How to Unlock Every New MyCAREER Reward (Season 4)


Unlock the myriad of rewards featured in MyCAREER by leveling up the MyTEAM and MyPlayer areas in NBA 2K22’s fourth season, the Hunt 4 Glory.

NBA 2K22 has gone all out for its MyCAREER rewards during Season 4, Hunt 4 Glory, allowing players to unlock some of the biggest rewards yet. MyCAREER comprises two subcategories called MyTEAM and MyPlayer, and each category has its own level of rewards for players to earn. Although season 4 has plenty of rewards available with the likes of the 21 Moment cards, nine Galaxy Opal player cards, and the new Legend Status in NBA 2K22, the MyTEAM and MyPlayer rewards have 80 more items that players can earn as well.

One of the milestone awards available to players for the first time in an NBA game is WNBA Allstar Candace Parker, featured as a Diamond Coach card. Alongside Dwayne Wade, the two bring the first-ever double Signature Challenges to MyTEAM. These challenges allow players to face off against Parker’s and Wade’s starting lineups, and players can earn even more Diamond Rewards for their team. Diamond Coach Candace Parker offers +5 balance in NBA 2K22’s MyTEAM and is one of the MyTEAM rewards players earn once they reach Level 35.


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Another significant reward that players can earn from the MyTEAM Season 4 progression in NBA 2K22 is Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, having a 97 overall rating. Galaxy Opal Yao Ming is the final reward for MyTEAM and is unlocked at Level 40. So whether or not players are after Diamond Coach Candace Parker, Galaxy Opal Yao Ming, or any of the other rewards in NBA 2K22, there are plenty of ways for players to level up quickly.

NBA 2K22: Unlock Rewards In MyTEAM & MyPlayer (Season 4)

NBA 2K22 Candace Parker

The easiest way for players to max out their Level in MyCAREER is if they completed the Unlimited Showdown Tier in Season 3. Completing Unlimited’s Showdown Tier in Season 3 of NBA 2K22 was the easiest way for players to earn 150,000 XP on day one of Season 4, a sum of XP large enough to bring players up to Level 40 immediately. The XP reward is still available for those who completed Unlimited’s Showdown Tier in Season 3, which means these players who log in for the first time in Season 4 will instantly earn Candace Parker and other NBA 2K22 rewards. However, for those who missed out on this easy XP, there are alternative ways to reach Level 40 for both the MyTEAM and MyPlayer rewards in NBA 2K22.

Completing the Lifetime Agenda Group challenges will reward players with XP in MyCAREER, and they can also earn the 21 Moment cards for free. Those who reach Level 40 and earn all the MyCAREER rewards will also earn the Legend Status in NBA 2K22but only if they have reached Level 40 in four total seasons. With only four seasons being released in NBA 2K22, anyone who missed out on a previous season or reached Level 40 in a previously NBA 2K22 season will have to wait on the Legend Staus reward specifically. Players also can earn more XP by competing in games across their City affiliation in NBA 2K22, but exploration in The City is a feature only available to those who have the current generation of platforms.

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NBA 2K22 is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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