How To Purchase An Item From Malfunctioning Vending Machines


Fortnite players will need to purchase an item from a malfunctioning vending machine. The machine’s location is randomized with every new match.

A challenge requires players to purchase an item from a malfunctioning vending machine in Fortnite. Epic Games will add more quests for players to complete and earn XP as the season continues. The main objective of many players is to max out their Battle Pass and obtain all of its unlockables. Unfortunately, the heavily sought out Spider-Man skin is locked in one of the higher tier pages of the Battle Pass, and time is starting to run out as the first season of chapter 3 is scheduled to conclude on March 15th.

Completing challenges has always been the best way to level up fast in Fortnite. Currently, there are different types of Quests available in the game. The first is Milestone challenges that can be completed by doing various smaller tasks. This consists of collecting materials, opening ammo crates, and thanking the bus driver before leaping out. The second is Seasonal challenges, which are unlocked as the season progresses. For example, the ‘purchase an item from a vending machine’ challenge is one of the many seasonal challenges available.


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Players will first need to find a malfunctioning vending machine to complete this particular challenge. The real difficultly of this challenge is finding the machine itself. Since every match randomizes the location of items and weapons, it also swaps out which vending machines are working or malfunctioning. Players will know they found a malfunctioning vending machine when the screen displays a white exclamation point on a red background. These will allow the purchase of a random item for 100 gold bars. The item itself can consist of a valuable weapon or even wildlife meat. Fortunately, there are many ways to get gold bars in Fortnite and use them to purchase the item to complete the challenge.

Finding Malfunctioning Vending Machines in Fortnite

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The vending machine itself could be either a weapon-o-matic machine or a vending machine. While their exact locations are the same between rounds, the malfunctioning one will switch with every game. So the best way to complete this challenge would be to land over in the Daily Bugle. This is the location where players can get their hands on the Spider-Man Web-Shooters. It allows players to swing around the map much more quickly, making finding the right vending machine easier.

Players can also ride around the map in a vehicle as an alternate option. Landing in a gas station or Chonker’s Speedway is one of the many ways to find cars fast. They also offer defense against enemy shots but keep an eye on the vehicle HP. Once it gets too low, it will explode and damage everyone in the nearby vicinity, including the players on the inside. Each vehicle can also be refueled using a gas station or a mobile gas tank. They can also add off-road tires to a car to help it get around rough terrain easily. Fortunately, this challenge only requires players to do this once. Clearing it will give 25,000 XP as a reward.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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