Indigenous Mutants Unite In Marvel Voices: Heritage Sneak Peek


In Marvel Voices: Heritage, Indigenous heroes take center stage, including key X-Men members, Echo, and the Avengers’ American Eagle.

Warning: contains preview images for Marvel Voices: Heritage #1!

Marvel is bringing together its Indigenous heroes – including Echo (aka the new Phoenix), American Eagle, and X-Men‘s Mirage and Forge – in a huge new preview for stories appearing in Marvel Voices Heritage #1. This special one-shot, on sale in print and digital January 12, features some of today’s top Indigenous writers and artists telling brand new stories with many of the Marvel Universe’s Indigenous characters.

From a podcast devoted to spotlighting characters and creators from underrepresented groups, the Marvel Voices line has grown to encompass a series of regular one-shot comic books as well. The publisher has released Marvel Voices books spotlighting Indigenous creators in the past, and Heritage continues this tradition. Indigenous characters have been part of the Marvel Universe for over 50 years, stretching back to the first appearance of Wyatt Wingfoot in 1966’s Fantastic Four #50. The X-Men in particular have had some notable Indigenous members, Thunderbird was one of the charter members of the “All-New, All-Different X-Men” that helped redefine the franchise into what it is today, and will soon star in a giant-size comic following his resurrection.


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As part of an expansive new preview for Marvel Voices: Heritage #1, Marvel’s Indigenous mutants unite against a common threat in “The Unexpected” by Jim Terry and Brittany Peer. The preview opens with an elderly Indigenous man staring up in shock as flaming arrows streams out of a tunnel in the sky, destroying an attacking robot. He looks up, seeing five Indigenous X-Men heading into battle, presumably against the robot. Among the mutants assembled are: Forge, Mirage, Risque, Warpath and Greycrow. The mutants advise the old man to hang back and let them handle the threat. The old man, looking on in disbelief, yells “Skoden” (a phrase meaning “let’s go then!”) The preview, only one-page in length, ends there, leaving readers waiting until January 12 to see this amazing team in action, but Marvel has also provided pages for other stories in the collection.

Marvel Voices Heritage preview cover

Marvel Voices Heritage Credits Preview

Marvel's Indigenous X-Men go into battle, while an elderly Indigenous man looks on

The preview goes on to share moments from ‘Snowguard: The Tuurngait’s Song’ by Nyla Innuksuk, Natasha Donovan, and Rachelle Rosenberg, in which the Champions hero faces down supernatural creatures, as well as the near future of the American Eagle in a story from Steven Paul Judd, David Cutler, José Marzan Jr., and Paris Alleyne, and Echo‘s mysterious River in ‘River: A Friend in Need’ from Rebecca Roanhorse, Shaun Beyale, Belardino Brabo, and Morry Hollowell.

Marvel Voices Heritage preview page

Marvel Voices Heritage preview page

Marvel Voices Heritage preview page

Fans can check out the past, present, and future of Marvel’s Indigenous heroes when the comic hits retailers, in an anthology collection that promises to gather together X-Men icons, reveal the future that awaits heroes after the Avengers, and shed some light on the ongoing journey of Echo as she embraces the Phoenix Force as one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes.

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