“If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…” Mission Walkthrough


To complete the “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…” mission in Evil Dead: The Game, players must liberate Linda’s spirit with a chainsaw.

If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…With A Chainsaw” is the first mission for the single-player campaign featured in Evil Dead: The Game. Those who complete this story will be rewarded with the Ash vs. Evil Dead Skin for Ash Williams and the Knowby Recording 1. To finish the mission and unlock its rewards, players will need to locate the head of Ash’s girlfriend Linda and put an end to her misery with a chainsaw.

The first mission in Evil Dead: The Game begins with the protagonist spawning into the Knowby Cabin. The player’s initial course of action should be to loot the building before departing into the dangerous wilderness. The cans of healing cola and ammunition packs will be significantly helpful later on when confronting formidable foes. After gathering all the available supplies, do not head to the quest location yet. Instead, Evil Dead fans should make their way over to the Circus Cages north of the starting area. Near the center of this landmark, players will find an Epic Chainsaw, a substantial upgrade to the currently equipped Common Chainsaw.


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However, before picking up the Epic weapon, players should be wary of triggering Deadite traps, which appear as blurry floating rifts. If the protagonist touches these tears in space, they will spawn an enemy mob. Unfortunately, there’s no way to acquire the upgraded Chainsaw in Evil Dead without triggering the traps. Yet, players should be aware of these environmental hazards as they will appear later on as well.

Completing “If You Love Someone” In Evil Dead

Completing If You Love Someone In Evil Dead

Next, Evil Dead fans are advised to visit the Lucky Valley Lodge before heading to Bronson Cave. This lodge has several more useful items to aid players on their journey. After arriving in the cavern, use melee attacks to slay Deadites to preserve ammo for the upcoming miniboss. At the end of Bronson Cave, Ash will encounter a much stronger Deadite, an elite enemy that is difficult to stagger. However, several well-aimed headshots should swiftly take the monster down.

After retrieving a Shovel from Circus Cages, players are tasked with digging up Linda’s head at the cemetery south of the Demonic Treehouse. Keep in mind that a mandatory Evil Dead infestation will occur after acquiring the head. Once the horde has been cleared, loot the upper levels of the Payne Manor for supplies and a Legendary Chainsaw. Finally, players will need to return to the Knowby Cabin and slay Henrietta. To defeat this Warlord, focus on killing her Deadite minion first and kite her using the equipped firearm. Avoid attacking her with melee, as she will grab the player and deal damage. Once she’s dead, take Linda’s head into the workshed and complete the mission.

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Evil Dead: The Game is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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