or a random generator can be used to determine the imposter. After an imposter is chosen, the Among Us game in Roblox‘s Adopt Me! can begin.

Among Us Rules in Roblox’s Adopt Me!

Among Us Crewmates In A Fire With Confetti

The first rule players should be aware of is that there should be no talking during the game unless a meeting is called. Players can call for a meeting by using the chat box in Adopt Me! and indicating it. Once a player calls a meeting, gameplay should stop and players should make their way to the Gifts building where they are permitted to speak to each other. In Among Us, meetings are useful for sharing information and trying to figure out who the imposter is.

The imposter will have a sword that they should take out and put away to indicate that they’ve killed another player. The player that was killed needs to freeze in place and stop playing completely until their body is found. Once they’re found, they can move around again, but they are not allowed to speak during meetings. The imposter will need to kill the other players in order to win. For the crewmates to win, they will need to eliminate the imposter during a meeting or complete their tasks.

Among Us tasks are substituted in Roblox‘s Adopt Me! with pet needs. Crewmates will need to tend to the various pets around the map and complete tasks like feeding them to satisfy their needs. Before the game starts, players can choose how many tasks, or pet needs, have to be completed for each crewmate. Crewmates can win by each completing their set number of tasks or by correctly identifying the imposter with a majority vote. Roblox players can start a game of Among Us in the Adopt Me! world by changing their Avatar and following a few rules.

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