How To Unlock The Grappling Hook


The Grappling Hook is an Inquisitor Tool in Salt and Sacrifice that players can find and use to reach new locations throughout the game.

The Grappling Hook is one of the key items in Salt and Sacrifice that players will get early on in the game. Although Salt and Sacrifice is a side scroller that primarily focuses on exploring new areas by running or climbing upstairs, hills, and ladders, the Grappling Hook is a tool that allows players to reach new locations more easily. It also gives players access to shortcuts throughout the game that can be used to quickly return to a previous area, should anyone find themselves in a location where the aforementioned methods of travel aren’t accessible.

Before players obtain the Grappling Hook, they’ll likely notice shiny locations around the map on the edges of cliffs and buildings, tips of tree branches, or similar areas. Much like unlocking and riding mounts in Elden Ring, the Grappling Hook is a great tool that all players need to get as soon as possible. Without it, they’ll be unable to fully explore all destinations in Salt and Sacrifice.


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Fortunately, there is plenty of action in Salt and Sacrifice for players before they can get the Grappling Hook. Even so, this is an Inquisitor Tool that players will be able to get shortly after starting the game, even within the first hour of play. Before they can get the Grappling Hook, however, they’ll need to defeat Uryks Necklace-of-Ears. Urkys serves as the game’s first introduction to winnable boss fights for anyone who is a Soulslike novice. Salt and Sacrifice is similar to Elden Ring in that players won’t be facing Urkys first, however. Much like the Grafted Scion tutorial boss fight in Elden Ring, there is a punishing monster that will absolutely destroy players to kick off the game’s beginning. Those who died to the first boss are already on the right track to getting the Grappling Hook.

Where To Find The Grappling Hook In Salt and Sacrifice

To defeat Urkys, players will need to exercise a bit of patience with the boss as. The towering brute has some basic attacks that can be easily rolled through in both the first and second stages, and definitely serves the purpose of simply introducing players to the mechanics they’ll become familiar with throughout the game. Simply roll through Urkys’ swings to get behind him, then use two light attacks and repeat until he has been defeated. Skill-wise, Urkys is the worst boss in this Soulslike game, with bad attacks that can easily be predicted.

After defeating Urkys, continue heading to the right side of the map and head down into the cave. The Grappling Hook can be found at the bottom near a corpse, and it can instantly be used on the ledges above to swing back up to the top of the cave. Upon leaving the cave with the Grappling Hook, players should return to the part of the map they arrived at to explore new areas using the tool.

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Salt and Sacrifice is available on the PS4, PS5, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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