How To Upgrade Freddy’s Battery In FNAF: Security Breach (All Locations)


Piloting Freddy keeps players safe in FNAF: Security Breach, and players can improve his battery life by finding two upgrades in the Pizzaplex.

In Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, the typically-terrifying Freddy Fazbear turns friendly and becomes protective of Gregory, allowing him to hide inside of his stomach hatch as they work together to find a way for Gregory to escape the Mega Pizzaplex. Like Gregory’s flashlight, Freddy must be recharged at the designated recharging stations located throughout the Pizzaplex in order to keep him operational throughout the game. However, there are several upgrades players can find that boost Freddy’s battery life, allowing them to hide longer without a recharge.

When Gregory is hiding in Freddy’s stomach hatch, he’s completely concealed from the Glamrock animatronics as well as Vanessa, allowing him to move freely through the Pizzaplex without being caught. While traveling with Freddy makes the mall much safer, however, Freddy’s battery doesn’t last very long, forcing players to get out and explore on their own until they can recharge him. When Freddy’s battery dies, he’ll attack and kill Gregory, resulting in a game over and sending players back to their last save.


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Upgrading Freddy’s battery allows FNAF: Security Breach players to pilot him for significantly longer periods of time, which makes traversing the Mega Pizzaplex much easier, especially once the save stations go offline at 6:00 a.m. There are two upgrades for Freddy’s battery in the Pizzaplex, both of which are fairly easy to grab. Along with upgrades like the Fizzy Faz stamina boost and Hoodie stealth boost, Freddy’s battery upgrades can give players a major advantage as they work towards making it out of the mall alive.

FNAF: Security Breach Freddy Upgrade Locations

The first upgrade for Freddy’s battery in FNAF: Security Breach is located on the first floor of the main atrium, so players will be able to collect it early on in the game. In the bottom left corner of the area near the Salads & Sides restaurant, there’s a table opposite the save station and vent to the Loading Dock area. The battery upgrade is in the gift box on the side of the table closest to the wall.

The second battery upgrade can be found in the Roxy Raceway area of the Pizzaplex. In the bottom left corner of the area, there’s a shutter that leads to a room with a flashlight recharge station and several parked go-karts where players will find a security door. After dodging the Security Bot patrolling the room, players will find the upgrade on the floor below a shelf in the far corner of the room.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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